World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 194
Heard Dragon Martial Technique these two characters, the Shen Xiang mouth flood the smiling face, he most did not fear was Dragon Martial Technique, Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art that because he cultivated was strongest Dragon Martial Technique, so long as he can be skilled in the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art mystery, not only can restrain other Dragon Martial Technique with ease, but can also homemade Dragon Martial Technique. Zhu Rong investigated an evening last night, wants to know why Lu Zhengnan will have that big assurance, has not thought that unexpectedly has Dragon Martial Technique, must know that Dragon Martial Technique in the Chenwu Mainland's martial artist mind, is sacred existence, is the same with that Divine Martial Skill! Lu Zhengnan walked, he wears one golden soft armor skintight clothes clothing/taking, understood at a glance that this is rank good protective armor, has this type of thing words, can avoid when the martial arts contest by seriously the wound, can resist strength that part attacks. King Scale Armor, 7th Stage spirit tool, this fellow has gotten down the initial capital!” Xu Weilong coldly said, looks at Lu Zhengnan slantingly. Martial arts contest time, in order to better comparing notes, therefore does not allow to use weapon, but can actually put on protective armor, the Lu Zhengnan previous time was alchemy has lost to Shen Xiang, but in the words in strength, he had very big self-confidence, although he knows that Shen Xiang has abandoned many True Martial Realm in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, but that in Shen Xiang had in the True Qi situation, he thinks that he can also discard these people for instance. Yun Xiaodao they leave this compared with martial stage, arrives at the halfway up the mountainside to look that they looked at all around, had not discovered that has the elder here. Shen Xiang, you do not have the opportunity of regret now, today you must die without doubt!” During the Lu Zhengnan speeches, both eyes turn blood red, that fair face covered entirely black Qi, on the face blows out several black muscles, the appearance is very fierce fearsome. A evil aura immediately spout from the body of Lu Zhengnan, let Shen Xiang retreat several steps, saw Lu Zhengnan this appearance, the Shen Xiang complexion was serious, in the heart was shocking secretly. This Evil Dragon Martial Technique! Is some Devil Path Martial Artist the consequence that Dragon Martial Technique revises, injury of this Dragon Martial Technique to the person is very big, injures someone to cause self infliction, early stage could not look that has any improper . Moreover the might is very big, but arrives at the late stage words, that person basically has ruined, will lose the conscience, turned into one to the evil person.” Bai Youyou said with amazement that she cultivated Devil Path, knew about this aspect very much. When Shen Xiang and people by this Lu Zhengnan Evil Dragon Martial Technique frightening, was astonishing one appeared, Lu Zhengnan both hands suddenly turned into the black, then slowly swelling, turned into two black dragon claw, the claw was very sharp long, looked like very fierce fearful.

Shen Xiang, your time of death to!” The Lu Zhengnan voice also became hoarse, likely was savage beast that can speak, at this time his appearance was very scary, on the face reappeared some black scales, was winding around black Qi, that pair of black fierce dragon claw was lets the person with amazement. It seems, this Lu Zhengnan probably is half beastman! Makes people feel disgusting, felt that the frightened evil aura covers in the mountain valley, Shen Xiang was filled evil hostility True Qi locking by one, making him feel very danger(ous). What Master did he look for? unexpectedly turns into this him!” Shen Xiang is thinking secretly, but at this time black fog raided suddenly, blows with gust, he only felt that fills cruel strength to approach. Among the electric light sparks, Shen Xiang moves sideways to shunt, if slow, perhaps he will be given to hit by that pair of black dragon claw, although he has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, but faces so terrifying evil True Qi, he unavoidably will also receive the severe wound. This Evil Dragon Martial Technique truly can help the person obtain very formidable strength, Shen Xiang secretly was exclaiming in surprise now strength that Lu Zhengnan erupted a moment ago, imagines him is more terrifying , if ordinary every True Martial Realm 2nd Stage is caught by that pair of claw, perhaps the body will start out a blood hole. When Shen Xiang is startled, that Lu Zhengnan such as the wind flies to jump generally, on fierce outstretch toward his face grasps, five sharp such as just claw was similar to five sharp short swords, sparkle cold light, cut the air to puncture, bringing Qi Energy, Shen Xiang once more to move sideways to avoid, but on face two bloodstains by that Qi Energy stroke. The speed also rapidness of this Lu Zhengnan, Shen Xiang just moved aside, he one after another initiates fiercely attacks, attacks Shen Xiang with black dragon claw of that pair of destroying the hardest defenses, such one, was equal to that he is using the different fierce weapon attack. But Shen Xiang cannot use weapon, suddenly fell leeward.

