World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 165
Although Liu Meng'er follows in Shen Xiang behind, but actually stops from time to time, moreover is absent-minded, thinks that the thing is lost in contemplation, understood at a glance that she is thinking that spirit pattern. Sister Meng'er, I thought that you are now good, likely gentle elder sister!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Also only then to you and to Xianxian, outside I cannot! I am school of Dean, Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Empress, did not say that the strength must deter that many people, the scary skill must have!” Said here, a Liu Meng'er face arrogance, the whole body sent out a dignity, as if changed has resembled personally. Do not look that Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire has in Chenwu Mainland each one cities, but many sect want to swallow Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire not only national wealth, the people are also rich! This is the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's formidable place, is different from your Extreme Martial Province! Extreme Martial Province is only strong in sect and family, is very either rich, either dies poorly, moreover in the place of border, many common people was slaughtered frequently recklessly! But our Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire not, so long as the national were bullied, I same will go into action!” The Liu Meng'er expression is heroic, the whole body is aggressive, this makes Shen Xiang admire secretly. Is formidable regarding Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's, Shen Xiang also early has hearing, there common social practice is valiant, moreover everyone is the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's national feels by oneself proud, there will not have the powerful official, the common people not to be insulted by the powerful official, has very fair fair law, moreover sometimes Liu Meng'er cannot arbitrarily some dry matters, but if Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire or other will have sect of evil intention to defeat by some devil path sects, this happy state will fall into Hell! The Liu Meng'er's responsibility is very big, because she is the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire strongest person, is the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's protector, she facing others time, always revealed that threatening might, making the person dread with her, but her other side is actually gentle like the water, even can say naive adorable. Wait / Etc., front has the situation!” Liu Meng'er suddenly entrains the Shen Xiang's arm, is staring at front that piece of pitch-dark thick patch of grass, slowly retreat. Shen Xiang has not induced anything, Long Xueyi has not issued the warning to him, but he sees Liu Meng'er to be so discrete, knows that front has certainly anything. In Mysterious Realm has powerful Demon Beast, this is very normal matter, sometimes also will have other types of strange and formidable things exists, has various danger(ous). Is Demon Beast! In Mysterious Realm very famous Demon Beast, appealing to heaven domestic mouse, a very big mouse!” Liu Meng'er said solemnly, stretches out the arms to protect Shen Xiang, looks at all around vigilantly. Looks one were being protected by a woman, in the Shen Xiang heart is not feeling well secretly, he has put out that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, at this time has not poured into True Qi, but is also heavy, but Shen Xiang in the hand thought that called the hand very much.

Sister Meng'er don't you fear the mouse?” Shen Xiang smiles to ask. Did not fear that is only repugnant!” Liu Meng'er whispered, she has not thought that now Shen Xiang can also smile, because domestic mouse of that day is very powerful, strength in True Martial Realm 3rd Stage about. „Don't you know the day domestic mouse?” Liu Meng'er asked. Has heard, but I did not fear really!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Sister Meng'er, but Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's does Empress, how have your me to fear here?” Liu Meng'er purses the lips, no longer pays attention to Shen Xiang, she detected that Shen Xiang is not considered as a normal person, in this situation can also smile, right, if her True Qi not by seal, in this Mortal World she does not have what to be good to fear that but she can only rely on fleshly body strength now, the strength is limited. Shen Xiang sees distant place suddenly to fly to leap up a shadow, fierce calls out in alarm one: Came!” He one step steps forward, is separated from the Liu Meng'er's protection, is treadonning a strange step, like the snake in the ground curving fast vanguard, the speed rapidness, is dragging a long shadow, seems really like the snake. The shadow that suddenly, such as shade general Shen Xiang and that flies to leap up bumps into, Liu Meng'er only sees Shen Xiang to brandish a sword with a very quick speed, cuts two that shadow, a blood also shoots along with it wind. My goodness, really and cow is equally big!” Shen Xiang looked that tread that succeeds in giving up two sections of mighty mice, exclaims. Liu Meng'er also quickly runs, gentle voice asked: You are all right!” Looks at Shen Xiang that dropping the broadsword of blood, Liu Meng'er is more surprised, because this imagines compared with her the material quality of blade is better.

All right, was this that day domestic mouse? Too weak!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Weak? Liu Meng'er is despising him secretly, has a that fierce blade, even if had Demon Beast of scales to bump into, will succeed in giving up two sections, let alone was mouse beasts. Your True Qi also in?” The Liu Meng'er doubts asked that she looked at the Shen Xiang's appearance, likely was not the appearance that True Qi could not use, unexpectedly can also maintain very fierce strength and speed. Cannot!” Shen Xiang shakes the head, before the step that he used a moment ago is , when he does not have Spiritual Vein, studying diligently and practicing hard one of the one martial skill, but displays by his present fleshly body, can arrive at this degree. Your blade......” Liu Meng'er just said that the complexion suddenly changes, was drawing Shen Xiang fast retreat ten steps, saw only in her hand suddenly present white Ruxue jade beautiful long spear, this woman unexpectedly with spear|gun, moreover it seems like was very fierce! Is White Jade dragon bone! top grade in dragon bone!” Long Xueyi shouted lowly. Shen Xiang has not heard any White Jade dragon bone, but actually saw that this is very fierce. Is White Jade dragon bone?” Shen Xiang looks at that attractive long spear. Your brat eyesight is good, now is not the idle talk time, you look!” Liu Meng'er is pointing at the front ground with that long spear. The ground is slowly raised, then fierce exploding opens, sees only innumerably is only similar to the grown bull big day domestic mouse flies from the ground to, unexpectedly has several hundred!

This big mouse fierce place, was his quantity......” Liu Meng'er just said here, saw only under these holes crazy gushed out a troop mouse, seemed like similar to the bubbling spring generally unceasingly braves from the ground, looked at Shen Xiang two to straighten, the back was cool, because the quantity in unceasingly were really many, had over ten thousand! This big mouse childhood time must eat the good meat, arrives grown can absorb Spirit Qi adolescence voluntarily, is the specific time, can become three Demon Beast, the strength is the same with True Martial Realm 3rd Stage.” Liu Meng'er is drawing Shen Xiang, the dignity that retreat, on the face could not be saying slowly, in the heart worried, fearing. If this tens of thousands of day domestic mice throw, they are inescapable. Master you may harm to be miserable I, unexpectedly on this road meets that many this type of things!” Shen Xiang is criticizing, because he according to his Master does, travels by water. Waterway! Shen Xiang fierce trembled, looks at the rivers, the heart lived. Sister Meng'er, do you have to float in the aquatic thing? If no, we jump to water in!” Shen Xiang said. Has!” Liu Meng'er took out a boat from storage ring on jade finger, puts in the river, hastily and Shen Xiang jumped, at this time, jump that for serveral days the domestic mouse blotted out the sky.