World Defying Dan God - Volume 2 - Chapter 200
I said that your this woman, does run the residence of man to do all day? Also binds solid.” Shen Xiang saw Elder Dan to come, teased. This is Extreme Dan King Courtyard, is my domain, where I want to go to go to where!” Elder Dan coldly snorted and said, looks up these azure mysterious flower, she has been waiting for the result time. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Do not look, is not your, as the master of this tree, I do not worry, you are anxious!” I come to see the flower isn't good?” Elder Dan said. „Do you like this flower? Martial Uncle I pick one to you.” Shen Xiang was saying, must jump, Elder Dan hastily has actually prevented him. No, this is Azure Profound Fruit!” Shen Xiang could see that this Elder Dan really needs Building Foundation Dan, then asked: „Do you want that many Building Foundation Dan to do?” Useful!” Elder Dan whispered, she came to see to walk. Looks at that beautiful azure flowers on tree, Shen Xiang jumps to take off one, walks toward the Elder Dan's room. Elder Dan opens the door, then has been startled, although then tenderly scolded: Your idiot, did you pick really?” Shen Xiang said with a smile silly: You come to see these flowers frequently, don't you like very much? I give you one!” The flower in his hand is truly attractive, although was picked, but actually glittering azure ray, but also is fluttering light fragrance. You...... Snort, you are really an idiot!” Elder Dan very life Qi/angry, but why actually does not know, in heart sweet. Do not consider as finished, I give Qianqian.” Shen Xiang curls the lip, must leave, Elder Dan is drawing him. Who said that I do not want!” Elder Dan received this flower, is stroking gently, then smelled smelling, although she is loving dearly secretly, but actually also very delightedly, deliciously, after all first time some people give the flower to her, moreover is such precious flower.

Takes off the mask!” Shen Xiang said that he wants to have a look at this Elder Dan long anything appearance very much. Elder Dan tenderly snorted, then closed the door. Good intention does not have to report!” Shen Xiang trampled foot that sliding door, then left. Su Meiyao somewhat is jealous said: Good younger brother, the elder sister my good and bad also to have kissed your cheek, does not see you to give the flower to me!” Bai Youyou also coldly snorted and said: That wears the woman of mask not to look to you face that you give to her!” Long Xueyi whispered low voice: Is, the bias, I have helped you many busily, you do not deliver one to me.” The jealousy of woman is very strong, Shen Xiang finally asks for advice now, even if links Bai Youyou this cold beauty to be also same. Hehe, I have bought the pretty clothes and attractive jewelry for you, if you must spend, I go to pick to you now!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Naturally, Su Meiyao they casually said that seeing Shen Xiang saying that prevented him hastily, that was Azure Profound Fruit, picked on quite Yu Fei, but Shen Xiang has picked other beautiful flowers to them, he knows that the woman surface said does not want, but actually wants at heart. He must buy the clothes each time to them the time, they said enough, had too, but they took actually could not like. Shen Xiang arrives at the notice board on plaza, looks rule that some come out newly. Extreme Martial Sect's three thousand Martial Courtyard are reorganizing, changes to 50 huge Martial Courtyard, when the time comes no one can go out, can only live in Martial Courtyard, the Extreme Pill Courtyard disciple and other has the peculiar circumstance exception, this is to strengthen the disciple exchanges. In Martial Courtyard altogether 15, these 15 Martial Courtyard overall strengths it can be said that are almost the same, is uncomfortable in No. 15 Martial Courtyard disciple some.

