World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 183
After experiencing pain that one had lived to might as well die, Shen Xiang can obtain a comfort finally, at this time he wants to taste trial system furnace Building Foundation Dan to have a look with inferior pill furnace very much, this Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit has brought the big advantage to him. Naturally, now what he is worried is how should come up, this Netherworld Abyss very deep, and has a strange suction, making Shen Xiang be hard to fly with Vermillion Bird Fire Wings. I am much better now, within 5000 I should be able to come to rescue you.” Shen Xiang slightly took a deep breath, on the face full is the happy smiling face, he has Fire Spirit that he has yearned for finally. Big lion, how do you want to deliver now us?” Long Xueyi asked. Ancient Fire Beast said: Reason that under this has a suction, that is heat and Yin Qi that because this Seat sends out mix together to produce, now he obtains this Seat to his Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, will not be given to hold by that suction again, if this you cannot return, that can only say that you were too weak.” Shen Xiang can certainly come up, even if not depend upon Long Xueyi, he uses Vermillion Bird Fire Wings also to fly, let alone currently his Vermilion Bird beast image has ten grains of true element grains, Vermilion Bird True Qi is vigorous, is the degree of True Martial Realm 2nd Stage rank. Shen Xiang nodded: If so, is easier!” Ancient Fire Beast looks down Shen Xiang, said: „Do you want to walk now? You want to know why this Seat will be stranded here?” Ancient Fire Beast was stranded was too long, now saw that some people come, moreover is person who gives him very high hope, he cannot help but wants to speak some words, he was stranded here is really too long, can listen from his roar, very dismal lonely. Shen Xiang nodded, Yang Tang in ground, the head is fronting together the icy cold stone, looks at Ancient Fire Beast saying: I now not anxiously walking, wants to listen to your story.”

Actually he wants to know that who that his seal person here is. Ancient Fire Beast heaved a deep sigh, then incessantly said that was a very long beforehand matter, how long he did not remember, only knows that at that time he was depends upon Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit born, to continually promote his strength, he arrived at this deeply not to see the bottom under the crack, sought for Earth Core Fire in that Legend. He had found Earth Core Fire, but also gave devour Earth Core Fire completely, then on deep sleep this here, when he woke up, here became Yin Qi is very heavy, moreover presented a person bewilderedly, the cloth has gotten down big pile of restriction, him here, said sleepily to punish him, because of him Earth Core Fire Devour. Snort, this Seat Devour at is not Earth Core Fire, otherwise no one can surround me! this Seat at most is only the flame that Devour that Earth Core Fire sends out!” Ancient Fire Beast angrily said. Here also had Earth Core Divine Tree luckily, quick wants the result!” In treats as Long Xueyi that the shelled peanut same eats to hear pills at the same time, immediately has been enthusiastic, two shine: Fruit where? Is what fruit?” Shen Xiang has patted her head, said with a smile: All day knows to eat, one day you will turn into a fat dragon.” Ancient Fire Beast moved his your huge body, sees only has a three zhang (3.33 m) high red leaves big tree near a corner, can clear seeing have four groups on the big tree by the flame is wrapping the thing, that is Earth Core Divine Tree that Ancient Fire Beast said. What you see is only this tree most top, this tree penetrated many to grow, Earth Core Fire still under, follows Earth Core Fire that this that this Seat ate set up.” The Ancient Fire Beast sound full is the wrongful treatment, nurses a grievance is stranded here for many years, making him resent.

Long Xueyi that beautiful big eye glittering small golden star, is staring at that tree above several stubbornly soon the maturity fruit, the small tongue is licking the lip, that appearance probably by hungry several months. „Can big fellow, divide my one?” Long Xueyi said sweetly greasily that with an irresistible look, is staring at that Ancient Fire Beast. Little Dragon, this Seat can have blames your Imperial Dragon Clan, this Seat to come to this below to seek for Earth Core Fire today, only then your Imperial Dragon Clan fellow knows that after this Seat sank awoke, by the seal, seal this Seat that fellow was also probably concerned with your Imperial Dragon Clan.” The Ancient Fire Beast buttocks moved, have blocked that Earth Core Divine Tree. Real stingy!” Long Xueyi is flat the mouth, tenderly snorted is getting up, then has pulled the Shen Xiang's sleeve, looks at Shen Xiang with that look, tender dī dī said: Elder Brother Shen Xiang, others want to eat that fruit, can......” Shen Xiang curled the lip, has pinched her face, said: I do not have the means that only if this big lion can give me one.” this Seat can you, but you must wait for on a period of time here, because did not have maturity, these days you can practice here, you have Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art and Yin and Yang Divine Veins, here will practice will be quicker.” Long Xueyi is swaying the Shen Xiang's arm, acts like a spoiled brat saying: Elder Brother Shen Xiang, I must eat......” Shen Xiang laughed: Does not have the means that only then, I also want to taste, if you must eat...... Hehe, you understand!” He spits the tongue, saw only on his tongue to present the green liquid, that was dragon saliva, can the fast accelerate ripening plant. Sees this, Long Xueyi to nod excitedly, jumps.

Do not count on that plants this Earth Core Divine Tree, this is not ordinary Hua Hua carelessly, mainly absorbs Earth Core Fire to grow the fruit.” Ancient Fire Beast disdainfully said. Big fellow, you have four, gave others one? I am later formidable, can save you, I can also promise you, if I find out in the clan that fellow to be cloudy you, I help you punch him.” Long Xueyi honk the mouth was saying that appearance is very adorable. Ancient Fire Beast is not humanity, how to be long again pretty woman, in his eyes and a stone does not have what difference. Does not give!” Ancient Fire Beast closes the eye, lies in ground, no longer pays attention to Long Xueyi. Long Xueyi has made an ugly face to him, then somewhat angry is eating some pills. Shen Xiang smiles helplessly, sits cross-legged in the place, he has eaten up grain of Building Foundation Dan, starts to practice, he also wants a bit faster to promote the strength, present he, enters the peak three Realm people to differ compared with these! Surnamed Lu, do not think that this can not need to repay the gambling debt, I must make your ten times of hundred times present also!” In the Shen Xiang heart said secretly that revolution divine art, absorbs Yin Qi, while builds up Building Foundation Dan in within the body, cultivates massive True Qi through this, compresses in Five Elements beast image. During the practice, Shen Xiang does not think time to pass, but Long Xueyi this small greedy dragon eats to the full rests, rests full eats, at this time is sprawled out like the tortoise really lies down in the ground sleeps, the corners of the mouth keep the saliva, on the nose are also blowing the froth, is ungraceful.