World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 192
golden dragon saliva of small cup was absorbed instantaneously, this lets Shen Xiang and Su Meiyao shocks, if before , that azure dragon saliva, but must the little going drop, if put all of a sudden, this was to help absorbing. If absorbs quickly, explained that the dragon saliva quality is better, can make spirit herb grow quickly, if just cultivated Dragon Saliva Art time, but must place in the water to dilute. Shen Xiang gains ground immediately seems, the body cannot help but trembles, he saw 40 small flower bud, is only time all of a sudden, made this tree blossom, moreover turned one time! Shen Xiang has estimated that if every day is a small cup, possibly about one month can let this tree result! This...... Also blossomed!” Elder Dan comes back, felt that Azure Profound Fruit Tree is different, looks up, immediately sees 40 to be similar to azure small lantern same flower bud, this Azure Profound Fruit Tree made her think that does not understand why will exist, what making her more unclear is this Azure Profound Fruit result speed, this way wanted the result not long. Shen Xiang laughed: I just awoke, saw to blossom, Ha Ha...... I must have 40 Azure Profound Fruit quickly!” Looks at the Shen Xiang that face haughty appearance, Elder Dan envies, this tree truly was too strange, she had doubts asks: What hands and feet was you sets up to this? Azure Profound Fruit contains very many Spirit Qi, must result in absorption many Spirit Qi to be good finally, is impossible to be so quick!” This Azure Profound Fruit Tree has truly absorbed many Spirit Qi, because golden dragon saliva can change this tree, enabling this tree to absorb Spirit Qi fast, is extraction deeply following Spirit Qi, since Shen Xiang breeds this tree after Azure Profound Fruit, this tree will absorb Spirit Qi each night every day crazily. Changes a view, is Shen Xiang's dragon saliva lets in these flowers and plants trees meridians becomes very thick, simultaneously makes these flowers and plants trees have Spiritual Vein, can fast Spirit Qi, especially dragon saliva drip into that instantaneous, the quantity of absorption is quickest. But effect big of golden dragon saliva, because inside is containing the life elementary force, that is the primitive time breeding life thing, even if now, various lives cannot leave Life Force in sunlight. I told you, you made me have a look at your true colors!” Shen Xiang thinks that said.

Snort, does not look to you! I must make you die curiously!” Elder Dan tenderly snorted and said, now also only then this will make her feel better, because her true colors can make the Shen Xiang heart itchy. She also asked: What you said is real? Is you fudged really?” If is really this, the ability that then Shen Xiang masters was really too heaven defying, if hunted for the Fire Spirit influence to know by these that Shen Xiang was still very troublesome. Shen Xiang curls the lip, said: I trust you to tell you, but you are untrustworthy I, why doesn't show your appearance me? Also, do not reveal!” In Elder Dan heart with amazement, but actually coldly said: I to you did not look that my appearance has the reason, relax, I will not be silly everywhere and others say this matter!” Your matter I have solved, you later are careful, Lu Family hates you to hate!” Elder Dan throws to Shen Xiang storage pouch. Shen Xiang received storage pouch, he he smiles, Elder Dan witnesses the person who this gambling fights on the same day, she helps Shen Xiang want the gambling stake is also the most normal matter, moreover Shen Xiang in Extreme Dan King Courtyard, Lu Family also has no alternative but, but Lu Family, for does not need to pay this gambling debt, lost two True Martial Realm 2nd Stage martial artist, this regarding a family is very serious, the value far exceeds that gambling stake, this steals a chicken inadequate counter- eclipse rice! Nine Sun Flame Fruit refines Black Sun Fire Pill main material, this is the Profound Level High-Grade Dan material, although only then, but also was very precious, Shen Xiang looks at that glowing red fruit, cannot help but cracks into a smile: Must come not to be all time-consuming!” After Elder Dan leaves, Shen Xiang starts revolution Dragon Saliva Art, condense that golden dragon saliva, three days pass by, the Azure Profound Fruit Tree flower is in full bloom once more, is sending out azure light glow, is beautiful. The early morning first wisp of sunlight photo comes, Shen Xiang smiled, left Martial Courtyard, he knows that this Azure Profound Fruit Tree can the result, he now probably look for Yun Xiaodao quickly they.

In the past almost ten days, after Yun Xiaodao they have eaten up the Earth Core Divine Fruit fruit pulp, woke up, they already and other Shen Xiang, seeing Shen Xiang to arrive, chaotically asked the matter of that fruit pulp, but Shen Xiang only told them that is in a fruit that in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm obtained. I to give you this type of good thing, you should tell me that what you did pick? cultivation base promotes not slowly!” Shen Xiang smiles to ask. Zhu Rong said with a smile: Does not have anything, was only my luck is good, picks bulk top grade crystal stones, then had sold to these two fellow some.” crystal stones that usually uses is middle-grade crystal stones, High-Grade crystal stones and top grade crystal stones does not use, because is very scarce, but in High-Grade crystal stones and top grade crystal stones contain is not Spirit Qi, after compression, inside Spirit Qi turned into pure True Qi, top grade crystal stones of thumb size, inside True Qi, can let the martial artist fast absorption practice. Your if wanted ? I can sell to your some!” Zhu Rong said with a smile. Does not use, you flow to use, I can refine True Elemental Dan now, I do not lack in practice resources.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Was right, now should start to assign Martial Courtyard, we have a look!” Yun Xiaodao taps the head, because he knows that passed for ten days. After Shen Xiang and other Yun Xiaodao they fill has taken a bath, arrives on that huge plaza, was announcing the list of Martial Courtyard assignment around plaza. Is only No. 15 Martial Courtyard, Martial Courtyard unexpectedly has over a thousand people, does this make the person be able to bear? Also with one crowd of Mortal Martial Realm disciple together!” The Yun Xiaodao whole face is disgruntled, their four people were assigned in Martial Courtyard.

Wu Qianqian also, Big Brother Shen...... Hehe!” Yun Xiaodao smiles very evilly. I and she are Extreme Dan King Courtyard, frequently met, what does this have?” Shen Xiang white his eyes. Advantage of being close to somebody the moon/month, was this little mother skin already received first by you?” Zhu Rong said with a smile evilly. Do not speak irresponsibly! I and she are only friends!” Shen Xiang looks at some related Martial Courtyard laws, including makes him somewhat depressed, is must complete a task every year, otherwise must be thrown that Hell Martial Courtyard to accept the penalty. At this time Xu Weilong suddenly shouted: You look, Lu Zhengnan with our same Martial Courtyard, these has also lived it up, I also see young famous True Martial Realm name, the names of many family disciples, some families have a grudge with you!” Zhu Rong also nodded: Mortal Martial Realm but actually does not need to fear that they have not entered True Martial Realm, by the family always, actually these True Martial Realm, will not be treated as the treasure to be the same by the family.” Shen Xiang, when finally you appeared!” Has the angry sound to transmit from the distant place together. Shen Xiang slightly one startled, this is the Lu Zhengnan sound!!