World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 164
Shen Xiang gave spirit pattern that Liu Meng'er looks at a moment ago is he from that Refiners Scroll excerpts, before Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou Refiners Scroll above spirit pattern has been complex really abstrusely, although they are not skilled to this aspect, but actually knows that these spirit pattern are very rare formidable spirit pattern, finally after Shen Xiang meets Long Xueyi, confirmed this point again. At this time he looks to see to hang the Liu Meng'er's appetite, believes firmly that spirit pattern is not simple, moreover he also has many types. Shen Xiang strides toward that running water sound, Liu Meng'er follows in him behind, to closely examine his spirit pattern matters, but he smiles not to speak, does not pay attention to Liu Meng'er, this makes Liu Meng'er hate the tooth to be itchy. Finally arrived at the riverside, this is a strip width reaches hundred zhang (3.33 m) rivers, the river water is limpid, Shen Xiang washes the face with the river water. These spirit pattern are you draws?” Liu Meng'er asked again, on the face full was the hidden bitterness, came, she asked Shen Xiang many questions, but Shen Xiang did not answer, has disregarded her directly, this was her first time encounters this situation. Shen Xiang smiled, finally answered her issue: Right.” Who teaches you?” Liu Meng'er hastily asked that was anxious waits for the Shen Xiang question and answer. I picked a book, above this spirit pattern, moreover there are various refiner techniques, but I had tried to find out in myself.” Shen Xiang thinks, the decision told Liu Meng'er this. In Liu Meng'er heart one startled, on face full is wild with joy, but actually immediately purses the lips, a face annoying, because she knows that must occupy Shen Xiang's convenient not to be easy, moreover before she also flatly refused the Shen Xiang's request, at this time wants her not to change a statement. I want to consult your, oh...... Considers as finished, who makes you have that big prejudice to me.” Shen Xiang disappointed said that then follows the fluent the direction to walk. Liu Meng'er follows in him behind, considered long time, to bite the lip lightly, said: Good, before is me, is not right! Has misunderstood you, but you must know that I do not dislike you, who lets you sexually harasses others.”

At this time Liu Meng'er looks like her name to be ordinary, like a young miss, this also has the character and style but actually, making Shen Xiang somewhat surprised. I shouted that you Sister Meng'er, I was also and you cracked before certainly a joke!” Shen Xiang grinning tunnel: Elder Dan also was very repugnant I, but now...... Hehe, had not led by the nose by me!” Snort, here we go again! Your meaning did not say that I also do want to lead by the nose by you?” Liu Meng'er tenderly snorted and said, stared Shen Xiang one. Naturally is not, but Sister Meng'er Xianxian's Master, I naturally must flatter you, like this you are good to Xianxian!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Before had not happy matter, when has not occurred.” Can let this peerless grace and talent, shows disdain for Empress of outstanding heroes to him so, Shen Xiang was also content, he does not certainly want to be so bad with Liu Meng'er's relationship, moreover now he thought that is also good with the feeling of Liu Meng'er together, at least can experience to her other adorable interesting side, this is very difficult to see. Shen Xiang put out him to excerpt the spirit pattern ten papers, was in that Refiners Scroll ten from the beginning, book inside said that this was Refiners Scroll most foundation, only then understood these ten spirit pattern completely, can start to study the technique of Refiners Scroll above refiner. Liu Meng'er received these ten papers, immediately has anchored the footsteps, stays in same place carefully looks that on that maturity beautiful face is completely wild with joy, reappears an intermittent intoxicant crimson, making her appear caresses tenderly and beautifully flatters, character and style ten thousand types. Shen Xiang also feels the chin in the one side, appreciates that generation of appearances, in the heart is acclaiming certainly secretly, wishes one could to put out a hand to trace that beautiful the suffocating face. Sister Meng'er, do not look, when you return to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire to have are the time look! I enter this Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm to obtain that Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor ahead of time, cannot lose the time!” Shen Xiang urged. Liu Meng'er has not heard his words, beautiful eyes fixes the eyes on the hand that full is being the spirit pattern paper, glances glittering, the brain fast is calculating these spirit pattern, carries on very complex ponder......

Sees Liu Meng'er to be so earnest, Shen Xiang cannot help but put out a hand to stroke her cheeks, the feel was good, probably stroked the creamy beautiful jade to be together same, Shen Xiang such touched, touched became addicted, he does not know that which came such big dog balls, unexpectedly also gently to rub. When Shen Xiang touches is lost in thought that Liu Meng'er suddenly holds his wrist|skill, coldly asks: „Are you doing!” Shen Xiang one startled, recovers, said with a smile: Sister Meng'er, on your face has the dirty thing, I help you delete...... Right, you saw that what selected to come? I studied for a long time, could not understand these spirit pattern!” Said these spirit pattern, in Liu Meng'er's eyes full was pleasantly surprised, excitedly said: These spirit pattern are complex, is higher spirit pattern, is not this Mortal Martial World, I want to come from other Mortal World! You must know that in the world may not only our Mortal Martial Realm, other Mortal World have, compared with our civilization has many, but between the world and world are very difficult to communicate, can obtain their things is really good!” Shen Xiang is also startled, if he obtains alchemy technique of other world, he will possibly have very big promotion in the alchemy aspect, naturally, what is main is the home remedy and herbs aspect is not easy to do. Sister Meng'er, we hurry along first! I must a bit faster find that Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor!” Shen Xiang said. Liu Meng'er treats as the treasure same to receive that ten papers, she also knows that must let Shen Xiang that Refiners Scroll to her is impossible, but can obtain these spirit pattern, sufficed her to toss about a period of time. Liu Meng'er traces own cheeks, tenderly snorted and said: Your courage is really big, you also dares to occupy including my convenient, before was, but now your unexpectedly that the sentiment had no other choice...... humph, humph.” Shen Xiang said with a smile silly: „After Sister Meng'er, has anything to progress to probably tell me, these ten paper above spirit pattern most foundations, must get so far as these, can start to learn these refiner knowledge.” Liu Meng'er also arrived at the bottleneck on refiner, now can obtain this spirit pattern, such as attains supreme treasure to be ordinary, touched the matter of her face she not to investigate regarding Shen Xiang a moment ago that is regarded as to a Shen Xiang's benefit, moreover her heart of hearts does not conflict Shen Xiang, but thought that some are not good.

Um, when I teach you to understand these spirit pattern, I teach you again refiner! These days you must be familiar with these spirit pattern.” The Liu Meng'er nod said that the sound becomes gently. Sister Meng'er do not tell Xianxian here matter, otherwise I will certainly be despised by this little girl.” The Shen Xiang forced smile said. Snort, you felt relieved! I said that is also influential to me.” Before Liu Meng'er remembers, matter that has , can not life Qi/angry get up: „Do you know the road?” Should calculate that knows?” Shen Xiang nodded. What words is this?” Liu Meng'er delicate eyebrows micro pressed. Walks that's it!” Shen Xiang curls the lip, he did not determine what own that crazy Master said is right.