World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 191
Shen Xiang considers as finished True Elemental Dan that secretly he has now, in addition before , that batch that he refines and participate in Extreme Martial Distinguished Meeting to obtain, altogether 5500 grains of this, True Martial Realm martial artist can grasp so many True Elemental Dan, was sighing including him secretly! He planned that finds a time to seek for some rare and precious spirit herb, refines these very rare use actually very big pills. little girl, I want to purchase refine Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs, where sells?” Shen Xiang asked grinningly, so long as did not have other people, he called these Martial Nephew at will. Five Elements True Elemental Dan simultaneously cultivates over two types True Qi people to take generally, the use be better than True Elemental Dan, but herbs is quite rare, the price is quite expensive, in the market condition a grain can sell to two hundred thousand crystal stones about. In Chenwu Mainland, cultivates the multi- attribute True Qi person to be many, these people are aptitude are very good, will obtain sect to cultivate vigorously, therefore Five Elements True Elemental Dan sells, is only very deficient. Elder Dan already knows person who Shen Xiang has Yin and Yang Veins, what practice is five elements of True Qi, only then such person will settle on by Huang Jintian, therefore Shen Xiang wants to refine this pills not to be extraordinary. Now I have not known that in brief this pill's herbs is very scarce, I will help you pay attention!” Elder Dan said that although she and Shen Xiang will bicker frequently, but their relationship are very good. That thanks, when the time comes you butcher my that's it freely, your Martial Uncle I but now is rich flows the oil.” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile. Elder Dan lightly snorted and said: Be not snatched, now the reward achieves ten millions crystal stones, in addition many people know that you obtain massive giant demon core and very big Hell Spirit Grass in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, you can danger(ous).” So long as careful, should not be discovered the whereabouts by others, Shen Xiang does not have what to be good to fear, „Can little girl, help my slightly busy?” Shen Xiang suddenly has remembered a matter.

Said!” Helps me go to Lu Family to come back these things, three grains of Building Foundation Dan and Nine Sun Flame Fruit.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: little girl, in my hand has Earth Core Divine Fruit fruit seed, does not fear to tell you, I to that thing that you eat am the Divine Fruit fruit pulp.” The Elder Dan's tender body trembles, chest is fluctuating, she is startled obviously, her sinking sound asked: What you said is really?” The voice falls, in the Shen Xiang hand left a fist big ruby same thing, is beautiful, inside is burning the flame. I help you go gambling debt to come back! You remember, now first do not plant this Divine Fruit, when I reinforce Extreme Dan King Courtyard formation and defense. Also, you cannot certainly other to know that you have the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit matter!” Elder Dan is very serious, she also urged, departs. Who is this woman? Is the woman who and what my ancestors had to pester?” Shen Xiang feels the chin, more and more curious this Elder Dan's status, his suddenly thought that he became with this Elder Dan's relationship intimate. Shen Xiang lies down on the Azure Profound Fruit Tree following couch, the sunlight shines by the leaf on his eye, he looks at that sunlight, suddenly has thought of anything. Sister Meiyao, does Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit also belong to life Fire Spirit?” Shen Xiang hastily sits, asked. Purple Moon Fire Spirit and Blue Star Fire Spirit can bring the life to Mortal World the flame, therefore belongs to life Fire Spirit.

Definitely is, you had not noticed that now the majority of lives can't leave Sun? between Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi can continually produce, this Sun has very big merit, if fire of Blue Star Fire and Purple Moon once bred the earth the life, then these stars above flame from Sun, therefore Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit compared with other Fire Spirit in many, but you just fused now, Fire Spirit is also only the young stage.” Su Meiyao said. A Shen Xiang eyeball revolution, said: The flame that I release has a ray, is that the sunlight is also same? If so, then said that I can breed some lives?” This is possibly improper, I thought that you feel that Life Force in Fire Spirit, then withdraws this Life Force, unifies wood attribute True Qi, concentrates appears dragon saliva, the dragon saliva effect will be perhaps better, but this is only my guess.” Some Su Meiyao excitedly said. Dragon Saliva Art in Divine Art of Four Symbols on heaven defying, has been able to be concise one type liquid that increases the quick plant growth, moreover along with transporting the strength promotion enhancement effect of merit. If again that powerful Life Force that coordinates in Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit to breed, that will be more terrorist? Shen Xiang calms the mind immediately, the whole body relaxed, starts to seek for Life Force in Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit integrated in his body, will absorb world Spirit Qi to expand gradually, when Fire Spirit expanded certainly, will have the energy, will have when the time comes the continuous flame, even can also cultivate the produce fire soul. Although Dragon Saliva Art can increase the quick spirit herb growth rate, but Shen Xiang thinks insufficient, for example he must make Azure Profound Fruit Tree grow Azure Profound Fruit to come, condense several months of dragon saliva, then takes one month to irrigate, in this period also lost many time of practice, naturally, if known by other alchemy masters, may be scolded, this also dislikes insufficiently. The people are very always greedy, Shen Xiang is no exception, his Divine Sense flowing in his body various places, seeks is integrating Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit inside Life Force in his body, unknowingly, passed for two days, but his eyebrow also beats, because he found! That is one golden gentle light fog, is small, hides in some flame element grains, must know that Shen Xiang's skeleton inside, blood inside and in meridians, has many small flame pellet, after these are fuses Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, have, so long as his soul Indestructible, these mysterious flame pellets along with his practice, but continually produces, he releases the produce fire flame time, was these pellets has granted him an powerful flame. Shen Xiang revolution Dragon Saliva Art, start to condense gathers immediately dragon saliva, he absorbs these pellet inside Life Force unceasingly, but after Spirit Qi enters his body, can make these flame pellets breed Life Force to come, continuously, extraction that therefore he can keep.

Quite a while passed, Shen Xiang opens eye, has put out a small cup, opens the mouth, saw only a big group to brave the golden light liquid to fall from his tongue, entered in the cup. At this time he is excited, because he succeeded! He has not known that this effect is what kind of! unexpectedly really success! Ha Ha...... Must change name is golden dragon saliva is good!” Shen Xiang is joyful looks at that small cup inside golden color liquid, has about 40 drops probably. He under Azure Profound Fruit Tree, he naturally experiments with this Azure Profound Fruit Tree now. Properly speaking this Azure Profound Fruit Tree at least needs about three years to blossom, if with dragon saliva, wants more than half a year, now he can very good has a look at this golden dragon saliva effect. Shen Xiang inducted on his condense small cup the tree root, is only the flash, completely was absorbed by Azure Profound Fruit Tree!