World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 199
Four grains of Building Foundation Dan, are the value 2,000,000-3,000,000, brings to post a reward True Martial Realm, was big talent, even if were these big sect posts a reward Shen Xiang to be also mediocre. Li Chang hears these words, Hou Ran the discoloration, is vigilant immediately that in the heart is criticizing Shen Xiang, other people stubbornly are staring at Li Chang, is considering if wanted fight! Shen Xiang's posts a reward the volume to have ten millions crystal stones, but actually does not dare to his fight, that to be now because of Shen Xiang in the Extreme Martial Sect entrance, if Shen Xiang outside, these people already closed. Li Chang is my!” Looks at old man coldly said, puts out a long blade, long blade above overflows the intermittent cold air, many people cannot help but disperse. Wang Lu, are you come really?” Li Chang is startled slightly, shouted, simultaneously slowly retreat. In the Shen Xiang heart is laughing in one's heart, he knows these people from the same place, moreover is the respected families, so long as is the respected family, among them somewhat some contradictory, even some wish one could to find the opportunity to kill the opposite party. Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming they were acclaiming the Shen Xiang's means that but Shen Xiang accompanied six grains of Building Foundation Dan now, this was the gain does not equal the loss. Naturally is comes to be really right, your Li Family had a grudge with our Wang Jia, kills you to be also what kind of!” Wang Luli said with a smile, the personal appearance dodged, arrived at that Li Chang body side at a very strange step, wielded in the hand that side cold air intermittent long blade, slashed under. In an instant, cold wind toward blows in all directions, making the person cannot help but hit to tremble, Shen Xiang sees this Wang Lu is True Martial Realm 3rd Stage, but that Li Chang True Martial 2nd Stage, the strength is disparate! Li Chang whole face is no wonder terrified. Several suddenly, Li Chang was divided three blades, but has not bled, because his wound frozen, luckily before Extreme Martial Sect's entrance, has a very big place, can make him show the skill. Under normal circumstances, 2nd Stage faces 3rd Stage, strength differs very in a big way, 3rd Stage can press 2nd Stage is unable to hit back, at this time Li Chang can only move aside, ran away continually does not run away.

Naturally, if Shen Xiang this anomaly facing ordinary True Martial Realm 3rd Stage, then the position must trade, if Shen Xiang uses Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor again, that almost can the second kill ordinary True Martial Realm 3rd Stage. Wang Lu, my Li Chang dies does not let off you!” Li Chang hatred exclaimed, did not attend to that the long blade that flew to chop, condense strength, fought with the fists, at the same time that the long blade punctured, his powerful fist bang hit above the dantian of king road, blew out an air wave, shook the ground to tremble, but Li Chang's chest was also penetrated by the long blade. Wang Lu has not thought that Li Chang exhausts strength before unexpectedly at the point of death, has hit his fist maliciously, his retreat several steps, the corners of the mouth overflowed the blood, after Li Chang are brought the blade of cold air was piercing the body, all in within the body by the cold air are frozen, died. Wang Lu pulls out the blade, has discovered two grains of Building Foundation Dan from Li Chang there, then covers the abdomen, gloomy and cold smiles, although he received the heavy wound, but actually gained in a big way, if added on Shen Xiang again to his four grains of Building Foundation Dan, he had six grains, he thought that massacred Li Chang very value! Sees this fearful and apprehensive one, although in other person of hearts sighed True Martial Realm martial artist die, what were more was the envy. Because Wang Lu obtained six grains of Building Foundation Dan, with the good words, at least can train three True Martial Realm disciples, they only hate their strength to be inferior to Wang Lu, otherwise already got rid. Punitive expedition Shen Xiang that also shared a common hatred a moment ago, but had the internal strife for Building Foundation Dan now, savage killed the opposite party, obviously in the person eyes of these families, the benefit was most important! Wang Lu arrives around Shen Xiang, said: I have killed Li Chang, posts a reward?” Shen Xiang has put out four grains of Building Foundation Dan, has hesitated, said: Before giving you, I must ask your question! You must reply me honestly, otherwise I do not give you!” Wang Lu frowned, full is on the face of wrinkle has the faint trace to be angry, his coldly said: You asked!” You already know that these True Martial Realm do rob my thing to be discarded by me?” Shen Xiang is watching intently Wang Lu.

„It is not!” Wang Lu thinks that replied. Shen Xiang sneers: Then you also did investigate matter that now I discard your prince disciples?” Did not investigate that you do not give to me Building Foundation Dan, do you want to work as in front of that many people to renege on a promise inadequately?” In Wang Luxin annoyed. Do not be anxious, I will give you, I want to return to be pure! I asked you again, you were called with Li Chang before fiercely, why doesn't investigate now? Then, were you to slander me before?” Shen Xiang asked. Right, before truly was we slanders you, but afterward......” Sufficed!” The Shen Xiang sound sinks, filling the heavens murderous aura gushes out from his body immediately, the people only see the azure ray to flash through together, along with, even if the blood column wind shoots together, Wang Lu the head falls in the place is rolling. On the azure great blade is dropping the blood, Wang Lu the body and head lies down in the pool of blood, Shen Xiang unexpectedly has killed Wang Lu, this no one has thought that Wang Lu cannot think, therefore was cut to fall the head by the Shen Xiang's sharp knife. Shen Xiang coldly smiled, stares at these to crusade against his person: This slanders my fate, you heard, he is acknowledged that slandered me!” These person of hearts jump, cannot help but fears. Shen Xiang has brought back two grains of Building Foundation Dan from Wang Lu there, sees his such one, all people cannot help but admire this method, just started seems like he lost Building Foundation Dan, but he not only has not lost now, but also makes these people acknowledge Shen Xiang personally not wrong, but also made Wang Lu massacre Li Chang, finally he justifiablily Wang Lu butchering.

I put out four grains of Building Foundation Dan a moment ago time, you had said disciples in the clan do have the mistake in first, you have not walked now? Do you want to stay here to be buried along with the dead inadequately to them? I did not mind that kills several!” Shen Xiang unemotionally looks at these people. Matter has been solved, you acknowledged in a moment ago the clan the disciple has the mistake in first, had said no longer investigated Shen Xiang, we heard clearly.” The Wu Kaiming clear and resonant voice said. You, if acts shamelessly, do not blame me not being impolite, do not harass my Extreme Martial Sect's person again!” Elder Dan that gloomy and cold sound fills murderous aura. In these person of hearts complained of hardship secretly, but they thought that they compared to Li Chang and king road are better, at least not dead, they think that before Shen Xiang was a young frivolous fellow, but has not thought that shrewd was so deep, casual several attractively have solved the matter, but also kept them from refuting. Returns to Extreme Dan King Courtyard, Shen Xiang to lie down on couch looks on Azure Profound Fruit Tree these glittering the azure ray flowers, is waiting for the fruit tree result. Elder Dan also frequently, this is 40 Azure Profound Fruit, is very rare spirit fruit, but actually must grow now quickly compared with the ordinary fruit.