World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 195
Lu Zhengnan was broken a foot, although severe pain, but this makes his suddenly go crazy, to Shen Xiang that was just wanting is the cut-throat palm, the sharp claws is bringing extremely powerfully, vertical position to the Shen Xiang's head. Shen Xiang responded is very rapid, lifted hand, greeted Lu Zhengnan that fierce beast claw with own meat palm, two palm junctions struck, erupt one bang crack, immediately earth-shaking power. Lu Zhengnan sends out a painful rave, on his only gigantic beast palm full is the bloodstain, Shen Xiang took control of a moment ago, is uses Profound Aura Finger and Shocking Heaven Palm these two Earth Level martial arts, not only punctured the palm of Lu Zhengnan, but also shakes into powerful Qi Energy the body of Lu Zhengnan. That powerful Qi Energy spreads through the arm of Lu Zhengnan, shakes an cuns (2.5cm) disruption his arm directly, an arm discarded. The short several instances, Shen Xiang successfully counter-attacked, has disrupted the Lu Zhengnan rhythm, occupied completely the winning side, now Lu Zhengnan broke a foot and one. This made Lu Zhengnan lose the reason, again and again the rave, became fiercer, depended upon single Tui strength to bounce, flew to leap up toward Shen Xiang, lifted another palm to attack to Shen Xiang, that only brought on the fierce palms of five sharp claws to present one group of extremely evil terrors aura. Shen Xiang has not avoided, he revolves within the body all Azure Dragon True Qi, his hand wound around by azure True Qi immediately, turns into azure dragon claw. azure dragon claw and black dragon claw hit together suddenly, looks like both have equal share, but Shen Xiang has released all Azure Dragon True Qi, his Azure Dragon Claw above strength Lu Zhengnan is more intrepid. Two fingernails clash, the entire mountain valley is violent in a flash, the boom explosive, is the pitiful yell of Lu Zhengnan resounds through the horizon along with it, the entire arm of Lu Zhengnan disappears, becomes the smashing by Azure Dragon Claw flexure that Shen Xiang that sweeps away all obstacles. Lu Zhengnan by the striking back primary form, Shen Xiang has to acknowledge, if he were less careful a moment ago, certainly will be grasped by this Lu Zhengnan that pair of terrifying claw, this Lu Zhengnan turns into half human and half beast time, the strength and speed have promoted many times, especially that powerful explosive force, making Shen Xiang feel to have a lingering fear. Shen Xiang...... you...... You are also True Martial Realm 2nd Stage?” On Lu Zhengnan that pale face full is frightened, is panic-stricken looks at Shen Xiang.

This Lu Zhengnan original manuscript thinks one enter into True Martial Realm 2nd Stage, so studies that fierce Evil Dragon Martial Technique, thinks that Shen Xiang is not his match, who knows that Shen Xiang is also True Martial Realm 2nd Stage, but the Shen Xiang's strength in the same rank is very powerful, in addition that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, the strength is immeasurably deep, he once with that blade when True Martial Realm 1st Stage cut to kill True Martial Realm 3rd Stage martial artist. On the Shen Xiang's left arm suddenly emits one group of True Qi, True Qi condense to become Daozhuang, after vigorous True Qi condense becomes weapon, is very sharp, if True Qi is vigorous enough, will also be fiercer than some spirit tool. Shen Xiang, you cannot kill me!” Lu Zhengnan is panic-stricken extremely, hurriedly said. Shen Xiang unemotionally, personal appearance in a flash, when Lu Zhengnan sees the Shen Xiang's time, Shen Xiang arrived at his front, wields in the hand that True Qi the broadsword that concentrates, chops to chop on his neck, cuts his head. Looks that head that the tread tumbles, looks Lu Zhengnan is also opening the eyes that double belting panic-stricken eye, in people heart panic-stricken, especially some True Martial Realm martial artist, they compared with these Mortal Martial Realm martial artist must be able to completely understand that this fight, deeply was shocked by the Shen Xiang's strength. The person who observes are very many, 10,000-20,000 this, seeing Lu Zhengnan dead the later time, they exuded an intermittent discussion sound, but after all Lu Zhengnan in Extreme Martial Sect rare talent good True Martial Realm, was a alchemy master, back Lu Family in Extreme Martial Province was also a famous family, now Shen Xiang has killed Lu Zhengnan, without doubt was Lu Family has become enemies. Shen Xiang bent down, just when must pick up the Lu Zhengnan storage bangle, the distant place hears one due south big drinks, the sound falls, Shen Xiang felt that Qi Energy rumbles, they flew to jump hastily backward, have moved aside, but in side of Lu Zhengnan corpse, presented old man that a whole body has trembled. Lu Shang! Is on the same day to remaining that Elder Lu of striking a vicious blow, Shen Xiang has not thought that his unexpectedly will appear here. Shen Xiang, is this you do?” Lu Shang was exclaiming to Shen Xiang, over the face scowl.

