World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 184
Shen Xiang has eaten three grains of Building Foundation Dan, he has practiced for one month, Long Xueyi saw Shen Xiang to eat Building Foundation Dan, is greedy, but Shen Xiang looked that to her did not look has swallowed, this makes her envy very much. Three grains of Building Foundation Dan get into the stomach, rich Yin Qi that in addition inhales, Shen Xiang advanced by leaps and bounds, will have every time massive True Qi to emerge his dantian, compresses in beast image, making these small true element grains shine slowly, at this time his Azure Dragon beast image has shone ten grains of true element grains, is the same with Vermilion Bird beast image, then he starts to practice Black Tortoise beast image. Black Tortoise Divine Art is mainly the defense, Black Tortoise True Qi is vigorous, he is safe, but he has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor now, in defense is very powerful. Although Long Xueyi has True Elemental Dan to eat every day, but she is actually one eats in the bowl to look at little girl in pot, moreover is looking at two pots, Shen Xiang's Azure Profound Fruit and that Ancient Fire Beast Earth Core Divine Fruit, was being kept thinking about by all her day, this small greedy dragon has the patience, every day is entangling Ancient Fire Beast...... Also is one month passes, Shen Xiang makes Black Tortoise beast image shine ten grains of true element grains successfully, here Yin Qi quite easy transformation is water attribute Spirit Qi, therefore he cultivates Black Tortoise True Qi time is fast, every day inhales Yin Qi incessantly. His within the body had 30 grains of true element grains, at this time the True Qi vigorous degree is more vigorous than the same level person, but in this special practice way, he is only True Martial Realm 1st Stage! Five beast image lighten ten grains of times, five elements of True Qi meets the perfect conjunction, is breaks through to True Martial Realm 2nd Stage, when the time comes the True Qi quality will be sublimated, his strength will be increased more, if displays Universe True Qi, that will be more terrorist. Naturally, because he do not reduce together like other True Martial Realm people nine True Qi beast image fusions that condense comes out, therefore his strength will not compare in ordinary True Martial Realm many times, but is the affirmation. True Martial Realm 1st Stage and 2nd Stage have very big difference, because enters 2nd Stage to leave nine True Qi beast image on condense first, then the fusion will extrude together, turns into a high density, high-quality True Qi beast image, to enter 3rd Stage, again must practice nine similar qualities True Qi beast image to fuse, and so on, therefore 1st Stage compared with 1st Stage. But Shen Xiang cultivates the way now is to lighten true element grains, does not need to fuse, the quantity that he cultivates and others differ not many. Previous Shen Xiang was besieged by two 2nd Stage True Martial Realm, was almost killed, if not he depends upon Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade this divine tool, very difficult to chop to kill the opposite party quickly.

His Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade not only can have instantaneous to erupt 1 million jin (0.5 kg) strength, but can also cut these powerful True Qi guard shields easily, so long as he brandishes a sword fully, is very difficult to resist, this is the divine tool terrifying place. Shen Xiang in practice in Long Xueyi suddenly that and sleeps by one is exploded the roar to awake with a start, they are criticizing this big lion, once for a while on roar scary. this Seat Earth Core Divine Fruit maturity, Ha Ha......” Ancient Fire Beast has been laughing. Does not eat to others, do you awaken by noise others do do? You must compensate me, gives me one!” Long Xueyi just started is very excited, but does not think that her share, the adorable small cheek completely is disappointed, whispers was saying. Ancient Fire Beast takes off one with root hair, throws to Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang sees one to brave the flame the sphere to fly, hastily catches, this unexpectedly is not small, Shen Xiang can grasp with two hands. Big, gives me to take one?” The Long Xueyi fierce smoke the saliva, is staring the eye to fix the eyes on Shen Xiang is holding Earth Core Divine Fruit greatly. Good, only permits to take one, can only by the body of your this humanity, not turn into any everybody to me.” Shen Xiang sees this little girl to be piteous, this she was also suffered for the past two months insanely, knows that has the good thing, but is unedible. Long Xueyi chicken calligraphy stroke rice nods generally, she wants to taste the flavor. Shen Xiang sits in the ground, has bared outside that matter thick skin, has revealed the red fruit pulp, seems like tomato such, sees only Long Xueyi to open Boss Boss that small mouth, has collected, ripped the place that peeled off to nip one in that greatly.

Do not visit her is little girl, eats thing that is very quick, Shen Xiang winked under the eye, the mouth of this little girl was motionless, but she is also wrinkling the small eyebrow, a face thinking, but the eye is actually staring at that huge Earth Core Divine Fruit. „Is flavor what kind of?” Shen Xiang asked with a smile. Long Xueyi has licked the lip, said silently: Others ate a moment ago too quickly, but also...... Has not tasted the flavor, bites one to others again, a such big fruit, bites you also to me again many!” Shen Xiang smiled, has pinched her cheek: Good, again bites one to you!” Long Xueyi one happy, growing up mouth, has nipped one greatly, this time she chews carefully, eats carefully, but swallows the belly finally. Is very delicious, bites one to me again!” Long Xueyi whispered, is staring at that Earth Core Divine Fruit suddenly. Shen Xiang helpless shaking the head, has put out a long sword, cuts in half the fruit, at this time he saw the core the place to have fist big fruit seed, seemed like together the internal ignition the gem of raging fire, was very beautiful. Person of half, do not ask that again I wanted!” Shen Xiang receives fruit seed, after leaving him, has the opportunity to plant, he did not plan to give Long Xueyi's, but has not thought that so will be big, therefore he very much naturally has also given her half, then he together cuts several from oneself that he may unable to eat that many all of a sudden, he must they tastes this Earth Core Divine Fruit to Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao. Long Xueyi has not thought that Shen Xiang so will be natural, this makes her secretly happy, shows the sweet smiling face to Shen Xiang, her innermost feelings have struggled, has made a difficult decision, she becomes two that half that oneself obtain, gives back to Shen Xiang one.

Gives back to you, I do not want that many, I had said I taste the flavor.” Long Xueyi said with a smile sweetly, but in the look actually completely did not abandon, the appearance was very funny funnily. Shen Xiang has not thought that the meat dumpling beats a dog can also come back, this small greedy dragon has given back to his larger part unexpectedly, but she tasted the flavor also to taste many! Snort, wastes a this Seat good intention, unexpectedly gives this small bothersome dragon these many!” Ancient Fire Beast coldly snorted and said, he has also eaten one, although this fruit is very big, but also insufficiently he fills the gap between teeth. Shen Xiang like cutting watermelon, slivers several, slowly is tasting, ring inside Su Meiyao with Bai Youyou is also same, Shen Xiang can keep thinking about them, lets in their hearts feeling pleased. Shen Xiang has eaten several continually, he has not thought Earth Core Divine Fruit unexpectedly that this Earth Core Fire breeds is so icy cold sweet, taste excellent, making him forget to return, but also wants to eat several again, but he must remain to his friends and that several Martial Nephew, moreover after him, alchemy time may use. After eating a period of time, a Shen Xiang dantian heat, strange and boiling hot strength suddenly is seething in his within the body, rushes all the limbs and bones, just started is only makes him very uncomfortable, but to was afterward comfortable, like was being blown by the warm braw.