World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 197
These expert that catches up with from Extreme Martial Sect arrives at this Extreme Martial Brilliant Sun Valley, sees here all, immediately heart startled, here stone material may after the special method reinforcement, very much be hard to destroy, but actually a piece in confusion, especially that [say / way] crosses the entire mountain valley now, pierces the great mountain trace, is makes the person shock. Shen Xiang, what happened?” The Gu Dongchen sinking sound asked that he saw Shen Xiang this appearance, knows that he has experienced great war, can Shen Xiang thus and such and such not many. I have killed Lu Shang and Lu Zhengnan!” Shen Xiang shoulders the great blade on shoulder, watched ground these fragments , to continue saying: You are stepping on is he!” Gu Dongchen stares, subconscious lowering the head looks. True Disciple that these just arrived at also lowers the head looked that truly can see the burned black rags, but what in the heart are more is surprised, can Shen Xiang kill Lu Shang? Cracks a joke, that is the True Martial Realm 9th Stage character! Kills Lu Zhengnan also almost! Shen Xiang and Lu Zhengnan bet persons head matter many people to know that massacres Lu Zhengnan truly not to have anything, but Lu Shang is not good to kill. „Is this you make?” The Wu Kaiming doubts said that looked at this destroyed mountain valley. Shen Xiang receives Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, stretched oneself, said: Is Lu Shang first to my fight, he starts very ruthless, wants my life, I am forced to hit back, moreover before him, repeatedly must kill me, now was killed by me was unable to blame me, you believe it or not!” Then, the Shen Xiang stride departs, Gu Dongchen they have not walked, other True Disciple and elders have not walked, they are looking at the trace of tread, had found that buried Lu Zhengnan corpse, then also called the disciple who many these watched the fight, was inquiring in detail. After half double-hour, under Gu Dongchen their these elder inquiries, they have clarified the long and short of the story of matter finally, but these True Disciple also shock, because that Lu Shang truly by Shen Xiang massacring.

Shen Xiang has killed True Martial Realm 9th Stage Lu Shang! This matter is vibrating entire Extreme Martial, entire Tianmen City was discussing this matter, in Tianmen City, but there are comes to capture and kill the Shen Xiang's squad much, they confirmed after this news, in abundance departed, including True Martial Realm 9th Stage had been killed by Shen Xiang, their these True Martial Realm, even just entered into the True Martial Realm person to court death? However some people have not walked, because they think that Shen Xiang kills Lu Shang to be accidental, because they heard that at that time suddenly has thundered, Shen Xiang is to rely on lightning kills Lu Shang, this as if could convince, otherwise relied on 20 over brat, was absolutely impossible to kill the True Martial Realm 9th Stage elder, many people strengthened this view, otherwise too attacked the person. Shen Xiang at that time was to rely on Long Xueyi's strength, displayed Thunderbolt Cut in Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut, drew on lightning, the strength of to rely on lightning, divided that blade! Has been missing a three months later Shen Xiang emergence, makes the so big matter, this has alarmed entire Chenwu Mainland, before many families and sect looked for Shen Xiang unable to find, now knew that Shen Xiang in Extreme Martial Sect, caught up to crusade against Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang discarded many True Martial Realm cultivation base in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, that was makes many families cut off a meat likely. Hands over quickly Shen Xiang! This heart such as the fellow of viper has certainly practiced any Demon and Devil evil art, becomes that formidable! He does not give a thought to morality and justice, discarded our Li Family True Martial Realm juniors in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, that was we use many painstaking care to cultivate.” A middle age loudly exclaimed. These families spend the large sum of money cultivation juniors, then sends in sect, making them formidable to call back the family in big sect again, expands the family, True Martial Realm martial artist for them is very important. Right, your Extreme Martial Sect said that anything is the Chenwu Mainland first big faction, but actually harbors this evil person, makes Shen Xiang come out quickly!” Shen Xiang undying, we do not leave!” Discards over a hundred True Martial Realm martial artist Evil Devil, we must it being cut to pieces!”

„......” Many people are gathering at the Extreme Martial Sect's entrance, scolded and shouted that they do not raise their True Martial Realm disciples to rob the Shen Xiang's matter, probably is Shen Xiang with no reason at must discard these True Martial Realm is the same. After Shen Xiang kills Lu Shang and Lu Zhengnan, has rested for several days in Extreme Dan King Courtyard, because is Lu Shang first to the hand that Shen Xiang moves, therefore Shen Xiang kills Lu Shang not to be punished, the most important point is, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming confirmed that the Lu Shang plan kills the Shen Xiang's matter! Although many respected families come to crusade against Shen Xiang, but the Extreme Martial Sect's disciple thought that Shen Xiang to a Extreme Martial Sect face, these years Extreme Martial Sect is very low-key, therefore causes by Beast Martial Sect and True Martial Sect this powerful sect provocation again and again, Shen Xiang discards their many True Martial Realm all of a sudden, this is makes the Extreme Martial Sect disciple exciting. Many people know that Shen Xiang was robbed gets rid, otherwise the Extreme Martial Sect's disciples will not discard, in this point, the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's many True Martial Realm disciples can confirm. In this point, what Liu Meng'er vigorously is Shen Xiang defends, therefore makes these Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's disciples come out to testify on the same day. „The Renyi morals of these fellow mouthfuls, said these discarded fellow are Sage are the same, his paternal grandmother egg, they must snatch me, I am disinclined fight! The real regret initially had not eliminated a potential informant these fellows!” Shen Xiang is angry, he can see the person who entrance these kick up a fuss from crystal ball. „Are you what kind of?” Elder Dan raises head to look that on Azure Profound Fruit Tree that is in full bloom the bright flowers: You best are honest stay here, let the rumor in the past!” Shen Xiang pats the thigh, said: „It is not good, I must exit now, you go to call Little Bald, you accompany me to exit, how having a look at your Martial Uncle I to play their.”

Shen Xiang restored the peak, but Long Xueyi was still actually resting, she has eaten that larger part Earth Core Divine Fruit under Netherworld Abyss advanced by leaps and bounds. What to do do you plan?” Elder Dan asked. Was quick you to know, I can solve, but I worried that these fellows were not concerned about face smelly, when the time comes attacked me! Therefore must let you and Little Bald presses the gathering place.” The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth curled upwards, have shown a cunning smiling face. Sees Shen Xiang this smiling face, Elder Dan to know that some people must have bad luck! Wu Kaiming came, he did not suggest that Shen Xiang goes facing the person who these cause trouble, but Shen Xiang insists on to go, he cannot certainly defy this Young Martial Uncle, to suppress these people, Wu Kaiming also called many Extreme Martial Sect's True Disciple, this may be the person above True Martial Realm, although was not fights, but supports the face always to want.