World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 171
Liu Meng'er had decided that makes Shen Xiang have a look at her Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon, but somewhat is embarrassed at this time, must make her take off the clothes in front of Shen Xiang, is really somewhat difficult, she carries to Shen Xiang, has the courage, slowly unties her to force white skintight clothes of body tightly. The Shen Xiang screen the breath, is staring the big eye to look stance that Liu Meng'er that takes off coat exquisitely, is very attractive, arouses ripples one after another in his heart. Liu Meng'er only takes off the clothes of upper part, even if so, makes Shen Xiang look is lost in thought that the willow waist that the white and tender creamy back, grasps gracefully, is enticing Shen Xiang all, Shen Xiang can clear seeing on Liu Meng'er around very thin transparent cloth and silk, look like appears more attractive. Liu Meng'er both hands cover the chest alternately, the ruddy face is more beautiful, she clenched teeth, whispered: Gives a try can make this Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon regain consciousness!” Shen Xiang recovered at this time, focuses in that transparent cloth and silk, he has looked at others beautiful back recollections a moment ago in close succession, he has rubbed rubbing hands, walked. Realized that Shen Xiang approaches slowly, Liu Meng'er cannot help but anxious, if were not she and Shen Xiang has been together that many days, had known about Shen Xiang that she does not dare to handle such matter of risk. From one side, Shen Xiang can see the Liu Meng'er's white hands unable to cover that clear snow white thing, this looks at Shen Xiang is a head hyperemia. Shen Xiang also wishes one could to hold in the arms her from this for behind of beautiful woman at this time certainly, but he thinks that he puts out a hand to trace Liu Meng'er cloth and silk, saw only Liu Meng'er that snow jade fragrant shoulder to tremble, exudes one to chant in a low voice. Is away from the cloth and silk to touch that tepid creamy beautiful back, Shen Xiang is acclaiming secretly, could not bear has stroked gently several, enjoyed that beautiful feel, Liu Meng'er is nipping the fragrant lip tightly, the heart is jumping fast, shy. Feels, Shen Xiang cannot help but has collected, near distance sucked on the beautiful woman that inherent body to be fragrant.

Felt that warming up is close, Liu Meng'er has turned head, tenderly shouted: „Are you doing?” She sees Shen Xiang to collect, seasonal delicacies anger, but actually cannot be what kind , can only clench teeth to criticize. Shen Xiang knows that cannot go too far, he continues to caress that lightly by the cloth and silk are wrapping the powder back, but has not actually had other situation, so long as in the past he moved these Four Beast's Divine Weapons, will have the mutation, but does not have now. Can pour into Vermilion Bird True Qi?” Su Meiyao tenderly snorted, seeing Shen Xiang to occupy others convenient, she despises, is not feeling well secretly. Shen Xiang starts revolution Vermilion Bird True Qi, but that Long Xueyi imitated his sound to speak at this time unexpectedly: Sister Meng'er, your stature is really good, can make me hug you?” Dead girl, you also talked too much!” Shen Xiang hastily scolded with Divine Sense. The Liu Meng'er tender body trembles, at this time her both hands cover the chest, does not dare to move heedlessly casually, she worried that she moves away the hand, Shen Xiang runs up to front of her. Shen Xiang, your other not satisfied with small gains!” Liu Meng'er clenches teeth saying that somewhat angry, she has not thought that Shen Xiang suddenly played the hoodlum to come. Cracks a joke!” Shen Xiang said with a smile dry, hastily poured into Vermilion Bird True Qi toward that cloth and silk. „Is this True Qi?” The Liu Meng'er's sound shivers, is bringing panic-stricken, Shen Xiang can use the True Qi words, she at is not a match, if Shen Xiang must make anything to her now, she radically irresistibly.

Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: „Are you untrustworthy I? Although I am a little bad, but the matter of this treason and heresy I cannot do!” suddenly, the Shen Xiang brow wrinkles tightly, because his Vermilion Bird True Qi is draining fast, he knows this Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon must by activation, he obtains Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor the time, has had such matter. Liu Meng'er is also very surprised, because she can feel that wraps the cloth and silk on her chest to send out the produce fire red ray, a warm current emerges in her body, making her feel the great strength of this Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon, this makes her as if feel that melts with Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon for a body. Shen Xiang retreat several steps, wear a look of startled color looks that by the fiery red ray is wrapping Liu Meng'er, he has called out in alarm one: Sister Meng'er, you how?” I am all right...... I felt that this Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon must fuse with me.” The Liu Meng'er's sound brings to be excited and excited, whose this Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon with her many years, had the deep affection with her, but is short of Vermilion Bird True Qi to make Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon regain consciousness, Shen Xiang had poured into Vermilion Bird True Qi a moment ago, creates this occurrence. Shen Xiang sits in the ground, looks that immerses Liu Meng'er in joy is winding around by the flame, in the heart sighed secretly, he wants to collect Four Beast's Divine Weapons, now determined that Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon cannot turn over to him. Cannot be little same, I want to refine one!” Shen Xiang is gripping tightly the fist, sets firm resolve, he knows this need very long time. Shen Xiang, this woman obtains that big advantage, you should make her give you a repayment, for example strips off the clothes to show you, or kiss your anything...... Hee hee!” Long Xueyi this Little Dragon Girl smiles mischievously, in the laughter is full of the ridicule. Dead girl, what person me did you regard as? I appreciate to her completely, may not have what evil intention!” Shen Xiang scolded lowly: You are waiting to me, should better not made me find the opportunity, otherwise I must hit to swell your small buttocks.”

Others quite fear, Elder Sister Meiyao, Elder Sister Youyou, you must help me!” Long Xueyi said with the sound of fear intentionally that this makes Shen Xiang clench teeth secretly, he knows that this mischievous Little Dragon Girl has made into one piece with Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, usually they the words that uses Divine Sense to talk, Shen Xiang is unable to eavesdrop on that they said anything. Wound around vanished in Liu Meng'er golden red light glow, wrapped in her cloth and silk vanish from sight, Liu Meng'er has also opened the eye, on the beautiful face liked completely, this gave her to increase several points of tender and beautiful seductive appearance. Liu Meng'er has turned around, was saying with a smile to Shen Xiang temperately: Thank you, making me obtain such Divine Weapon!” In this instant, a Shen Xiang whole body heat, felt that a warm current rushes to his head, almost shoots from his nose wind! Because he saw the Liu Meng'er's frontage, saw two abundant clear snowy peaks, above that two rosies appear different kind dazzling, being outspoken presents before him. This beautiful makes Shen Xiang think that heartbeat stopped with the breath, the entire world as if stopped was the same, this impact let his mind immediately a blank, but he has also seen the storm person, before after having seen Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao's luster of the skin, he had certain resistivity. Sister Meng'er, you wore the clothes to say first again, your this will make that others were very embarrassed!” Shen Xiang recovers in a flash, shameless one red, said with a smile awkwardly, while has turned head. Liu Meng'er responded, on face immediately boiling hot incomparable, to the root of the ear, she has remembered red at this time her is scarlet the upper body, she had become confused a moment ago joyfully, fused fierce divine tool, for a while has forgotten this matter happily. After she has been startled, hastily has turned around to wear the clothes.