Shen Xiang is the side head, is moves sideways to avoid that is being similar to the sharp claws that the raindrop attacks, even if he disappears with the way of high-speed migration in the field now, but can actually be locked by this Lu Zhengnan, after he turns into half human and half beast, five feelings have promoted many times, is very formidabe. Lu Zhengnan massive True Qi centralized on both arms, lets he wields the both arms time can produce very big strength, such one, his pair of sharp claw becomes more intrepid. At this time everywhere is grasps the mark, this is created by the air wave that Lu Zhengnan that pair of claw raises! Speed unexpectedly of this fellow is quicker than me!” In the Shen Xiang heart is secretly surprised, although only quick a little, but has kept him from counterattacking. Lu Zhengnan comes up is fiercely attacks, strength and speed are terrorist, let True Martial Realm 3rd Stage and 4th Stage that some observes feel ashamed! Person but who understands truly actually by Shen Xiang frightening, because Shen Xiang facing such terror swift and fierce fast fiercely attacking, but on the face has to grasp the mark, other had not been injured, the Shen Xiang's aura is still steady, not flurried, moreover in this case the familiar Lu Zhengnan rhythm, seems like is Lu Zhengnan attacks slowly very fiercely, but rather Shen Xiang defends very deadly. The long time cannot capture, making Lu Zhengnan somewhat unable to calm down, only hears him to send out a gloomy exploding roar, the body suddenly spout the black evil aura, his both arms become very greatly, sticks out suddenly a piece by piece black scale, this time he appears fiercer, the whole person becomes extremely fat, was bigger, lets person creepy feeling. Your persons head I wanted!” Lu Zhengnan lays out a palm, the speed was faster than a generation before, suddenly became such quickly, making Shen Xiang not guard, but his fight experience was rich, left a water cover to protect the head in head condense instantaneously, but he was flown by that only powerful black claw racket, that water cover hit to explode. After Lu Zhengnan Shen Xiang hits, turns into a shadow toward Shen Xiang to dodge, sees only him to use one double belting the black beast foot of sharp claws to step on toward Shen Xiang.

A Shen Xiang tumbling evades, body is also covering energy shield, this is Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover, has powerful defense strength. Lu Zhengnan has not stepped on Shen Xiang, but actually steps on everywhere crushes, the entire antiquity also slightly swayed! A so powerful move was hidden by Shen Xiang, Lu Zhengnan is angry, sends out a low roar, turns around a palm to pat the ground, hit in the tumbling in place Shen Xiang. This palm makes the ground tremble suddenly, obviously strength is how powerful, but slate under Shen Xiang body also crushed, but he did not have the matter, but his Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover was hit disperses. Shen Xiang also when Lu Zhengnan claps the hands, stretches out one to wind around the hand of light Qi mist, grasps to the ankle of Lu Zhengnan, only hears kā chā one, afterward is Lu Zhengnan erupts one to roar, Shen Xiang has used Profound Aura Finger, this is can pinch spirit tool fierce martial arts easily, at this time enters into True Martial Realm 2nd Stage him, with that powerful Universe True Qi, pinched the foot of Lu Zhengnan directly! Lu Zhengnan broke a foot, the severe pain was incomparable, strength spout with the blood, that extremely fat body gradually was reducing.