In order to strengthen the competitive power, Extreme Martial Sect has released many things, can stimulate the disciple to try hard to practice, for example Martial Courtyard, although did not have to place successively, but actually divided gold medal Martial Courtyard, silver medal Martial Courtyard and bronze medal Martial Courtyard, the gold medal was best, showed that this Martial Courtyard inside disciples were very diligent, the duty that completed are many, are successfully many at martial arts contest, wait / etc., silver medal Martial Courtyard and bronze medal Martial Courtyard slightly were worse. His paternal grandmother egg, to attain gold medal Martial Courtyard, Martial Courtyard inside disciple must complete 1000 ten levels of tasks, wants into the gold medal disciple, must complete 100 ten levels of tasks! This anything with anything!” Yun Xiaodao looks at new content on the call-board. The duty has as first-level as ten levels, ten levels are most difficult. Completes 10,000 first-level tasks also to become the gold medal disciple, some where that many duties do need to do?” Zhu Rong sees these digital big, he most feared that made any duty, in his opinion was the matter of doing a thankless job. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Extreme Martial Sect lacks crystal stones probably very much, appearance entire Chenwu Mainland, gathers something to make the hanger-on disciple do.” Do not count on that I make that many, I only completed every year time that that's alright.” Zhu Rong is a dead beat, making him do several thousand several hundred times, wanted his life simply. Gold medal disciple every year 500 grains of True Elemental Dan, a reward of million crystal stones! The gold medal Martial Courtyard disciple, completes duty quite many these people, can obtain very rich welfare!” Yun Xiaodao sees these, cannot help but exclaims in surprise. His mother, the father must make the gold medal disciple to come to be imposing!” After Zhu Rong sees, the eye almost stares, the welfare of gold medal disciple is much better. Xu Weilong referred to a place saying: „Below five levels duties are most can only their one group, six levels to nine levels of most 50 people, ten levels of duties can hundred people of one group, according to our current strengths, only be able at most five levels! If two people go, is very cost-effective!” 100 complete ten levels of tasks personally, was everyone has completed one time, this was very good. They look immediately to Shen Xiang, with the Shen Xiang together words, that is actually very relaxed. Do not visit me, you and I will rely together only on me, does not have the advantage to you!” Shen Xiang ridicules saying: I and Wu Qianqian, do not count on with me together!” Heavy color light friend!” Xu Weilong they scolded with one voice.

Shen Xiang now to these pills anything does not care, therefore he went not to matter, handles a time duty he to refine many furnace pills, waited to get so far as a title of gold medal disciple, has not known that must arrive at anything lord knows. You look here, here also has the martial arts contest to place, wins streak ten to obtain the bronze medal warrior title, wins streak 30 is silver medal warrior, 50 are gold medal warrior, gold medal warrior can obtain Dean to teach the Divine Martial Skill opportunity personally.” Yun Xiaodao shouted. Wins one after another 50 not to be easy! Moreover ballot arrangement fight, if to Shen Xiang this anomaly, that to be finished?” Zhu Rong shakes the head, although the welfare of gold medal warrior is also good, but does not have the gold medal disciple to be good. Xu Weilong called out: Here, King Martial Courtyard, the place of special info clerk outstanding disciple, simultaneously has the bronze medal disciple and silver medal warrior given name can enter! This King Martial Courtyard Dean is Dean!” Is very interesting!” Shen Xiang feels the chin, this makes his suddenly be ready to make trouble, he acclaimed the rule that Extreme Martial Sect these was new secretly, was truly difficult to stimulate the fighting spirit of person. squinted dragon, you and my one group!” Zhu Rong is building the shoulder of Xu Weilong: My Old Zhu luck is you are obvious to all.” Yun Xiaodao ** said: I have troubled, I must certainly with my young woman in one group!” Shen Xiang smiled: Was right, you marry that for a long time, we have not seen your woman!” Best not to see.” Yun Xiaodao sighed. Martial Courtyard transformed, Shen Xiang and Yun Xiaodao they walk into new Martial Courtyard, arrives at the arrangement to their residence, the place is small, is in a small dwelling is occupied by several people, but other place majority are the construction compares the place that the martial stage institute and exercises martial arts. Those who make Shen Xiang big is, unexpectedly in this has two very pretty women, Zhu Rourou, this is the Zhu Rong younger sister, one is Yun Suyi, the Yun Xiaodao elder sister!