World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 185
After eating up Earth Core Divine Fruit, Shen Xiang and Bai Youyou they cannot help but close the eye, enjoys comfortable that warm current is bringing, only then Long Xueyi in gulps is still eating that Earth Core Divine Fruit, she cultivates Divine Dao, the strength transformation that only obtaining is Divine Sense, strengthens her Divine Soul, therefore she is unable to feel Earth Core Divine Fruit to the advantage that fleshly body brings, but thinks very delicious. When Shen Xiang wakes up, is ten days later, he has not thought that such scrap Earth Core Divine Fruit unexpectedly has the so big advantage to fleshly body, making his fleshly body promote. Sister Meiyao, Sister Youyou, in my fleshly body has a strange energy, probably is the pale golden color!” In Shen Xiang is regarding within the body, had discovered with amazement this imagination, hastily inquired. You entered Immortal Devil Body 2nd Stage unexpectedly! This Earth Core Divine Fruit is so big to your use unexpectedly, but this is the good deed!” Su Meiyao said with amazement. Bai Youyou said: We cultivated for two days to build up to melt this Earth Core Divine Fruit energy, you have used for ten days, explained that your present fleshly body is very weak, can fully absorb this Earth Core Divine Fruit energy, the advantage was very obvious.” This is Divine Fruit, should have not the small use to be right to you!” The Shen Xiang doubts said that Divine Fruit, that is rank very high one herbs. We eat few, moreover cannot fully absorb! If coordinates other herbs to refine pills, the effect is very certainly big. This truly is Divine Fruit, can refine Spell Bound Pill one herbs!” The Su Meiyao's words let the Shen Xiang secret shock, he also leaves leeway fruit seed, he must train a such tree. The big fruit that need Shen Xiang both hands can wrap up, they have eaten up a small mouth, obtains many profits, if eats again, that effect is not in addition so is simple, the Shen Xiang secret heart is startled, but Long Xueyi this small greedy dragon is a face is also satisfied, she is very satisfied, Shen Xiang first time sees her to have the appearance of this eating to the full. Young people, this Seat wait for you to come back! Do not disappoint this Seat!” Ancient Fire Beast said solemnly.

Shen Xiang nodded: Then I said goodbye, I can rescue your!” Brings Long Xueyi, the Shen Xiang old route to return, Ancient Fire Beast sends out intermittent roaring hiss, is seeing off to them, but Long Xueyi will walk long journey to turn head to have a look every time, a face will not abandon, she will be keeping thinking about Ancient Fire Beast that several Earth Core Divine Fruit. little girl, be not thinking, sooner or later I can plant!” Shen Xiang touches her head. Has not known that must arrive at anything lord knows when!” Long Xueyi spits the tongue, turns into a white light, is attached to his arm. Shen Xiang has arrived at cave entrance, looks at this abyss the two sides, he listened to that Ancient Fire Beast saying that truly some lives under this abyss, but these in abyss both sides deep places, these thing danger(ous), he urged Shen Xiang not to go. Raises head looks, that is piece of green Qi mist, he stimulated to movement True Qi, Vermilion Bird True Qi fuses the body of Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit to release through his, became overbearing, saw only his back to present a pair of width to reach ten zhang (3.33 m) huge fire wings suddenly, that crazy fierce arrogance spurted to be thin unceasingly, was resisting these Yin Qi. Shen Xiang looks at that pair of huge Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, in the heart is shocking secretly, sighed extremely, this fused the Fire Spirit advantage, so long as uses the flame, became formidable time, moreover can control very satisfactorily. Giant wing flutter, Shen Xiang left the ground, flies upwardly, the speed is extremely fast, penetration layer upon layer Yin Qi, at this time these rich Yin Qi for him radically are the piece of cake, naturally, if not he has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, cannot be so relaxed.

„The present range you come up also to need a period of time, you takes you under while the present in that grain of pills that in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm obtains!” Su Meiyao suddenly said that she also just remembered this matter. Shen Xiang lifts off slowly, said: What pills is that?” Previous time he obtains Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade time, that is grain of Dragon Blood Dan, making him build Immortal Devil Body 1st Stage, now this grain of pills with Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, decides however is not simple. Bai Youyou said: Five Elements Profound Dan, Earth Level High-Grade Dan! Is containing very rich five elements of True Qi, moreover can build up fast, this is very precious, but compares somewhat to be bad with that Dragon Blood Dan.” unexpectedly is Earth Level High-Grade Dan! That Dragon Blood Dan that Shen Xiang sucked in a cold breath, previous time he eats although is fierce, but does not have accurate rank, but this Five Elements Profound Dan has, makes him surprised! Profound Level low-grade Building Foundation Dan was very precious, let alone Earth Level High-Grade! Shen Xiang took that Five Elements Profound Dan, this is grain of pigeon egg big white pill pellet, he looked at two, then swallows, Long Xueyi also sends out an envy tenderly snorted. After Five Elements Profound Dan enters the body, erupts rapidly rich five elements of True Qi, probably is the great river flows rapidly emerges his all the limbs and bones generally, after operating several sidereal revolutions, enters in his dantian, but that Five Elements Profound Dan also spout five elements of True Qi, probably forever not will stop is completely same! Shen Xiang flies, while transports merit to accelerate to build up, a day passed by, that Five Elements profound positive pill furnace still in the continuous spout five elements of True Qi, this lets in his heart with amazement, if he has this pills, that does promote to be quicker? However he knows that this Five Elements Profound Dan refinement herbs is very certainly scarce. Be not thinking refines this pill, this pill only then on Heaven World compares sees! However you can actually try Five Elements True Elemental Dan, this is Profound Level low-grade, but herbs also and Building Foundation Dan is equally difficult to look!” Su Meiyao said.

The origin of herbs lets the Shen Xiang headache, when he on unceasing accumulation wealth, to see these rare and precious herbs now, does not hesitate to purchase, then massively plants with dragon saliva. I also want to eat!” Long Xueyi mumbled was saying. Who doesn't think?” Shen Xiang want to come one grain again, but did not have, but that grain of his within the body has not digested at this time. Massive True Qi compress into Five Elements beast image unceasingly, that true element grains grains are glistening unceasingly, the speed is much faster, making in the Shen Xiang heart jump crazily, this is the Earth Level High-Grade Dan charm! He understands that now the status of high level alchemy master so will be why honored, because the high level pill medicine can make the speed that the person cultivates increase is quicker time! His paternal grandmother, this speed was also too fast!” Shen Xiang is excited, at this time his Five Elements beast image inside True Qi degree unceasingly upward flies like him, making person straightforward incomparable. Ha Ha......” As Shen Xiang erupts one to laugh wildly the sound, he has broken through the darkness, departed Netherworld Abyss, but at this time he has also entered into True Martial Realm 2nd Stage, the so relaxed breakthrough, making him cannot help but laugh!