World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 173
Shen Xiang dashed, he first takes off that Thousand Vein Fruit Tree and Metal Spirit Fruit Tree above fruit, then cautious and solemn is digging, he must put back into Extreme Dan King Courtyard to go to the type these trees. Sister Meng'er , helping me digs other White Jade bone grass and spirit herb of ground! Hurry up, perhaps these fellows quickly came.” Shen Xiang urged. Liu Meng'er tenderly snorted one, she is first time such is directed, moreover makes this type of dirty job, but she actually complies, these spirit herb in her eyes are not anything, she does not need, Shen Xiang has helped her many, she naturally must report back. A white light flies to shoot quietly from the Shen Xiang's arm, sees only a adorable small white rabbit covers entirely the herbs ground excitedly to run, can vanish instantaneously by herbs that she bumps into. Dead girl, how you run!” Shen Xiang hastily scolded, this small greedy dragon ran, but had no scruples gathered these herbs, luckily he already some quite precious fruit receiving. Others could not bear, these many delicious...... I must eat!” Long Xueyi excitedly shouted. Here is refinement True Elemental Dan and White Jade Powder herbs are quite mainly many, is Spirit Level middle-grade High-Grade spirit herb is in the majority. This is...... Raising Soul Grass!” Shen Xiang sees one type to revolve top general Bai grass, cannot help but calls out in alarm, this is refines Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, Elemental Spirit Dan main material. This is also Shen Xiang seeks for very long herbs, the Elemental Spirit Dan home remedy has been spreading, but herbs actually already went into hiding, he had not found in Danxiang Tower. Elemental Spirit Dan is Profound Level Dan of genuine goods at reasonable prices, is not good to refine like Building Foundation Dan, mainly cultivates Divine Sense, if there is this pill, can make him a bit faster practice Divine Dao, because his present Divine Dao Infant Soul is very small. This plants flowers is not many, hundred about, Shen Xiang hastily digs out these grass including root, according to the record, this Raising Soul Grass takes 2,000-3,000 years can maturity, has calf generally high maturity, Raising Soul Grass that Shen Xiang sees already was maturity.

Shen Xiang is looking around, quick sees a thumb big flower, this floret is also few, in some herbs below. The flower petal of floret is exquisitely carved, looks like very beautiful, after Shen Xiang sees these flowers, is excited the whole body to tremble, because this refines Elemental Spirit Dan second main material, named Divine Spirit Flower, is one type can produce massive without owner Divine Sense herbs through absorption world Spirit Qi, is rare. This also only then hundred, Shen Xiang fast picks, so as to avoid being eaten by Long Xueyi this small greedy dragon. Ten days pass by, this all around herbs picked by Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er, Shen Xiang has counted, these herbs can refine eight hundred Building Foundation Dan probably, ten thousand True Elemental Dan, 5000 boxes of White Jade Powder, but also lacked other herbs. For example Building Foundation Dan also needs Azure Profound Fruit and demon core, True Elemental Dan also needs Spirit Crystal Milk, White Jade Powder also needs the Bailing fluid...... However this is not the issue. Shen Xiang looks that all around that was dug the desolate ground everywhere, he said with a smile: I sent!” So long as turns into pills these herbs, he sent. Long Xueyi also ate to the full, returned to the Shen Xiang's arm, but was complaining Shen Xiang to have taken away the good thing, she seeing has not seen. Liu Meng'er has also been busy at work for ten days ten nights, she thinks that does not understand why Shen Xiang can be cruel enough to make under this tender dī dī beautiful woman work, that is very exhausting. Before here was possibly being covered by Illusion Formation, we see is illusion, after you obtained Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, Illusion Formation vanishes.” Liu Meng'er looked at all around, discovered that all around has very big change: Here is not in the boundary the boundary, but is a very big illusion, we walk following the waterway, can go directly to here! The place that in other words, we passed through before is illusion.” Liu Meng'er has eaten Shen Xiang's pills, these days weary also vanished.

Shen Xiang nodded, he is not tired, because he can use True Qi, he just emitted Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, actually hears Long Xueyi hastily shouted: First do not fly away, has a place to send out very rich death Qi in this nearby probably, should have many dead Demon Beast there!” Sees Shen Xiang's Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, Liu Meng'er to envy secretly, but she knows in Vermilion Bird Divine Art that she cultivates, has this Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, Shen Xiang can teach this fierce divine art to her, this makes her be moved very much. Sister Meng'er, nearby this also has the good thing probably.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, this Mysterious Realm has sealed up ten thousand years, in the Spirit Qi rich situation, can breed so many good things. Shen Xiang toward walks at the same time, that is Long Xueyi tells his road, Liu Meng'er follows in him behind, she comes, although has not obtained Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, but actually regained consciousness by oneself Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk, for her is attains greatly. Across woods, they arrived at the island, has the skeletons of many giant beasts in this island nearby unexpectedly, but these skeletons are very rotten, does not have the use. Here rich death Qi makes Shen Xiang feel the surprise actually, he suspected faintly here has Hell Spirit Grass! You look at the distant place!” Liu Meng'er suddenly shouted, referred to the front, Shen Xiang looked, immediately one startled, water surface suddenly of distant place presented one group of people, dense and numerous pushing together, in fast are flushing toward the island, most of them swam in the water, speed very rapidness. Really is Illusion Formation, Illusion Formation vanished, they are very easy to discover here existence, so long as is not stupid, knows that here is the hidden thing place.” Liu Meng'er looks serious, she can see island opposite shore that stretch of land, was before has the land of many Spirit Beast and poison, before was this island separates, needs to pass and out through passage, but can actually see now. Sister Meng'er, you obstruct the face, do not let them recognize you to come!” Shen Xiang said that then shuttles back and forth fast in the innumerable skeleton groups, turns in inside is looking for something. Liu Meng'er puts out a black robe to put on, binds the head with the black cloth, only reveals an eye, but a troop person in water approaches more and more, several hundred people, Liu Meng'er not discovers Xue Xianxian they.

The skeleton of that dozens giant beast was opened by Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang has not actually sought for Hell Spirit Grass, has not seen demon core. Looks that group of people approach slowly, quick must arrive at the ashore, Liu Meng'er said solemnly: Shen Xiang, our does if wanted avoid them?” At this time Shen Xiang looks at person of high small mound of earth, he felt that in has anything, sees only him to a mound of earth heavy bombing palm, the mound of earth is exploding immediately, a green ray explodes to dodge immediately, dozens are similar to green light ball of coconut tree size tumbles. Sees these things, Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er shocks, at this time them can feel in these light Zhu abundant life element, this unexpectedly is demon core, and so huge! The person also saw these things in the water is swimming crazily, they can also feel the energy that these light ball send out, although their unbelievable these are demon core, but actually has no alternative but to believe now, this may be the treasure! These people were crying out crazily, Shen Xiang released Divine Sense immediately, these 50 demon core total revenue storage pouch. Is Shen Xiang, this fellow is Shen Xiang! These demon core had sole possession of by him!” A person roared, in sound was full of the envy and anger. Shen Xiang has not paid attention to these people, but looks down was rumbled to hit the mound of earth of dispersing by him, he sees the thing that oneself must look for truly quickly. That is one is similar to black spirit mushroom of wash bowl size, the Shen Xiang squatting lower part of the body, both hands somewhat shiver to hold this to be big and thick spirit mushroom, murmured: Really has Hell Spirit Grass, these beast bone inside energies by this spirit mushroom suction!”