World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 176
Shen Xiang descends, the climbing up mountain quietly, looks at that piece of spacious desolated plain on the summit, above has ten to come individual, his eyes saw Gu Dongchen, Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming, they with nine people face-to-face. Gu Dongchen that handsome face completely obviously exhausted, but actually still full is dignified, Elder Dan is bringing the mask, cannot see her complexion, Wu Kaiming this old bald is also tired. Another nine people, three are that Free Immortal Sea, another six separately are Beast Martial Sect and True Martial Sect Dean and elder. Shen Xiang has read some books, above has True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect Dean portrait, he has recognized quickly, Beast Martial Sect's Dean is a rough guy, named Zhen Jiuxiong, the whole body is the wool, a full beard of face, looks like looks like a gorilla, has a deep green eye, very with amazement, probably Demon Beast, at this time he grasps two great hammers, is looking angrily at Gu Dongchen they. True Martial Sect's Dean is an elegant bearing scholarly middle age, named Tang Yichao, wears the simple white clothing, grasps a long sword, pretty, the hair and beard prune very neatly, has had the striking contrast with Beast Martial Sect's Dean. At this time, only heard Gu Dongchen saying: We hit for a long time had not decided the victory and defeat, hit again is also only same!” Nonsense, you, quick must be hit to lie by us tired, you must lose!” That Beast Martial Sect's Dean, Zhen Jiuxiong explodes exclaims. Snort, your fight in which several persons take turns fighting one person so as to wear the opponent out, our three can support now, showed that you are the waste!” Elder Dan said with a sneer, the sound fills to disdain. True Martial Sect Dean indifferently said of polite scholarly: This way truly does not know when must project on, was inferior that us sends out three people, fights with your person, so long as you have won, showed that your strengths truly compared with us, we will immediately leave here.” Gu Dongchen complexion one cold, they now were tired, but also one dozen of three words, are very difficult to win: Junior Sister, Junior Brother, we walk! No matter that Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor!”

Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming also support the decision of Gu Dongchen, if early continues, their three want die here, True Martial Sect, Beast Martial Sect and Free Immortal Sea can independent combat with them that for a long time, is good. „To walk? Does not have the gate!” old man said with a sneer, he is the Free Immortal Sea person, Shen Xiang sees now, Free Immortal Sea is Beast Martial Sect the influence of their union. Gu Dongchen they tired, are at one fell swoop the good opportunity that they strike to kill, Tang Yichao and Zhen Jiuxiong also firmly decided now, decides to Gu Dongchen they, except that when the time comes Extreme Martial Sect a group of people without a leader, is they wrests away the Extreme Martial Province good opportunity! On!” Tang Yichao drinks coldly, is having two strengths compared with he slightly weak elder, attacks to Wu Kaiming, the Free Immortal Sea three people also fight, is attacking Gu Dongchen. Elder Dan was brought two people to besiege by Beast Martial Sect's Zhen Jiuxiong, quick falls into the tangled warfare. They on Chenwu Mainland are strong side, but cannot use True Qi at this time, can only depend upon physical strength, but also is very powerful, Shen Xiang estimated that they at least have about the True Martial Realm 5th Stage strength. Below dozen very fiery, Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming and Elder Dan three are fighting by an enemy, is strenuous, Wu Kaiming suffered three to strike the heavy blows, the Elder Dan's black robe is also cut, Gu Dongchen was hit several palms, again how long they cannot support, this let Zhen Jiuxiong and Tang Yichao exceptionally is excited, gets rid mean sinister, incurred the move to be fatal. Shen Xiang revolution Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, restrains aura, in the heart is criticizing: My good and bad is also their Martial Uncle, unexpectedly such bullies my Martial Nephew.” During the speeches, Shen Xiang suddenly vanishes, he uses the quickest speed to dash from the mountain, quick arrived in the chaotic battlefield.

