World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 181
Long Xueyi had said this below has the massive lives, but Shen Xiang has not actually seen, but thought that under this is strange, has a green light fog, mysterious beast roar, massive lives, rivers. Shen Xiang had considered, walks in a direction along the river bank, that is transmits the beast roar the direction, he always thought that roar is shouting probably, prays for rescue. little girl, you are also beasts, what can you understand that Demon Beast roar to represent?” Shen Xiang asked that Long Xueyi followed vivaciously in him behind, in the mouth holds several pills, looked like very adorable. „The fellow is only bellows to yell purely, without transmitting anything, but I can ask him, but as the matter stands, exposed my existence.” Long Xueyi said that smacking the lips is eating True Elemental Dan. Shen Xiang makes Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor leave the body at this time, protects him not to be corroded by Yin Qi, making him be somewhat surprised what is, this following Yin Qi is not that heavy. You ask that fellow, look at it is any background, if a fierce fellow, we must pay attention to a point.” Shen Xiang said that touches the Long Xueyi's small head, pinched her head to send the white light head ornaments gently. The Long Xueyi whole body snow white women's clothing, skin is fair, making Shen Xiang want to nip her that adorable delightful cheek very much. The small greedy dragon thinks that said: Feeds my grain of True Elemental Dan, I do.” Shen Xiang has twisted her cheek maliciously, tosses into True Elemental Dan her small mouth, after Long Xueyi 2-3 eat, is opening the small mouth, but actually erupts together the deafening dragon roar sound, this in a big way frightens one to jump Shen Xiang. Quick, the distant place hears a thunder cry roar, this time and toward a difference, this time roar are bringing an excitement, moreover became steadily.

A Long Xueyi that adorable exquisite beautiful curved eyebrows wrinkle, said slightly: This fellow is Ancient Fire Beast, unexpectedly is stranded in this place, is really bad luck.” Ancient Fire Beast?” Shen Xiang said surprisedly that he uselessly has heard this Demon Beast. Su Meiyao calls out in alarm said: Is Five Elements strange beast that type of flame breeds? This is very powerful one Demon Beast, so long as a birth, can have terrifying strength, for example this Ancient Fire Beast, it spurts a fire casually, can burn down a mountain range.” That Ancient Fire Beast has roared, Shen Xiang also walks toward that side, he knew that Ancient Fire Beast was surrounded, does not fear. Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: This fellow is very bad luck, unexpectedly by a person trapped|sleepy here, only then after Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm opens, will surround its some restriction to open, can make its roar pass on, now Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm dissipated, these restriction will be also useless, it can the unceasing rave, but it was stranded in a small place, cannot come out.” Shen Xiang slightly one startled, he guessed that this Ancient Fire Beast was certainly established the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm person surrounding by that but who is that person? Unexpectedly has such strength, not only caused Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm and Heavenly Dragon Mysterious Realm these places, but also is stranded Ancient Fire Beast under this. This fellow makes you rescue it, it is said that will feel grateful your!” Long Xueyi continues saying that roar transmits unceasingly, is conveying the news. Shen Xiang knits the brows saying: Rescues? What to do if were eaten?” Long Xueyi said: This fellow Divine Sense and strength lived by the seal, therefore can only convey the news through the roar, the words that but you approach, it can you exchanges with weak Divine Sense, Demon Beast of this rank, can exchange with the person directly.”

Shen Xiang nodded, dashes forward, he also wants to experience this Ancient Fire Beast. More than three double-hour passed by, Shen Xiang formerly dashed following the rivers, suddenly felt that not that gloomy and cold, that beast roar is also getting more and more clear, he also sees on front that rock wall to have a giant cave entrance, above braves an intermittent flame. „Is this fellow very big?” Great hole of Shen Xiang on by that rock wall frightening. Is very big, at least has hill such!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang runs swiftly, looks at the great hole of rivers opposite mountain wall, feels a scalding hot air wave spout from inside, he will be hard to imagine in this Yin Qi so heavy place, unexpectedly will also think the heat, obviously powerful of this Ancient Fire Beast. Long Xueyi is drawing Shen Xiang, float, has flown that river, entered in that great hole, in this great hole braves fiery red light glow, after Shen Xiang walks curvingly, felt that is burning hotter. this Seat in most deep place, you felt relieved that comes, if this Seat must injure you, you cannot come here!” The air/Qi sufficient sound remembers to the mind in Shen Xiang together, sounds quite to have a King spirit. Shen Xiang mumbled one at heart: this Seat your head, was stranded so was spirited!” Has not thought really unexpectedly will have humanity to be able with one to have the dragon of Dragon Clan emperor blood to be together!” That Ancient Fire Beast also said.

Dragon Clan emperor blood! Shen Xiang turned head to look to follow on the heels that to consider is only eating the thing adorable little girl, he has not thought that this Long Xueyi unexpectedly was in Dragon Clan some noblest dragons. He did not believe to have dragon, but after meeting Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, had known from their mouth many Dragon Clan secrets, had known about this crowd of noble living thing, but has the dragon of Dragon Clan emperor blood, is strength strongest one batch. After Shen Xiang transfers several were curved, finally saw that Ancient Fire Beast, is huge, looks like seems like similar to the small mountain-like giant lion, the whole body burns is passing the red flame, a claw has a pavilion to be so big fully, the build shocks grandly, making the person be awed at the sight. Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, was really you obtained, your this base and low humanity, have what skills and abilities? Not can only obtain the approval of Imperial Dragon Clan, but also obtains this and other fierce Divine Weapon!” That Ancient Fire Beast said that at this time he lies in a corner, but not far away in front of him is together the pale-green light screen, he cannot leave that ray of light curtain. Shen Xiang is not feeling well, this Ancient Fire Beast unusual arrogance, but he looks down upon humanity to be also excusable. Do not make me save you to exit?” Shen Xiang asked that was having the faint expression, he will not fear this was imprisoned Ancient Fire Beast. This small Imperial Dragon strength and your strength imagine compared with me must miss, you are absolutely impossible to rescue this Seat to exit!” Ancient Fire Beast coldly snorted. Shen Xiang smiled: Now cannot, after not representative, cannot! Undeniably, I am in this world can come here person only, because I have Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, you should dull very be here long! If you can make me exit, when I promote the strength, I will certainly come back to rescue your.” This huge such as mountain lion suddenly lowered the head, the giant eye that braves to catch fire looks at Shen Xiang with one, said solemnly: You show your skill to come, if you can make this Seat see the hope, this Seat trades with you!”