World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 174
Liu Meng'er has not thought of Hell Spirit Grass unexpectedly in that mound of earth, moreover is so huge, she looked going all out You to come the person in the water, hastily has drunk: Shen Xiang, walks quickly!” These people come from far away, fights with all might on the roads and many Demon Beast, arrived here to seek for that Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, but their True Qi are unuseful, looks at others to win dozens huge demon core and Hell Spirit Grass helplessly! Is Hell Spirit Grass, Shen Xiang you hurries to put down, otherwise I wanted your life!” A person looks covets the incomparable, ferocious sound is threatening, they think Shen Xiang, in cannot use in the True Qi situation, the strength is small and weak, let alone their population are more. Shen Xiang receives Hell Spirit Grass, said to these people with a smile: „Don't I put down am also what kind of? This is I obtains first, was my!” These people do not understand why Shen Xiang such will quickly come here, but they cannot control that many, at this time in their mind only then that dozens grains of demon core and Hell Spirit Grass, although is Shen Xiang obtains first, but they in any event, must snatch, in Mysterious Realm that in this True Qi cannot utilize, who is fierce is who spoke. Shen Xiang looks at 300-400 people, discovered that most of them are some sect's disciples, the strength majority are True Martial Realm, even some entered Three Extreme Great Realms, but they cannot utilize True Qi, physical strength is similar. This group of people arrived at ashore, pants. Liu Meng'er put out a golden sign at this time, above writes Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire these characters, her coldly shouted: „The Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's disciple all goes back.” Sees that token, 20-30 people splash plunge into the water, fate that they disobey orders very much clearly, knows the person who status holds the command is not low. In these disciples, unexpectedly also has Extreme Martial Sect's, Shen Xiang coldly said: „The Extreme Martial Sect's disciple, do you also want to rob my thing?”

Shen Xiang is the Extreme Dan King Courtyard person, moreover is the 4th Stage alchemy master, then entered True Martial Realm young, can be imagined in Extreme Martial Sect inside status, one side the Extreme Martial Sect's 20-30 disciples fall back on, but also some stays there. Sister Meng'er, you pursue to ask that your Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's disciple, having a look at Xianxian to have!” In the Shen Xiang heart also very worried that Liu Meng'er is also so, but she cannot throw down Shen Xiang not to manage. „It is not good, you what to do?” Liu Meng'er responded with Divine Sense. Goes quickly, I am worried about Xianxian, I can use True Qi, you now are not my match!” Shen Xiang said firmly. Liu Meng'er wrinkles the delicate eyebrows, Shen Xiang has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, can use True Qi, she truly does not need to be worried, if Shen Xiang hits these people, but can also fly away. Shen Xiang also urged several times, Liu Meng'er runs swiftly the shore, puts out a boat! Do not let that woman run.” A guy puts out a broadsword, runs toward Liu Meng'er, but has not run several steps, Shen Xiang appears nearby that guy, fiercely is pounding a fist to his chest. Shen Xiang transported fully Universe True Qi, this True Qi invisible colorless, but also strong ferocious was overbearing, was full of the destruction strength, a fist then killed that guy bang, falls to the ground dead. They do not have True Qi to defend, so attacks facing Shen Xiang, does not have the strength of resistance. Remembers that looks for me!” The Liu Meng'er gentle voice said that paddled boat fast, Shen Xiang used Divine Sense and water attribute True Qi at this time quietly, making in the water form strength, was promoting the Liu Meng'er's boat, suddenly then followed these Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's people.

Shen Xiang you...... You kill, but our True Martial Sect True Martial Realm 5th Stage martial artist.” Old man angry exclaiming. „Is that also what kind of? Who makes him probably to friend of mine fight!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Does not want dead goes back, the person who wants to rob my thing, here comes to mediate.” Saw a Shen Xiang fist to kill a Mortal Martial Realm 5th Stage person on the bang, it can be imagined the Shen Xiang's strength was very strong, some people flinched, the rebound to the water, swam in abundance. Now shore only remaining hundred people, the clothes that including more than 30 people of putting on make Shen Xiang look familiar very much. Free Immortal Sea person!” Shen Xiang slightly one startled, can come here person, the strength is good, at least above True Martial Realm, the Free Immortal Sea True Martial Realm disciple can above 30, obviously their overall strengths also be good, even if other sect's people, comes few disciples. True Qi of True Martial Sect disciple is an unusual purity, can distinguish very much easily, but True Qi of Beast Martial Sect disciple, is actually the evil in evil aura, this is related with martial arts that they practice, is very easy to distinguish. Except the Free Immortal Sea more than 30 disciples, here, only then True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect's person, because their sect issue a warrant for arrest Shen Xiang, therefore they hate Shen Xiang, wants to kill Shen Xiang very much, obtains these monetary rewards. „Do you want to snatch my thing?” Shen Xiang sneers to ask. Seeing has the share, we have to see these things, therefore you score points to give us one.” A middle age said that this Free Immortal Sea person.

„The excrement that I draw was seen by you, can you also snatch a point to taste?” Shen Xiang indifferently said, this makes many people cannot help but laugh. Extremely arrogant brat, makes you experience fierce of our Free Immortal Sea today!” That middle age is angry immediately, is grasping a sharp knife, swoops to come, to see only Shen Xiang one toward Shen Xiang to be sideways to evade, but at this time several Free Immortal Sea people flew to leap up to come, other people see this, does not want to make others first one step grasp with Shen Xiang, gets rid. Shen Xiang roars in vain, sees only on him fierce blows out threatening True Qi, this powerful True Qi constantly strengthens, forms a pressure, making these people anchor the footsteps, a face was panic-stricken, because Shen Xiang can use True Qi, and so formidable! Shen Xiang both eyes are red, a face is fierce, he has used Universe True Qi, Slaughtering Heart along with his mood, lets aura that these True Qi fill with slaughter, makes the person murderous aura that is hard to pant for breath cover above the island, but the person in water cannot help but looks panic-strickenly, they can see Shen Xiang to release True Qi to come in the distant place, cannot use True Qi them, is similar to the ants facing Shen Xiang. Ha Ha...... Do not kill me? Come...... Come!” Shen Xiang is grinning fiendishly, on the face full is in the cut-throat, red eye glittering intermittent killing intent, is very scary. That hundred people are unable to move at this time, True Qi that Shen Xiang releases is similar to the great mountain generally presses on them, some people had spat blood, received the internal injury, naturally, they fear, they can feel Shen Xiang's to be formidable, casual, makes them unable to move. Shen Xiang, you, if has killed us, Beast Martial Sect certainly to your inexhaustible chased down......” a youth just the speech words, fiercely spouted the blood, kneed down, one startled brazenly: You...... You have destroyed my dantian, I 300 years of cultivation base such did not have...... Shen Xiang I must kill you......” not saying that he spouts a blood, faints in the place.