Elder Dan besieges facing three Beast Martial Sect's expert at this time, is very resisting difficultly, Zhen Jiuxiong hand with the double hammer, pounds fast to her, she in avoidance, but must deal with other two's quick sword, has the accident slightly, can by the severe wound. Beast Martial Sect's elder suddenly has put out a sword, unexpectedly is the double sword, with a cunning angle thorn to the Elder Dan's chest, must puncture the past time shortly, incomparable fierce True Qi, is wild and terrifying, is bringing looking disdainfully world Dragon Power, fills sternly. In that instantaneous, vision condense of all people Elder Dan, they saw young people, this young people grasp azure glow glittering great blade. Shen Xiang, stops Zhen Jiuxiong suddenly to explode to roar to me, but the Shen Xiang's blade has actually seemed like relentless to delimit the waist of that old man, along with a swift and fierce air wave eruption, that old man exudes one to call out, then around the middle broke off by Shen Xiang. A blade just fell, Shen Xiang lifts the blade to divide to that Zhen Jiuxiong, sees only Shen Xiang to be stern-faced, but the whole body braves cold and gloomy murderous aura, five elements of True Qi rapid integration together of his within the body, turns into Universe True Qi, was poured into Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade by him, bringing broken day general strength to cut. Zhen Jiuxiong holds up the double hammer fiercely, has blocked the Shen Xiang's crazy blade, but he was pounded by that several hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) strength , the both legs submerge the ground, at this time, Elder Dan thorn suddenly a sword, pierced Zhen Jiuxiong chest, Beast Martial Sect's old man is also puncturing the sword to go to flying high Shen Xiang. Be careful!” Elder Dan calls out in alarm one, although Zhen Jiuxiong was punctured a sword, but strength actually still vigorous, wields the hammer to pound to Elder Dan, preventing her to go to master Shen Xiang. A Shen Xiang blade has not chopped Zhen Jiuxiong, moreover was punctured a sword, but that sword cannot prick in his body, by in Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor in his skin keeping off. The Shen Xiang left fist braves true golden light, True Qi to emerge his wrist|skill, turns into Dragon Aura, fights with the fists, the fist is bringing intermittent rupturing Dragon Aura, hits on the chest of that Beast Martial Sect elder, crack, only heard that elder to send out pitiful calling out loudly, on the chest left big hole much, scary incomparable.

A Shen Xiang fist wounds that Beast Martial Sect's elder, at once another is sideways the great hammer that evades Zhen Jiuxiong to wield, simultaneously brandishes a sword to cut to that elder, cuts the head of that elder, a blood is similar to the bubbling spring, groundata-titleo-air spraying, sprinkles on Zhen Jiuxiong body. Shen Xiang has killed a Beast Martial Sect's elder, that may be Nirvana Realm! But now in the Shen Xiang eye, is actually similar to worthless general frail, 2-3 were killed violently! Shen Xiang has fallen back on side Elder Dan's, but Zhen Jiuxiong both eyes are red, look at tread that scattered about corpse, the whole body are shivering, is angry-looking, then turns head to stare Shen Xiang fiercely: Shen Xiang...... you......” Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming see Shen Xiang suddenly to brave, moreover can use True Qi, has killed two Beast Martial Sect's elders, cannot help but shocks, they stopped the fight, arrives at side Elder Dan, at this time True Martial Sect and Free Immortal Sea person secretly is also panic-stricken, gathers together completely, preventing Shen Xiang to sneak attack. They think that does not understand why Shen Xiang can use True Qi, if in usually, their finger can kill Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang has with their same level strengths now. Shen Xiang coldly looks at Zhen Jiuxiong, his murderous aura is getting more and more heavy, fills the air in the heart of everyone, lets the person scant of breath, they first time thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly is so formidable! Shen Xiang is gripping tightly Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, ten thousand years ago his Master Huang Jintian has killed Beast Martial Sect's Dean, but today, he has one to kill the Beast Martial Sect Dean opportunity!