World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 178
Shen Xiang follows in Gu Dongchen they behind, is running following a great river, all the way, Gu Dongchen they also knew Shen Xiang discarded over a hundred True Martial Realm disciples, has Extreme Martial Sect's, what regarding this they cannot say, he dares to kill including True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect's Dean, how many True Martial Realm discards to be considered as what? That Free Immortal Sea what background? Probably is very fierce!” Shen Xiang asked. Is very fierce, they were very long in overseas, it is said many Nirvana Realm, but our Extreme Martial Sect stands erect on Chen Wuhai University road is so long , is not a vegetarian.” Gu Dongchen said. Extreme Martial Sect's true strength, has not seen Shen Xiang to the present, he knows that in Extreme Martial Sect is certainly hiding martial artist of many old antique ranks, since all previous dynasties, in Extreme Martial Sect can the transcend Heaven World's person not be many, in other words has the elders who many all previous dynasties come to hide, this is also most terrorist strength. This Mysterious Realm looks like man-made, after Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor was taken, in this started not to stabilize.” Elder Dan looks at Spirit Qi that airborne surges, said. Shen Xiang nodded: Therefore we must a bit faster leave.” If not this, Shen Xiang also wants to continue to stay here, he came before heard a strange beast roar, he has not seen that ancient times giant beast to the present, that said great changes, but the miserable roar can still hardly be removed in his mind at this time. That sound probably is not in this Mysterious Realm, moreover spread to this Mysterious Realm from other place!” Long Xueyi said that her Divine Sense is quite formidable, moreover is unusual, induces is keener than some Nirvana Realm to the thing. Shen Xiang asked: What Demon Beast is that?” Long Xueyi has thought that said: I do not know that in my inheritance memory does not have the memory in this aspect.” Shen Xiang their old route returns with Gu Dongchen, at this time he is thinking later plan, he just obtained a number of spirit herb, naturally first starts to study to refine pills, the promotion strength, as for True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect's retaliation, he has not cared, puts on make-up nobody to recognize him, so long as is more careful. If walks, also will have Gu Dongchen they to keep off, really the incorrect words, he was that crazy Master crossed a period of time at most, waited for the rumor to cross him to come out again, although day possibly painstakingly.

alchemy little girl, you had said before, so long as defeats you, marries my! How now we hit one.” Shen Xiang suddenly said that on the face full is the smiling face. The Elder Dan tender body trembles, coldly said: In this situation does not calculate.” I know that you will act shamelessly, I remember that you had said can challenge anytime and anywhere your.” Shen Xiang curls the lip, despises said. Elder Dan has not spoken again, she can only deal silent, here and Shen Xiang makes war, the flash branched out carrying. Little Featherhead, don't you have the woman to the present? Fledgling! Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang said with a smile. In the Gu Dongchen heart is not feeling well, only then that crazy such has called his, but he cannot say anything. Young Martial Uncle, is your proper point good? You must have an appearance of elder, must have a positive image!” Gu Dongchen said. Shen Xiang has dug the ear, happily said with a smile: I and Xue Xianxian's matter you should know! She was my wife, you saw her, how can call her?” Young Martial Uncle, your status is unusual, cannot reveal, even if your wife is not good!” The Elder Dan cold sound said that if Shen Xiang obtains the matter of Huang Jintian inheritance to pass on, then Extreme Martial Sect troubled. Shen Xiang spits the tongue, both hands is holding back of the head, leisurely and carefree is walking. Quick, they arrived at the end of great river, has a circular by the great river, is sending out white light huge hole, that passes and out Mysterious Realm passage, but here is also called the Mysterious Realm edge.

„Outside with tightening us, left to arrive at your danger(ous).” Gu Dongchen said seriously that ate in them a moment ago recovered the energy pills, after they know, unavoidably fierce battle, but what is most important protects Shen Xiang. Front across passage, Shen Xiang only sees is a piece full is the disorderly stone place, after he has known passage opens, the Black Tortoise mountain is ruined. Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm inside time and outside different, Shen Xiang stayed for almost two months in inside, but outside was also only past 20 days. Quick, Shen Xiang saw Tang Yichao this True Martial Realm Dean, sees only his over the face scowl, looks at Shen Xiang, in his side several old man, the True Qi aura that the body lends is very powerful, is Nirvana Realm, this makes Shen Xiang immediately the pressure very big. But many people of watching the fun by far shunt, they do not know that in what happened, but they see Shen Xiang to follow in Gu Dongchen behind, knows that Shen Xiang made certainly anything to enrage the True Martial Sect's matter in. Tang Yichao will certainly not say the scandal that has in inside that they to bully few, soon others kill, Shen Xiang suddenly jumps, kills the wiped out to the last man them, only then his escaped, this is not the honored matter, but he knows that Shen Xiang they will not say. This is the Extreme Martial Province domain, I have said that we do not welcome you, hurries to leave!” The Gu Dongchen sonorous voice, looks at his Tang Yichao they. Wu Kaiming waved to call some people, these people were Elder Courtyard inside elder, usually little made an appearance, but the strength was very strong. Protects Shen Xiang to leave!” Gu Dongchen said to these elders that he looked a moment ago around, fierce, only then at present these, he and Wu Kaiming have the Elder Dan foot to deal with. Shen Xiang under the support of several elders, leaves this to fill with the tense atmosphere the place, has Gu Dongchen their three here, Tang Yichao they are unable to pursue Shen Xiang, so long as he moves, great war will erupt, Shen Xiang kills his True Martial Sect two Nirvana Realm, he cannot such consider as finished. Pursues, must kill Shen Xiang!” Tang Yichao drinks greatly, several forms leap up from the forest of distant place, they dashed toward Shen Xiang.

That several elders see, in heart one startled, saw only tall and thin old man to put out square shape slate, slate was very big, above can ride several people. You block them, I bring Shen Xiang to leave!” That tall and thin old man hurriedly said, one entrains Shen Xiang, is controlling that square shape slate, making that slate fast rapid flight get up. The speed of this slate flight is quick, Shen Xiang guessed that this is rank good spirit tool, unexpectedly has certainly such effect, has been suddenly far away from that Black Tortoise mountain. Elder thing is good, does not know how to come?” Shen Xiang asked that looks at that tall and thin old man. Shen Xiang does not know this elder, but he knows that the Extreme Martial Sect's elder majority are good, the strength is very strong. Others deliver.” That tall and thin old man said with a smile. At this time Shen Xiang looked at all around scenery, knit the brows saying: This does not return to the Extreme Martial Sect's road probably!” Just said that the Shen Xiang's dantian had been hit a palm by this tall and thin old man, the strong palm strength was shelling his dantian crazily fiercely, was flooding his all the limbs and bones, was painful he unable to move, the five main internal organs (entrails) has probably disrupted generally, his face looks at this tall and thin old man panic-strickenly. Why!” Shen Xiang mouth overflowing blood, endures suffering to ask.