World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 180
Lu Shang, what you said is really? Did he fall into Netherworld Abyss?” A Gu Dongchen face is pale, Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming whole body trembles. I have a look, perhaps......” Elder Dan just turned around, was actually blocked by Gu Dongchen. Do not go, can only look at his good fortune!” Gu Dongchen heaved a deep sigh, on the face also full was sad appearance. Wu Kaiming looks at Lan Tian, sighs with sadness, Shen Xiang, although under rushing many calamities, but also has killed several Nirvana Realm people, but to save them, moreover obtains Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, Extreme Martial Sect for many years the mission also had been completed, is their Martial Uncle, now the bitter experience so danger, this makes them very sorrowful. I tied down by several black person at that time, these black person strengths are very strong, I cannot attend to Shen Xiang, he tears together with two black person finally, fell down.” Lu Shang sighed that he is that Elder Lu, a Medicine King Mountain Lu Family person of noble character and high prestige, at this time he is shocked secretly, he could see that Shen Xiang is important in this Three Great Big Shots eye. Especially Elder Dan, usually many people think that this Elder Dan hates Shen Xiang to hate, but now Elder Dan's is sad, can listen from her sound. Let alone Shen Xiang this strength, even if after is their these Nirvana Realm martial artist falls into that Netherworld Abyss, is hard to return alive, only if can come up promptly. If Shen Xiang is the wound is much better, can fly promptly with Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, perhaps can also come up, but he has fallen into the deep place now, the suction is big, even if he uses Vermillion Bird Fire Wings to be hard to fly, can only little was attracted. Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm dissipated slowly, Spirit Qi flows to entire Extreme Martial Province, making Extreme Martial Province Spirit Qi richer, at this time Extreme Martial Province also sends out some people to assume personal command in the Extreme Martial Province border, preventing other sect's people to come. True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect lose seriously, died a number of True Martial Realm disciple not saying that what was most important was Nirvana Realm martial artist and Dean dies in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, person who knew this truth also only then that several. True Martial Sect's Dean Tang Yichao told Beast Martial Sect, their Dean died in battle, this made Beast Martial Sect be hostile toward Extreme Martial Sect.

This matter stirs the controversy, ten thousand years ago Extreme Martial Sect killed Beast Martial Sect's Dean, ten thousand years later comes one time, but many people thought that this is Beast Martial Sect brings upon oneself, runs treasure that others domain robs others to protect, does not kill you to be strange. Now Beast Martial Sect and True Martial Sect also only dare in the surface to clamor, but does not have what practical action, because they damage severely Yuan Qi, even if collaborates to be hard to shake Extreme Martial Sect. Extreme Martial Sect is in Chenwu Mainland time-honored Martial Dao sect, is the Chenwu Mainland's Martial Dao place of origin, many sect's martial arts stem from Extreme Martial Sect [lineage/vein], the ancestors of various Chenwu Mainland place many Martial Dao aristocratic families, and Extreme Martial Sect has some origins, such status, is not other up-and-coming sect can compare. Extreme Martial Sect planned to disseminate Martial Dao, but afterward many sect emerged, was born some ambitious families, always wants to plunder the biggest resources, always wants to squeeze the common people, therefore has to branch out nine states, is managed by many influences, otherwise has not known when wants to fight. But now actually emits Free Immortal Sea to come, this lets Gu Dongchen they is very the headache. Also only then the fellow of Master that crazy dares dull so to be here long, so long as I can come up, kills does not come.” Shen Xiang places oneself at this time with endless darkness , the ray was covered by black Yin Qi, but Long Xueyi this Little Dragon can actually the whole body send out the white light, appears pure and holy is very beautiful, she is young young, so is beautiful, growing up words that also? When can be able?” Shen Xiang was resigned-looking, cannot come up at this time, can only have a look under to have any means to come up, luckily before him, obtained Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, otherwise he already died. Long Xueyi said: If you can live, only then you can reply others, I made you obtain Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, you must remember your commitment, gave me True Elemental Dan.” Shen Xiang remembers certainly, he did not lack this True Elemental Dan, he also obtained large quantities of herbs in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, gives his sufficient time, he can these herbs transformation be pills.

To a bit faster under arrive below, Shen Xiang makes Long Xueyi loosen him, waits for quickly time entrains him again, he believes that this Netherworld Abyss is certainly confident, because Yin Qi is too heavy, nobody can get down, but he has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, can live is going to the so deep place. The speed of crash is quick, is attacking rich Yin Qi, cool, making Shen Xiang think very exciting. Shen Xiang when dropped before slowly, the recuperation good injury, simultaneously to be promoting cultivation base, placed by oneself the best condition, dares to attempt! Quite a while passed, under Shen Xiang suddenly sees to have the light bright, this makes him inspire, hastily makes Long Xueyi brave from his arm, holds on him. Below?” Shen Xiang looks at the following these weak grievance fuzzy rays, said: dragon brat, what thing do you induce to?” Long Xueyi closes that adorable eye, passes in a minute, she said wear a look of joyfully: Has, below has intense life aura, this following unexpectedly is also a world!” Shen Xiang and Su Meiyao they immediately in great surprise, in this type damn the place also has the life unexpectedly, they guessed that this life has certainly resistance intense Yin Qi strength, will otherwise not survive below. When Shen Xiang they are surprised, fearful beast roar suddenly near the Shen Xiang's ear crack, is similar to thunder cry is together ordinary, hears this roar, Shen Xiang they shocks once more, because before this beast roar is them, in beast roar that in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm hears. great changes is dismal, is infecting Shen Xiang they, they have not thought that unexpectedly under this Netherworld Abyss will have such a giant beast!

Is does not fall down carefully, was stranded under this?” Shen Xiang said that can resist these Yin Qi Demon Beast, is not the strength is very strong, inborn has powerful defense ability. pū tōng, Shen Xiang has fallen into the water, that ice infiltrates the marrow coldly immediately, if not on him has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, he certainly by that ice cold strength freezing to death. Knows obviously this below has water, but must put me!” Shen Xiang scolded lowly, jump got up, the back presented pair of Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, but the flame quickly was actually given the corrosion by this following Yin Qi. The Long Xueyi small mouth casts aside, said: allows me to come holds on you!” She holds on the Shen Xiang's arm, brought the ashore Shen Xiang. This abyss underground unexpectedly has a river, moreover some are sending out the ray green fog float above, can bring luminously to this deep place. Just came ashore, that [say / way] beast roar transmitted once more, shakes the river water slightly to tremble.