World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 189
Shen Xiang is the alchemy master, should be entire Heaven Refining pill is right, but he now too many matters, if not handle these matters, he is unable to calm the mind to study to refine new pills, therefore he refines High-Grade Spirit Level Dan now. True Elemental Dan, commonly used is also price quite good pills, is many sect must issue pills of disciple, because this pills is containing massive True Qi. Before Shen Xiang, is half double-hour can refine a furnace, but has Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit him now, releases that fierce Yang Yiban flame, quick herbs firing herbal powder, meanwhile can make these hot tempered herbal Spirit Qi calm and steady, person who alchemy now he has Fire Spirit finally clearly so with ease will be why easy, because there is a release of Fire Spirit the flame can burn down herbs easily, can suppress tyrannical herbal Spirit Qi with ease, can make various herbs fuse together with ease. Now he uses is that inferior pill furnace, but half double-hour refined furnace True Elemental Dan! Moreover is five grains of qualities excellent, this makes secretly excited, if uses Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, that speed is more terrifying? In Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, he obtained almost to refine ten thousand True Elemental Dan herbs, moreover was only he estimated according to furnace four grains of quantities! Starts to build up with Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, I want to take a look quickly to any degree!” Su Meiyao is also very excited, naturally, Long Xueyi be much more excited than her, because this means after her, can eat this True Elemental Dan frequently. Good!” The Shen Xiang heartbeat quickly, has put out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, the alchemy speed quick words, means that he can obtain massive pills fast, like True Elemental Dan this pills, although is commonly used, but supplies to be insufficient. A double-hour passed by, Shen Xiang built up ten furnace True Elemental Dan, he has not thought to coordinate Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, unexpectedly to make him handier, the speed used ordinary pill furnace compared with him quick ten times! What is most surprising, his each furnace uses peak herbs, each furnace is five grains of True Elemental Dan, the quality excellent! Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang laughs, has given ten grains of Long Xueyi, at this time he does not lack this True Elemental Dan, moreover this can make him have the confidence to train own influence.

Another double-hour passed by, Shen Xiang refines 20 boxes of White Jade Powder, each furnace can leave two boxes, if this speed makes Elder Dan this Dan Ancestor know, certainly will be frightened falls down Palestine, even if Su Meiyao, is hard to believe this speed! Sister Meiyao, Sister Youyou, you eat massive pills now, can this restore?” Shen Xiang asked. Invalid, will only waste these low level pills, to make us restore to come, only needed grain of high level pills that's alright, these pills left you to develop!” Bai Youyou said. Five days passed by, Shen Xiang suddenly felt that some people outside, he have refined 1200 grains of True Elemental Dan at this time and 120 boxes of White Jade Powder, changes into the crystal stones words, is a large sum of money number, but Shen Xiang will actually not abuse, he must trade more precious herbs with these resources, that can make him promote. He has taken a bath, goes to the hall, sees only Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming and Elder Dan here, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming facial expression is very good, over the face red light, on the face has the smile, Shen Xiang to see that Earth Core Divine Fruit has brought many advantage to them. Through this, Shen Xiang can show, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao's strength must by far strong these Extreme Martial Sect's Big Shot, because Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao had said that Earth Core Divine Fruit is not big to their functions, therefore their fleshly body reached certain stage, few Earth Core Divine Fruit to their function. Young Martial Uncle, what thing is that? After having eaten, made me feel fleshly body strong many!” Gu Dongchen said with a laugh that now he shouted Shen Xiang is Young Martial Uncle, that is singlish, from bottom of one's heart shouted, not like before reluctantly. Wu Kaiming also said with a smile: „Should Young Martial Uncle result in many good things in Netherworld Abyss?” Elder Dan low snort|hum said: This type of thing is used for the alchemy words, that can a better display use, early know that I do not eat.”

Really little girl can judge the quality of goods, Hehe, this is I leaves three Martial Nephew especially, my this Martial Uncle is sincere!” Shen Xiang sits on a chair, is curling upwards the leg, said with a smile. Gu Dongchen they think that thought Shen Xiang truly more and more looks like true Martial Uncle, not only got rid to save them at crucial moment, gave back to their this type of precious things, must know that the Shen Xiang present strength is very weak, this thing use was for him bigger, but he has given them, this touched them somewhat. Hehe, you did not need to thank me, this was Martial Uncle should do!” Saying with a smile of Shen Xiang haughty, then lowers the sound: I prepare to Lu Family fight, my previous time goes to the Black Tortoise mountain on the road by the assassinations of two True Martial Realm 2nd Stage, is Lu Family sends. I almost died, Lu Family again and again gets rid to me, I cannot let off them.” Then, this personal grievances, our these old fellow generally do not meddle as you like!” Wu Kaiming said with a smile. You must be careful, the Lu Shang strength were too more than you, has angered him, he possibly also reckless to your fight.” Gu Dongchen said. Shen Xiang did not certainly fear, after Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming leave, he then asked: Qianqian where? How can't I see her?” Snort, closed up! What matter do you ask her to have?” Elder Dan low coldly snorted. Gives this.” Shen Xiang has put out Earth Core Divine Fruit, has given Elder Dan. Elder Dan stares, she has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly to so the situation, to Wu Qianqian this type of thing, she will fully realize naturally this type of not well-known fruit pulp is spirit fruit of very high equivalent, let alone Wu Qianqian this True Martial Realm, has very big profit to Nirvana Realm.

truly unfaithful, you have a fiancee!” Elder Dan tenderly snorted and said, is being jealous probably, this makes Shen Xiang somewhat surprised. Is used for alchemy not to be good?” Elder Dan thought that this is used for alchemy to be better. Naturally good, but you know that this builds up? What herbs matching with is good? I know that this needs many attempts, but this thing also only then, suffices you to toss about several times?” Shen Xiang curls the lip to say. Elder Dan was only lightly snorted, Shen Xiang says is reasonable. This is my acquired Building Foundation Dan herbs, altogether has 15! You had said that must sell Building Foundation Dan to me!” Elder Dan gives Shen Xiang storage pouch, she does not have to think one will also make others help her alchemy, who makes Building Foundation Dan that a Shen Xiang furnace builds up compared with her many, but also are many one time!