World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 198
The Extreme Martial Sect's front door opens, these bellowed the person who yelled to be peaceful immediately, after the front door opened, a prestige compelled, making these person cannot help but hastily retreat come. Among suddenly comes out that many people, moreover each one is very strong, this makes in these person of hearts cannot help but worry, if Extreme Martial Sect does not give a thought to any morality and justice, grasps to massacre them completely, their families do not have what means. Crusades against the Shen Xiang's person majority is some family inside high levels, the elder and Patriarch have, their strengths above True Martial Realm, but facing Extreme Martial Sect's numerous formidable True Disciple, in the heart lacked self-confidence now, simultaneously is exclaiming in surprise the Extreme Martial Sect's strength secretly. Shen Xiang has not thought that Wu Kaiming unexpectedly called good 20-30 True Disciple, many were above True Martial Realm 9th Stage, Peak Realm also several, frightened can scare to death these people. These crusade against the Shen Xiang's person, sees old wears Elder Dan and bird of white beard mask bald, the whole body trembles, immediately breaks into sweat, this is in Extreme Martial Sect existence of strength peak, but in their side also with Shen Xiang. No one has thought that Elder Dan and character of Wu Kaiming this rank for Shen Xiang over, this will make these people have scruples unexpectedly. They do not look for me, something face to face talk clearly well, I remember that I have not massacred these people, although these fellows were abandoned, but must come here not to be difficult! They are the litigants, making them come to confront with me, whose mistake look is!” Shen Xiang shoulders both hands, takes forward one step, is taking a fast look around these people, coldly said. Best not to speak at a venture, the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's person can confirm that your people must jointly rob the Shen Xiang's thing, Shen Xiang gets rid to discard them is also natural!” Wu Kaiming sneered, stared these person of one, making these person of atmosphere not dare to leave. Shen Xiang loud voice shook said: Said that you don't speak? Before wasn't scolds satisfying very much? Said that I am a devil, said that I do not give a thought to morality and justice, said that I am the evil person...... Your this is slandering me.” During the speeches, Shen Xiang's Slaughtering Heart fluctuates along with mood, murderous aura spews out immediately, frightens these person suddenly startled, fast retreat comes. Our Li Family abandoned that juniors said that you with no reason at to his fight, he has not robbed you, but stays on that island must inquire about treasure.” Middle-aged took a deep breath, loudly said: „The Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's person said is not the fact, I thought that was you bought over them.” Other people are also strong courage to come, shouts.

„If not you injures our juniors for no reason, we will not post a reward you with the large sum of money!” Is, your Extreme Martial Sect do not depend the person to be many, is persistently unreasonable!” Shen Xiang, you give us a view!” Shen Xiang frowned, said solemnly: You called your abandoned fellow, I will give you a satisfactory view.” Gave up any idea of that you did abandon them to be insufficient? Also can stimulate them?” A guy exclaimed. Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming they also look, because Shen Xiang had said that he solves, does not need them to meddle, how they also want to take a look at this Young Martial Uncle to solve. Shen Xiang suddenly has put out grain of Building Foundation Dan, said: This is grain of Building Foundation Dan, so long as anyone of you acknowledged that own person once must rob me, I give anyone this Building Foundation Dan.” These people were peaceful immediately, you look at me, I think your, although they have not seen Building Foundation Dan, but has actually seen some drawings in the book, knows that Shen Xiang won three grains from Lu Family there. But this Building Foundation Dan value several hundred thousand, to eating up of Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, even can let Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer entering into True Martial Realm, takes away the auction words, five six hundred thousand are not the issue. Although these families can leave several hundred thousand, but Building Foundation Dan is actually precious pills of valuable non- city, at this time they are facing very big enticement. Sees these people in silent, Shen Xiang put out grain of Building Foundation Dan, gloomy and cold has smiled: Two grains, if some people acknowledged the people of own family are rob my, I give him two grains of Building Foundation Dan, here has that many person proof on the scene, I do not go back on word!” Elder Dan looks secretly clenches teeth, hastily said to Shen Xiang sound transmission: You might as well give me these two grains of Building Foundation Dan, I help you solve!”

Shen Xiang responded: I am not the person of that suffering a loss, little girl you looked how this Martial Uncle solves!” Middle-aged guy suddenly shouted: I acknowledged that that disciple of our family truly was fabricates the fact, the deception I, after I pondered a moment ago, thought that in his words had many flaws, the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's disciple fly right, they said should be good, truly was our family disciples robs your treasure in first.” This person of words make in many person hearts cursed get up, stated categorically a moment ago is Shen Xiang kills their people for no reason, but now for two grains of Building Foundation Dan, actually inside changed a face, they have not thought that this person of facial skin unexpectedly is so thick. Shen Xiang smiled: Said that you didn't investigate me?” That person nodded: Did not investigate!” The people discarded, investigated again cannot be good, but now he said casually how many words can obtain two grains of Building Foundation Dan, why not? „Do you name? I must remember am any family anything person had said does not investigate my!” Shen Xiang asked. I am True Martial state Li Family Li Chang, is a Li Family elder, I can make Li Family not pester in this time.” That middle age replied immediately, the eye was staring at two grains of Building Foundation Dan in Shen Xiang hand. Before scolded ominously is this Li Family person, but now the person of first turning hostile is also he, Shen Xiang already knows that these people are demand the compensation, because he had the precious thing, very early in the morning stared by these people. Shen Xiang for own pale, solves with the wealth is also very normal matter. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Good, this Building Foundation Dan gives you, but you must continue to stay here.”

How two grains of Building Foundation Dan handed over, has handed over in Li Chang's hand, this made Li Chang's both hands shiver slightly, he so was exactly long, first time bumped into this Building Foundation Dan, was one two grains! Extreme Martial Sect's these people are also very surprised, they have not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly solves with this method, this disappoints them quite, secretly is simultaneously grieved, two grains of Building Foundation Dan on such convenient this villain. Shen Xiang, his Li Family is Li Family, our Luo Family does not recognize.” A middle age shouted, he covets immediately incomparably, he has not thought that Li Chang unexpectedly makes noise is so quick . Moreover the facial skin is so thick, obtained two grains of Building Foundation Dan. These people yell in abundance. Shen Xiang lightly smiled, pulls out four grains of Building Foundation Dan, these four grains of Building Foundation Dan appearances, the following person chaotically acknowledged the disciples of own family have the mistake in first, has robbed Shen Xiang. Person who comes will have good 50-60 people, Shen Xiang naturally not to give them Building Foundation Dan, will only see Shen Xiang to say with a smile: Thanks everybody to return me to be pale.” Then, he receives Building Foundation Dan. These people were scared, at this time they think before Shen Xiang, has not expressed must four grains of Building Foundation Dan to them, because they worried was snatched impatiently by other people in front, the hastily acknowledgment is own mistake. Shen Xiang grins to say with a smile: Relax, I will not make everybody such empty-handed go back, I post a reward that person who with four grains of Building Foundation Dan now called Li Chang, so long as fell the homicide, I gave him four grains of Building Foundation Dan!”