World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 188
Shen Xiang arrives at Martial Courtyard that Yun Xiaodao they are, only sees Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong they, they are busy moving the thing. squinted dragon?” Shen Xiang asked that he and Yun Xiaodao their three months did not see, unexpectedly discovered that True Qi unexpectedly of their within the body became vigorously, he guessed secretly that these fellows had certainly any fortuitous encounter. Yun Xiaodao sees Shen Xiang to come back, puts down a tree on hand, ran swiftly, said while loudly laughing: Big Brother Shen, you are really big talent, kills that many True Martial Realm all of a sudden.” Before Yun Xiaodao, hears this news, was excited, but he is a little worried about Shen Xiang now, must know that discarded these True Disciple, majority are to stem from a fierce family. Zhu Rong ran over, says with a smile: Shen Xiang, you obtained many good things in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, has intended to probably sell, looks is in the share of good friend, I will surely give you a satisfactory price.” Yun Xiaodao trampled his foot, called out: Goes to your mother, but your this dead fatty the fellow of special pit acquaintance, more is your ripe person more is butchered by you fiercely.” At this time Xu Weilong came back, he saw Shen Xiang here, walked, showed stiffly the smiling face: Also thinks that you will hide for a lifetime!” What words are you? I will not fear!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Ha Ha, I a little want to catch now you, Free Immortal Sea, True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect post a reward you, each sect is million crystal stones, in addition these were discarded the cultivation base True Disciple family, but you now sale price ten millions crystal stones!” Zhu Rong said while loudly laughing. In Shen Xiang heart one startled, altogether adds ten millions crystal stones to post a reward! This makes him move, but thinks that can also understand, True Disciple that after all he discards but over a hundred, these families leave points words, in addition can have this number is very normal. One month ago, many people forms squads, regards the treasure beast same to hunt and kill you, you may probably be careful a point! I want not long, Tianmen City to become very lively, many people outside you!” Xu Weilong said.

Yun Xiaodao coldly snorted: This also continues, even some small poor and pedantic families and assassinated the organization to stare at you! However Big Brother Shen your method are many, should not fear these!” Shen Xiang laughed: „Those words that so long as Dean spoke also kept a promise, I did not have what to be good to fear!” If chases down the Shen Xiang's person, the strength is higher than Shen Xiang to be too many, Extreme Martial Sect's Elder Courtyard will send out, such strength, many families insufficiently extinguish, the present is only some small influences is supporting squads to kill Shen Xiang. „Are you now very busy?” Shen Xiang asked. Too is not busy, assigns the Martial Courtyard matter and our No problem, we come out and other allocation results, goes to that Martial Courtyard directly, is responsible for rebuilding the Martial Courtyard matter is also the matter of outer court disciple.” Yun Xiaodao said with a smile. Shen Xiang has put out three pieces of Earth Core Divine Fruit fruit pulp, he and Yun Xiaodao they were together was so long, knows that their manners, is friend who was worth the long-standing and deep-rooted friend, therefore he impolite ate to them this Divine Fruit, in any case after him, can plant. This is the good thing!” Zhu Rong rubs hands saying that two shine. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Old Zhu, if you want to eat, must help me do a matter.” Said!” Zhu Rong readily agreed. Helps me be clear the details investigation of Lu Family.” Shen Xiang lowers the sound to say.

Zhu Rong one hear, nodded, Yun Xiaodao and Xu Weilong have looked at each other one, knows that Shen Xiang could make anything to lose you, in the heart is startled secretly. Xiaodao, squinted dragon! Since you to replace the family have tried hard, your family inside competition is also very brutal, the blood brothers mistrust each other, don't you think tired?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Big Brother Shen, you had any words to speak frankly!” Yun Xiaodao said resolutely: Father had already been weary, I thought that in now the family is the most disgusting place, is here happier.” Xu Weilong also nodded: If nothing, I am disinclined! I do not want to compete for the status in family, but some people are think that you will struggle, was worried that you threaten them, therefore you will be compelled to go with them to fight, otherwise you will put in order!” Zhu Rong is also sighs one, in these respected family inside juniors, deeply has the feeling, Shen Xiang said with a smile: „Do you have to think wants to establish an influence!” Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong and Xu Weilong hear, cannot help but shakes, they have thought that but that is not an easy matter, but Shen Xiang raises now, explained that Shen Xiang also wants to do. We join up, trains our influences secretly! The pills aspect I am responsible, Old Zhu is responsible for resources, Xiaodao you are responsible for training and training, squinted dragon is responsible for seeking to intend to joining our people!” Shen Xiang said that he already had this to plan. Does not have the issue, crystal stones I can also leave, words that an old pig person undertakes, he will definitely not want!” Yun Xiaodao nods to comply immediately. Um, I also comply, since the 4th Stage alchemy master, I have very big confidence!” Xu Weilong said that the Shen Xiang alchemy speed and brings forth the pills quality, is they are obvious to all, words that some massive pills provide, is easy to win over the person, easily is more formidable.

Zhu Rong took a deep breath, said with a smile: I also do, this for me is also a big investment, is doing a big business, to fish, perhaps requires very long time!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Good, you finished eating these things, defers to my does, Xiaodao is responsible for collecting martial arts, Old Zhu collects the Lu Family information first, squinted dragon is responsible for seeking does not have the family, martial artist that but actually assiduously cultivates.” Zhu Rong asked: Junior Brother Shen, do you want the Lu Family material to do?” Shen Xiang complexion sank: I investigate the Black Tortoise mountain time, was just far away from Tianmen City, encounters the martial artist attacks of two True Martial Realm 2nd Stage, they are the Lu Family people, that Elder Lu sends, since their Lu Family wants to make me die, I cannot make them feel better!” Yun Xiaodao they hear, is suddenly enlighted, they understand why on the same day Shen Xiang can suddenly attack Lu Shang, is only they are curious, wasn't Shen Xiang brought to punish? How to be all right quickly. Zhu Rong they eat up Earth Core Divine Fruit, then entered in the practice condition, Shen Xiang departed quietly, returned to Extreme Dan King Courtyard, here quiet, he looked, has not seen Wu Qianqian, has to return to the secret room to go to alchemy. After he already wants to try looks to have Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit , the alchemy speed quickly!