World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 190
Shen Xiang received, looked, truly was 15, moreover processed, only missed Azure Profound Fruit. Then we first chat price now!” Shen Xiang grinning tunnel, even if Elder Dan, he be relentless will still butcher her blade. Three hundred thousand crystal stones grains, I left major part herbs!” Elder Dan said immediately that obviously already considered. This price is sincere, especially regarding Shen Xiang, his furnace is four grains of Building Foundation Dan, that is 100 two hundred thousand crystal stones, is equal can sell to Azure Profound Fruit to 100 two hundred thousand crystal stones. Four hundred thousand!” Shen Xiang has dug the ear, stretches out four fingers. Snort, I do not imagine like your you rich!” Elder Dan coldly snorted and said: Martial Uncle, you want sincerely!” Shen Xiang thinks somewhat funnily, this Elder Dan unexpectedly keeps prices down with this excuse now. My Building Foundation Dan takes away the auction words, may more than three hundred thousand! If operates well, even can rise one time!” Shen Xiang indifferently said, does not make concessions, he does not believe this Elder Dan not to be wealthy, was one lived tens of thousands of year of people, moreover was the alchemy master, the strength was so formidable, governed pills and massive crystal stones in Extreme Martial Sect, will such person be poor? Shen Xiang recognized that she certainly is the person who is rich flows the oil, he sighed lightly: That considers as finished, my good intention sold to you, you are actually perfunctory me with such low price, really made the Martial Uncle wound pass the heart.” Four hundred thousand on four hundred thousand, built up to look for me!” Elder Dan stamped the feet, turns head to walk, she knows certainly the price that the alchemy master starts out cannot generally the counter-offer. Shen Xiang has calculated secretly, 15 herbs, furnace four grains of words, are 60 grains of Building Foundation Dan, he plans only to give the Elder Dan 50 grains, oneself leave behind ten grains, but he can obtain two ten millions crystal stones. However will not pay generally with so many crystal stones, majority replace with pills, the so big amount, with True Elemental Dan, this is equal to 4000 grains of True Elemental Dan!

Shen Xiang also starts to refine Building Foundation Dan now, he estimated that Yun Xiaodao they possibly want a period of time to wake up, He uses Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace to refine Building Foundation Dan is also very quick, but in order to a furnace leaves four grains, he becomes is more careful, if the refinement that before had no scruples, that and refined the True Elemental Dan speed not to have what difference, but now slightly is slower. Double-hour five furnaces, each furnace four grains, the quality is excellent, this makes Shen Xiang very satisfied, he acclaimed fierce of this Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit secretly, after having this Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, when he burnt down some quite stubborn herbs, can solve with ease, this remaining a lot of time! Three double-hour pass by, 15 herbs completely were built up by Shen Xiang, each furnace is four grains of Building Foundation Dan, the quality is very good, Shen Xiang is considering whether delivers now, he worried that Elder Dan will be frightened to faint by this speed. Shen Xiang very much liked showing off before this arrogant woman, his haughty smiled, left the secret room, arrived at Elder Dan that hut to knock on a door. Elder Dan saw that Shen Xiang such quickly looks for her, then coldly asked: Thought that the price is inappropriate, but also wants to add are more?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: You , to add are many some to me, I will definitely not reject!” Does?” Elder Dan asked. I am deliver, 50 grains of Building Foundation Dan, take away!” Shen Xiang throws to Elder Dan storage pouch, she catches subconsciously, but cannot believe that was only the past more than three double-hour, Shen Xiang builds up ten furnaces? Elder Dan takes in that storage pouch ten boxes, inside each box of five grains, are chummy, scatters the rich medicine to be fragrant, the quality is good, understood at a glance shortly after just drew a charge, this made her tarry thoroughly. Three double-hour have refined 15 furnace Building Foundation Dan! Moreover there is a such quality, Elder Dan has discovered anything!

How possible?” Elder Dan cannot believe that although fact at present. Hehe, probably is not only you have Fire Spirit!” Shen Xiang cracks into a chuckle. The Elder Dan whole body trembles, startled sound said: You...... You also had the soul to be hot, went to say!” She holds on Shen Xiang, entrained into him the room. Is any Fire Spirit!” The Elder Dan sinking sound asked that was very serious, Shen Xiang also thinks why did not understand her to be able like this. Shen Xiang whispered: Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit!” Heard these four characters, the Elder Dan's body has swayed, gasps for breath in gulps, sits does not speak on the chair for a very long time, Shen Xiang does not know why she will be attacked like this! What's wrong? Thought that you did lose? You have said that so long as I defeat you, you are casual what kind of my!” Shen Xiang asked with a smile. Snort, Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit is better than my Purple Moon Fire Spirit! However you must remember, do not let others know that you have the Fire Spirit matter, this I have also said with Qianqian, making her leave at will the exposed blue flame, luckily your is Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, the flame looks like does not have anything specially!” Elder Dan seriously said. Shen Xiang also thinks the doubts, his suddenly discovers this Elder Dan because has Fire Spirit becomes so mystical, now Wu Qianqian is hidden by her probably stubbornly. Shen Xiang you listened, this was not I frightens you absolutely! Person who on this day , the extremely formidable influences, this influence hunts and kills specially has Fire Spirit, they have to pull out leave person Fire Spirit strength!” Elder Dan said here, the sound was full of hatred, gripped tightly the double fist: Has to have the Fire Spirit alchemy master to be grasped in Purple Moon World much by them, then pulls out to Fire Spirit, discards cultivation base!” Shen Xiang brow tight wrinkle, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou whole face is also serious, they also know a point anything probably.

„The hand of that influence has not extended to this world temporarily, in brief many Mortal World have their forms! Their strengths are very strong, intentionally suppresses cultivation base in the Nirvana Realm peak, after they obtain Fire Spirit, will escort to Heaven World, as for must do me unclear!” Elder Dan said. Shen Xiang nodded seriously: I will pay attention, now pays up to me!” Knows that Shen Xiang has Fire Spirit, the speed of Elder Dan to his alchemy no longer is also surprised, in the heart was sighing the Shen Xiang that alchemy talent darkly, if given time, must surpass her is not the difficult matter. Elder Dan thinks that Shen Xiang is so relaxed gains to so many wealth, cannot help but low coldly snorted. „Do you want crystal stones or True Elemental Dan?” Elder Dan asked. True Elemental Dan!” Shen Xiang knows that many auction markets receive True Elemental Dan, True Elemental Dan is the consumables, moreover many sect need, the quantity compared with crystal stones to little, is easy to store up, is much better compared with crystal stones. Elder Dan clenched teeth to select 4000 grains of True Elemental Dan to give Shen Xiang, if were other sect's words, can obtain so many Building Foundation Dan all of a sudden, let alone 4000 grains of True Elemental Dan, 5000 grains will have bought, therefore Elder Dan knows one have gained, Shen Xiang has truly given her very big preferential benefit.