World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1900
Infernal Demon Emperor this crowd of Heavenly God arrive, that imposing manner is similar to the rough sea waves generally pushes, Shen Xiang is similar to stands under thousand thousand feet (333 m) high rough sea waves at this time! Hell domain!” Infernal Demon Emperor turns into the shadow to dodge, Shen Xiang and Ice Dragon were covered in a pale black transparent domain. In the Shen Xiang heart in great surprise, this Infernal Demon Emperor strength compared with before many times, no wonder he has been able to consume with Demon Execution Temple that for a long time! Before, Demon Execution Heavenly God has to suppress Evil Devil strength divine art, therefore Infernal Demon Emperor at is not the Demon Execution Heavenly God match, but now can actually hit equally matched with Demon Execution Heavenly God! Shen Xiang, suffers to death!” That hundred fight Dan God to shout angrily is flying to come, flew before Infernal Demon Emperor. Infernal Demon Emperor drinks coldly: Comes back.” However hundred fight Dan God not to pay attention to him, but continues to fly to clash, sees only Infernal Demon Emperor to extend, a shadow lightens from his arm, hits, in that hundred fight on Dan God, stucks hundred to fight the body of Dan God, has towed him. You have not been able to kill him!” Infernal Demon Emperor evil ghost is steaming, hundred of then by him being curled fight in the Dan God heart, although is angry, but actually does not dare to talk too much again, because the Infernal Demon Emperor strength lived in his deep frightening. Hands over Divine Mirror of Six Paths!” Infernal Demon Emperor dodges arrives in front of Shen Xiang, has not gotten rid to hit Shen Xiang. Ice Dragon and Goddess Palace Master ended fight, Ice Dragon has stood in Shen Xiang behind, Goddess Palace Master stands in Infernal Demon Emperor behind, is looking angrily at Shen Xiang, these Goddess that because Shen Xiang brings her hiding, therefore she cannot make Shen Xiang die. The Infernal Demon Emperor Hell domain is overbearing, lets God of Wealth and other formidable Heavenly God restless feelings, because they place at this time in others' domain, but is unable to break through.

Infernal Demon Emperor eyes braves black Qi, is bringing the spiritual pressure to Shen Xiang. Divine Mirror of Six Paths on Shen Xiang! Now other Heavenly God also understand why Infernal Demon Emperor cannot make Shen Xiang die, this Divine Mirror of Six Paths is important, Heavenly God on the scene knows! Does not give, dies does not give.” Shen Xiang actually very calm reply. Infernal Demon Emperor very angry, fights with the fists now to the Shen Xiang's nose, but hit the past time, actually felt that soft, a moment ago that instantaneous, Shen Xiang used Seven Demon Killings type inside hard and soft changes, changed soft by own head, therefore he simply had not been injured, but Infernal Demon Emperor also used physical strength. Seven Demon Killings type!” Infernal Demon Emperor sees the Seven Demon Killings type angrily incomparable, because he defeats above this Seven Demon Killings type repeatedly. Infernal Demon Emperor takes back the fist, the fist dodges black light, strikes once more to the Shen Xiang's nose, this Shen Xiang's is to turn into one group of fog, the fist overran directly, but the Shen Xiang's body also instantaneously turns into Qi mist, after fluttering to , combines once more. This is Cloud Mist Heaven Imitation in Heaven Body, can the body turn into the fog to avoid attacking! Shen Xiang stands there motionlessly hits to Infernal Demon Emperor, Infernal Demon Emperor has hit two fists of heavily continuously, but a Shen Xiang matter does not have, this was really too weird. You died to being imminent, do not make senseless struggling, if you handed over Divine Mirror of Six Paths! Takes orders in me, hands over Deicide Sword Art and Heaven Refining Technique, I guaranteed after you, can live well.” Infernal Demon Emperor took a deep breath, said. Shen Xiang truly is an extraordinary character, the words that could not kill, should better subdue!

Shen Xiang said: Dies not to you, this thing cannot fall into your hand!” Divine Mirror of Six Paths is important, Shen Xiang clear Infernal Demon Emperor will not kill his! „Till I project on you to give.” A Infernal Demon Emperor violent anger roar, his enduring patiently is limited, a pair of fist turned into the blood red, the blue vein that above that blood-colored is similar to is fierce, is sending out the purple-red light, after the intermittent evil ghost gushes out, making in this Hell domain be full of a frightening Evil Devil pressure. In the hand of Ice Dragon presents Ice Sword, will get rid, God of Wealth hastily of distant place flies: You are honest, when mount!” A Ice Dragon anger, gets up with the God of Wealth fierce struggle. Snort!” Infernal Demon Emperor shines to come, that pair is full of the red ghost the fist to raise blood-colored fist image, is similar to a strong winds volume to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang is self-poise, revolution Heaven Body divine art Intense Sun Heaven Imitiation, becomes by own body is scalding hot and stiff, making these probably invade his body evil strength scalding hot under to purify at the fierce positive glare. This move really has the effect, Infernal Demon Emperor attack unexpectedly has not injured to Shen Xiang! Shen Xiang does not plan to counterattack, so long as can not be seriously injured that's alright, although the present circumstance is grim, but he must delay the time as far as possible, making him build up that grain of stars Divine Pill, when the time comes he and Long Xueyi can restore certain strength, fuses once more, the strength will increase. You did not fear that I do call Nine Heavenly Devil Palace?” After Shen Xiang shoulders this has struck, says with a smile coldly.

Snort, Primal Chaos Fire Token is Nine Spirit Kings makes, needs to fuse supreme god bone that they build up, can use Primal Chaos Fire Token to summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace! Feng Yujie has Nine Spirit Kings supreme god bone only, but you fused several Primal Chaos Fire Token, therefore Primal Chaos Fire Token expired, that should be the Feng Yujie use! Nine Heavenly Devil Palace will again never appear!” Infernal Demon Emperor said very self-confidently. Shen Xiang understands now, why before this crowd of Heavenly God, fears fast, now actually pursues, actually is they meet Infernal Demon Emperor on the way, after hearing Infernal Demon Emperor these words, has given up their scruples to the Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, turns back once more. I give a try now, what you said is really false! If, has you to accompany me to enter that damned place, I will die will also smile.” Shen Xiang puts out all Primal Chaos Fire Token immediately. Infernal Demon Emperor has not prevented, Ha Ha laughs wildly: „The Primal Chaos Fire Token matter is Supreme Devil God tells me, in the past made Primal Chaos Fire Token time some of his also shares made the suggestion, I must have a look at you to be able but actually to summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace to come really!” God of Wealth they highly believe the Infernal Demon Emperor words, because they know that behind Infernal Demon Emperor has Highest God, but this Highest God initially and Nine Spirit Kings understanding. Shen Xiang has given Ice Dragon sound transmission in secret, lets that he is ready to leave, because he believes that he can summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace! Has Nine Spirit Kings supreme god bone to summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace this matter, he also just knows that but Infernal Demon Emperor does not know that he will have supreme god bone! Ice Dragon does not plan to leave, he also planned that Nine Heavenly Devil Palace has a look, because Shen Xiang helped him be many, he must accompany Shen Xiang to arrive finally! Shen Xiang compels several drops of blood, infiltrates in that other Primal Chaos Fire Token, immediately the silver is bright, covers this dim Hell domain! Protecting of Primal Chaos Fire Token Lord divine light to be fierce, but these Heavenly God already completed to resist, they know that Shen Xiang initially protected to advocate divine light with this to kill successfully him is more formidable than time of enemy.