World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 172
Liu Meng'er good and bad is also Big Shot of side influence, lived tens of thousands of year, but has not had this bashful condition before the man, at this time she wished one could to give to cancel that memory a moment ago, because has really felt ashamed, although she was criticizing Shen Xiang, but this was not Shen Xiang's is wrong. If not this, she still does not know that whose with many years of thing is so formidable, is unable to obtain this thing, luckily Shen Xiang in her heart is not repugnant, moreover is long quite charming, in addition she also has a cordiality of not being able to say to Shen Xiang, therefore she toward has not gone at heart. Liu Meng'er wore the clothes, has turned around, looks at Shen Xiang charmingly, then dangled, on the cheeks full was the charming crimson. Shen Xiang visits her, grabbing head, does not know that should say anything, the atmosphere is awkward. cough cough...... Sister Meng'er will pay attention to a point next time, you made a moment ago I am very embarrassed!” Shen Xiang has coughed two, his these words make Liu Meng'er wish one could to step on his two feet, resulted in convenient also to show off cleverness. Shen Xiang beckoned with the hand, happily said with a smile: Ok, does not need to I apologize, does not need toward to go at heart!” Liu Meng'er stamped the feet, clenches teeth tenderly snorted, she first time sees the man who such is not concerned about face, probably is she forces Shen Xiang to visit her to be the same, in her opinion, Shen Xiang has occupied she very big convenient. little rascal, this matter do not say!” Liu Meng'er sound one cold. Relax, I said that also nobody believes.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: What that Vermilion Bird is Divine Weapon? Names?” Mentioned that Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon, Liu Meng'er was excited immediately, saw only her both hands, the fiery red ribbon appears in her hands, she now has probably forgotten the matter, excitedly said: This called Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk, fire attribute, thinnest time can turn into the silk thread, the longest condition can tie up a great mountain most greatly, after stimulating to movement True Qi, can spout very intense flame, usually I can also wrap on the body treat as protective armor, can resist the attack, can treat as the weapon, the use were many!” Saying, Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk suddenly in Liu Meng'er hand was turning into the silk thread, along with the Liu Meng'er's control, that supple emotions was similar to the flying needle penetrates that sarcophagus generally, the supple emotions along with the Liu Meng'er's control, the suddenly change, became are similar to the streamer are ordinary, spurted to be thin raging fire, making that sarcophagus fierce exploded.

If penetrates the human body, that is more terrifying! Not is only a silk thread!” Liu Meng'er smiles one tenderly, is playing with that supple emotions, instance that she waves, the innumerable tiny silk thread appearances, are similar to cast a net general, under her accurate control, the innumerable silk threads digs in stones, white hands she, these every large or small stones float along with the supple emotions. „The present supple emotions are very stiff!” The Liu Meng'er charming sweetness smiles wear a look, uses this Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk to carry on various attempts. In the Shen Xiang heart is startled secretly, if person suddenly were passed through by these many silk threads, then this person must be controlled to applaud by her, the Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon shape lets his few accidents, the might is to let him is unexpected. This is the catch Demon Beast best thing!” Liu Meng'er receives Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk, on forehead also full is the fragrant perspiration, but is very happy. Sister Meng'er, can you use True Qi?” Shen Xiang asked. Liu Meng'er shakes the head, the doubts look at Shen Xiang: Cannot, this Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk be able to use , because in has True Qi that you poured into a moment ago, why can you use True Qi? Moreover this True Qi so is special! Resembled this Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk to obtain your True Qi, can regain consciousness.” Shen Xiang smiled: This is my big secret, does not know Xianxian that is not I do not want to tell, martial arts that because I practice extremely annoys the person to envy, moreover is famous, I will be worried to bring to Xianxian troublesome.” I can tell Sister Meng'er, the Sister Meng'er strength is so strong, therefore I do not need to be worried!” Shen Xiang had decided that teaches Vermilion Bird Divine Art to Liu Meng'er, he thought in any case he did not have what gap with Liu Meng'er, looked like the good friend is the same, let alone he needed the solid many strength powerful person. Before Shen Xiang taught Vermilion Bird Divine Art to Wu Qianqian, that also to preserve the Wu Qianqian's life.

You must use this Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk words, must practice this martial arts, I teach to you now.” Shen Xiang sits in the ground, hints Liu Meng'er to sit down. Liu Meng'er thinks that asked: „Do you such in vain teach to me?” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: You want to repay my words, kisses me, what kind of?” Snort!” Liu Meng'er tenderly snorted, white Shen Xiang, remembered Shen Xiang to look at her body a moment ago, on the face cannot help but red, at this time Shen Xiang started to have a thought some chant. Liu Meng'er takes down quickly, simultaneously is surprised, she is Nirvana Realm expert, naturally knows this Vermilion Bird Divine Art profound place, although is very abstruse, but is quite for her good to understand. Quite a while passes, Liu Meng'er recorded ripe, looks at Shen Xiang grateful: Xianxian has your such good husband, I have also felt relieved, I am very grateful you!” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile: Did not need to thank, you apologized...... Hehe.” Snort, do not raise again! Was careful that I punch you!” Liu Meng'er charmingly angry, the Shen Xiang's manner was truly good, but has gone bad a point, otherwise she was already gnawed including bone not to remain by Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang stretched oneself, said: Should have a look, I must kill many Demon Beast, I like you am not an empress, does not lack crystal stones.” You also know that I am an empress, but you actually did not understand that respects others.” Liu Meng'er said with resentment.

Who makes you not have an appearance of empress before me.” Shen Xiang said with a smile lightly. Liu Meng'er is only tenderly snorted, she discovered that she does not get up in Shen Xiang front basic empress, is not sexually harassed by Shen Xiang frequently, was deceived by Shen Xiang several words. Ominously why she does not know to this little man, moreover does not want to be ominous, she had tried the Shen Xiang's anger before, she does not think that Shen Xiang hates her. Went out of the cave, Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er in great surprise, because outside completely changed a type! Place that island that they are, but some various here originally tall old trees and weeds wild flowers, but now all around actually full is various spirit herb. This...... This what's the matter?” Shen Xiang looks at spirit herb everywhere, cannot help but took a deep breath. Metal Spirit Fruit Tree and Thousand Vein Fruit Tree, respectively two, on each tree more than 20 fruits, this is refines the Building Foundation Dan part the material. Profound True Grass, ten thousand spirit fruit trees and Great Yuan fruit trees, this refines True Elemental Dan some materials, were massive, but the white shining White Jade bone grass, was everywhere same as the weed, everywhere was, any ten thousand years of ginseng, ten thousand years of ginseng, various spirit mushroom, various commonly used auxiliary herbs, like radish many. Shen Xiang two brave the ray, excitedly said: Sister Meng'er, I am the alchemy master, these are useful to me, a bit faster helps me pick!”