World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 186
Shen Xiang flutter that huge, but flexible very Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, has flown from Netherworld Abyss, lands on the ground, is enjoying the warm sunlight, he stayed under for three months, the day of that suffering injustice makes him very uncomfortable. In is regarding dantian five beast image, shines 15 grains completely, this was even under his control, at this time five beast image vigorous True Qi were consistent, this made him feel with other it the day before yesterday badly strength, although he now is True Martial Realm 2nd Stage, but he was confident, challenged True Martial Realm 3rd Stage martial artist unarmed. Lu Family, looked how I put in order you! I must make you float the hemorrhage same price!” Shen Xiang grips tightly the double fist, rave, the earth trembles suddenly, ground cracks are spreading to eight sides, is frightened in the bird group in mountain forest perching, startled flies airborne, in mountain forest also sends out an intermittent beast roar. Shen Xiang spreads the wings Gao Fei, at this time his Vermillion Bird Fire Wings may be possible to be small greatly, big time can fly quickly, is more powerful, naturally the consumption are also many, at this time what although he uses is small Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, but the speed was faster than the past ten times, ray that then sends out before the wing also and different, before was fiery red, but now actually likely is the dazzling sunlight like that seemed looks like the god who flew from Sun! Shen Xiang discarded Beast Martial Sect, True Martial Sect and Free Immortal Sea massive True Martial Realm in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, three months passed by, these three influences are looking for Shen Xiang's to be troublesome, but actually does not see the Shen Xiang's trace, but the Extreme Martial Sect's manner is also firm, does not associate with people, does not punish Shen Xiang. Enters in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm unable to use True Qi, this is many people knows that but Shen Xiang actually, can therefore discard that many True Martial Realm, even several enter the peak boundary . Moreover the one breath all discards! This news passes on many people do not believe that but along with the time lapse, many people understood that Beast Martial Sect and True Martial Sect have truly been short of many True Martial Realm, at this time the people believed in firmly. What is most impressive, Shen Xiang own same side does not let off unexpectedly, his procedure also obtains many people to support, because these True Martial Realm people must rob bulk Hell Spirit Grass and massive giant beast that demon core he obtains at that time.

In the occurrence of massacre along with Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, Free Immortal Sea also gradually surfaces, this is one establishes in the large-scale influence of Chenwu Mainland open sea, no one knows regarding the real situation of this influence, but the hearsay can actually with Extreme Martial Sect super sect side by side. Because Shen Xiang does not make an appearance, True Martial Sect, Beast Martial Sect and Free Immortal Sea also take Extreme Martial Sect not to have the means that sect disciple fighting in private to the person, does not aim at sect. Naturally, the hideaway touchdown secret is more astonishing, that is Shen Xiang all of a sudden many Nirvana Realm, but also gives to massacre Beast Martial Sect's Dean, knows that the person of this matter are not many, they will not say this, because does not have the advantage to anyone, will intensify the contradiction that several sect see only, when the time comes the Chenwu Mainland chaos, that several sect's expert also will fight with all might mutually wounded, benefits as the third party in a dispute by Five Great Devil Sects finally. Huge plaza in Extreme Martial Sect, unexpectedly is gathering many disciples, the atmosphere is very serious, Gu Dongchen, Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming stand on the above stage, but forefront team is some old man and old woman, is many person disciples has not seen, but in these old fellow behind, is one group of body terse youth or the tall and strong middle age, expression are solemn, the whole body is passing air/Qi of expert, this is also many disciples have not seen a group of people. This makes numerous Extreme Martial disciples secretly express admiration, when gathered the Extreme Martial Sect Zhongping today the disciples and high levels of few appearance, the Elder Courtyard elder, that puts down Space-Time turbulent No. 1 Martial Courtyard to No. 10 Martial Courtyard, this is Extreme Martial Sect's backbone strength. Some this important matters announced certainly that since the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm matter in the past, Extreme Martial Sect was flustered, because Extreme Martial Sect not only has killed Beast Martial Sect's Dean, but also has killed Beast Martial Sect, True Martial Sect and Free Immortal Sea seven Nirvana Realm, this is for ten thousand years the unusual Nirvana Realm die event. However this lets more influences, more people feel to dread to Extreme Martial Sect, unexpectedly so slaughters! Naturally, they do not know that this is Shen Xiang does completely.

Everybody should know matter that these days has! Ten thousand years ago Extreme Martial Sect have also come across such crisis, that time we crossed with ease! But this time, we can certainly cope, these days I know that in everybody heart restless, fears other sect to take revenge.” Gu Dongchen loudly said, sound echo in entire Extreme Martial Sect. Gu Dongchen, continued loud voice saying: I call everybody to come this today, must inform everybody two matters, first, our Extreme Martial Sect does not fear other sect's to retaliate, if they dare to kill our disciple, I make them use 100 disciples to be buried along with the dead! My Gu Dongchen lives up to one's words!” Such remarks, making the Extreme Martial Sect's disciples feel relieved that has Dean to speak, they did not certainly fear! „The second matter, has about the Extreme Martial Sect's Martial Courtyard new rule. Starting today, Extreme Martial Sect except Elder Courtyard and Extreme Pill Courtyard, will have 50 Martial Courtyard. And in Martial Courtyard 15, outside Martial Courtyard 35, in 15 beyond Martial Courtyard and 35 Martial Courtyard will be responsible for managing by a group of strength suitable True Martial Realm disciples, is responsible for teaching martial arts. This is to strengthen the overall quality of inner courtyard, everybody must redouble one's efforts to me, every half year will inspect one time, if not attain a designated standard, will be delivered to Hell Martial Courtyard to undergo the Hell training!” Gu Dongchen sound gloomy and cold, making many people cannot help but hit one to tremble. Hell Martial Courtyard, what place is that? At this time Elder Dan had coughed two, making in noisy plaza peaceful. Later the welfare is not fixed, wants pills, must spell to me! I discovered that some people always no longer, is sluggish in practice, the duty does not do, but is actually receiving the rich welfare! From now on the future, wants to receive pills, needs proves itself with own strength and potential, the concrete rule you Martial Courtyard Dean there that is at from you will know.”

Wu Kaiming at this time also face seriously said: Starting today, your rhythms must give me to be faster, moreover competes will be more brutal, the repayment will be also higher. We need to train a group of outstanding disciples! The following day, Extreme Martial Sect will set up many martial arts contests to promote competition, can let everybody many exchanges!” Extreme Martial Sect suddenly makes so huge transformation, this makes many disciples have doubts, they guessed Extreme Martial Sect to deal with might eruption sect great war from now on? Breaks up!” The Gu Dongchen voice just fell, the fierce contraction of his pupil, looks fire wings that the far airborne that pair greatly shocks, this is Shen Xiang's fire wings, but was bigger than before, moreover sends out with the solar same dazzling ray. Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming immediately have also discovered that in the heart relaxed, but actually shocks incomparably, Shen Xiang can come back from that Netherworld Abyss unexpectedly, from his fire wings, his strength has promoted much! As blazing heat covers to come, the people raise head looked that immediately saw that to send out dazzling ray fire wings, although this fire wings has increased, but many people can recognize this are Shen Xiang that to True Qi fire wings! Has been missing three months of Shen Xiang, finally came back!