World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 187
Shen Xiang falls into the Netherworld Abyss matter, only then several people know that Lu Shang does not dare to publicize, will otherwise suspect his head very much easily, because Gu Dongchen makes him keep secret. Others only think that Shen Xiang was hides, Shen Xiang that but comes back now, before making people think him to compare, was more formidable. Shen Xiang from airborne dives, stands in the front of Elder Courtyard that group of person elders, Shen Xiang knits the brows, carefully looks at these old man, quick, his vision stays on the body of that Lu Shang. Lu Shang sees Shen Xiang to come back, in heart is shocking incomparable, he remembers that Shen Xiang by his severe wound, then had been fallen into that Netherworld Abyss, is absolutely impossible to come up, but now actually living standing before him. Lu Shang lived was so long, was the first time is so flustered, but he was quickly quiet, he decided that no matter Shen Xiang said that anything refused stubbornly to acknowledge! Shen Xiang comes back, anything did not say, stubbornly looks at Lu Shang, in the look also brings killing intent, Gu Dongchen they to see anything came, just started them somewhat to suspect to this matter, because Lu Family is also owing the Shen Xiang gambling debt, three grains of Building Foundation Dan and Nine Sun Flame Fruit, this to Lu Family, but unusual meat pain, but if Shen Xiang died...... Elder Courtyard old man shouted: Shen Xiang, you did not have politeness!” This old man just said that saw only in the Shen Xiang hand to present a broadsword, the broadsword is poured into True Qi by him, erupted azure glow at the same time, intense murderous aura spurted from the Shen Xiang's body comes out thinly, but Shen Xiang also vanish from sight, this let the elders one startled, when many elders must get rid in abundance, Gu Dongchen coldly snorted. Stops to me!” Shen Xiang thinks immediately a pressure covers to come, keeping the blade that he wields from cutting, he arrived at that Lu Shang front, all elders are startled, they think why unclear Shen Xiang must so reckless attack Lu Shang, admire this arriving guts, unexpectedly is in front of Dean to make such matter to come, this is huge disrespect.

Only the front row of elders and some True Disciple can see what happened, they are startled, Shen Xiang dares to attack an elder, looked that such wished one could to kill this elder probably. Shen Xiang has chopped including Beast Martial Sect's Dean, how many Nirvana Realm but also has killed, what does he have to be good to fear? At this time his murderous aura can be imagined, Slaughtering Heart that he cultivates is not only kills people later accumulates murderous aura, meanwhile can absorb by killing murderous aura, must know that Beast Martial Sect's Dean and that several Nirvana Realm have also killed many people, at this time these murderous aura gather on Shen Xiang's completely, that is terror how. Shen Xiang was trigged by Gu Dongchen, but his swift and fierce murderous aura still spews out, covers in entire plaza, making many will of the people tremble, the back sends coolly, deeply fears this letting they to feel murderous aura that suffocates. On stage Gu Dongchen and Elder Dan they also cannot help but one startled, they think that does not understand young Shen Xiang, why can have this grade of murderous aura, even if their these eternal Big Shot, murderous aura that accumulates is also mediocre, Shen Xiang has surpassed their many times, if neglects the Shen Xiang's strength not to look that depends on his present murderous aura, is very easy to take for him is Nirvana Realm. Lu Shang is recent from Shen Xiang . Moreover the person who Shen Xiang must kill is he, therefore he most can feel that murderous aura terror clearly, this let him panic-strickenly to the extreme. Breaks up! Shen Xiang has no regard for elders and superiors, the provocative elder, offends the Extreme Martial Sect sect rule, Elder Wu brings him, severe penalty!” Gu Dongchen loudly shouted, the Wu Kaiming diving posture, arrives at Shen Xiang's behind, holds down on the Shen Xiang's shoulder. Shen Xiang restrains murderous aura that unknowingly overflows, but his actually still item looks at Lu Shang including killing intent. Lu Shang sees Shen Xiang to be seized, haughty smiles, but in his heart secretly is worrying, but thinks one are an elder, the status or the strength, compared with Shen Xiang, moreover Shen Xiang has annoyed many matters, Dean should not believe Shen Xiang's. Shen Xiang departs with Wu Kaiming, in a Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm quite secret place, this is the Wu Kaiming residence, Gu Dongchen and Elder Dan also here.

Young Martial Uncle, you can come back safely well, but after you, must pay attention to some, do not make these matter out of the ordinary to come again, this will make me very difficult to do!” Gu Dongchen is resigned-looking. Snort, that surnamed Lu must die!” Shen Xiang is gripping tightly the fist. Elder Dan coldly asked: Young Martial Uncle, do you fall down the Netherworld Abyss matter real?” Shen Xiang coldly snorted: Is that surnamed Lu makes me, he has hit my palm, making me be seriously injured, if not I have Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to resist these Yin Qi, I already died.” The Wu Kaiming sound becomes ice-cold incomparable: We such trust this fellow, unexpectedly make this matter! He was very a moment ago calm, perhaps is thinks that we will not trust you.” A Gu Dongchen palm pats a stone table crushes, over the face scowl, Lu Shang not only need kill Shen Xiang, but also deceives him, this lets him angrily. „The Dean Boss, you patted are rotten I the table!” The Wu Kaiming forced smile said. „A table, do you haggle over these to do with me?” Gu Dongchen suddenly discovered that this is not his residence, he was a little excessive. This makes Shen Xiang look secretly funnily.

Elder Dan said gently: Can live is coming back well, you go to Netherworld Abyss under?” In the past Huang Jintian had not gone, but Shen Xiang now Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, was also bigger to fire wings, he came up from below is not very difficult. Shen Xiang sees these three Martial Nephew very to care about itself, he like thinking mindless, this makes him very gratified, he said with a smile: Naturally, I have also taken the good thing, comes, your Martial Uncle very much keeps thinking under your.” Shen Xiang has put out three slices of palm of the hand big Earth Core Divine Fruit meat, places on three trays, making three Martial Nephew taste, although this Earth Core Divine Fruit is Earth Core Fire breeds, but only does not aim at the fire attribute person, is beneficial to all people. Looks at that is similar to tomato common fruit pulp, but also flutters a strange fragrance, Gu Dongchen they also want to taste this Netherworld Abyss following thing. A person together, they several sub- finished eating, regarding that taste and flavor, they approves the mouth unceasingly, when they commended continually, suddenly one startled, immediately sat cross-legged to sit down, lets the energy circulation of Earth Core Divine Fruit in their bodies. Shen Xiang also wants to have a look at martial artist of this Earth Core Divine Fruit to these Nirvana Realm to have many effects, rides this Three Great Big Shots to digest the advantage that Earth Core Divine Fruit brings, his departure quietly, he prepares to go to Medicine King Mountain, looks for Lu Family calculate!