He and I bets persons head, he lost, I must cut off his head!” Shen Xiang indifferently said, secret revolution True Qi, he worried that this Lu Shang will sneak attack him reckless, must know this Lu Shang strength compared with him. Lu Shang looks angrily at Shen Xiang, the anger is exclaiming: Shen Xiang, you have won our Lu Family three grains of Building Foundation Dan and Nine Sun Flame Fruit, are you what kind of? Your entanglement has not put unexpectedly, has killed our Lu Family rare talent.” Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang laughs immediately: old dog, you clarify the matter to come to here to bark wildly again, is this fellow challenges first my, is your Lu Family pesters to me does not put!” Previous time I leave the Extreme Martial Sect's time, is besieged by two True Martial Realm 2nd Stage that your Lu Family sends, my good weapon, can turn defeat into victory luckily, butchers that two fellows.” Hears this saying, in the Lu Shang heart shakes, Lu Family two True Martial Realm 2nd Stage were really killed by Shen Xiang! This makes him angrier. Shen Xiang sees Lu Shang to be poked sore spot , to continue saying: Your Lu Family, for does not need to give back to my gambling debts, thinking Will kill me again and again! By you sends for assassinating time I hide, but previous Black Tortoise mountain time, I actually made into the severe wound by you, infiltrates Netherworld Abyss, my luck is luckily good, can live coming up from below.” Shen Xiang, do not make false accusations! Falls down Netherworld Abyss also to live coming up? You spoke have the evidence to be good!” A Lu Shang rebuttal said. Their voice are very loud, after all around person hears, is surprised, but they suspected to the Shen Xiang's words very that falls down Netherworld Abyss truly unable to come up. Shen Xiang also guessed correctly that this Lu Shang will refuse stubbornly to acknowledge, he said with a sneer: You give you Lu Family talent to gather up dead bodies, is he courts death.”

In the Lu Shang heart arrives at the extreme angrily, his severe howl said: Shen Xiang, your again and again provocation our Lu Family, not only stimulates Lu Zhengnan with the cruel trick and you bets the war, but also slanders our Lu Family to kill you, I do not forgive you today!” In Lu Shang heart one ruthless, swoops toward Shen Xiang, fights with the fists, that strong vigorous True Qi overflows from the arm, is hitting the air, exuded the xiū xiū sound, the ground has sliced off thick one by the fist wind immediately. This is True Martial Realm 9th Stage strength, is more formidable than time Shen Xiang. The people see a Lu Shang this wild fist, thinks all Shen Xiang will be finished, when they think that Shen Xiang fought with the fists completely squashed is broken, Shen Xiang unexpectedly also stretched out the fist, is similar to makes like lightning, the might is also very strong, that follows the real Qi Aura wind that fist energy erupts to rip the stone of ground crushes. Isn't Shen Xiang True Martial Realm 2nd Stage? Now unexpectedly has True Martial Realm 9th Stage general strength!