World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1901

Protects to advocate divine light to vanish, the Shen Xiang successful integration seven Primal Chaos Fire Token, at this time in this Hell domain became very peaceful, although most people believe Infernal Demon Emperor, but actually unavoidably the heartbeat speeds up at this time. The after deathly stillness of moment, Infernal Demon Emperor sends out intermittent fierce laughing wildly, Ha Ha...... But Shen Xiang dull standing there, in fusing seven Primal Chaos Fire Token instances, the massive things emerges in his mind, first what enters his mind is a map, is a giant palace map, above has some routes! Then is massive spirit pattern. Appeared!” Shen Xiang suddenly exploded drinks, has broken the Infernal Demon Emperor laughing wildly sound. Other Infernal Demon Emperor and Heavenly God immediately one startled, sees only Infernal Demon Emperor this very firm Hell domain suddenly to fall broken, but the sky of distant place covers entirely the dark cloud, a very giant palace from that dark clouds gradually falls. The palace is paint black, the palace front door has nine black, but giant double headed Black Dragon makes threatening gestures, these nine Twin-Headed Dragon napes of the neck wrap a golden chain link, the chain link are linking the palace paint black outer wall, these nine fearful double headed Black Dragon unexpectedly were shrunk outside the palace. The palace seems very grand, descends with an intermittent blood-colored lightning, nine Twin-Headed Dragon whoosh crazily, the bang acoustic shock results in the world to shake. Nine Heavenly Devil Palace in Legend appeared, all people have tarried, gazes at this Devil Palace to fall gradually, they want to move, but does not know why actually lost activity strength, they even continually shouted that cannot shout. This fearful black Devil Palace, is bringing fearful and strange strength appears, the Devil Palace violent wind filled with dust is intermittent, wells up from Devil Palace, looks in the distant place that has the innumerable transparent black bands of light to link Devil Palace repeatedly. Twin-Headed Devil Dragon roaring hiss, is struggling, is dancing randomly, receives any fearful strength to suffer repeatedly is in deep sorrow. Nine Heavenly Devil Palace falls to the ground, the earth in a flash, that formidable dragon mark front door opens suddenly slowly, makes the sound, hears to make in the person heart bristle. The world becomes dim, when the Nine Heavenly Devil Palace front door opens, blood-colored red light that inside dodges is similar to the crazy demon chaotic dance is ordinary, wants to struggle to run, but actually inescapable, was stranded in the gate. The front door opened completely, is similar to fontanel is generally huge, even if drags a great mountain to walk, will not think small and narrow.

Whistling hū! Cold wind blows from the front door, with a huge portion decayed and ancient aura, blows the oversized place the time, all of ground turn into the black immediately, afterward putrefies the black thin mud, what is fearful, under these black mud unexpectedly has the thing that can move massively, black bone fingernails broadminded extend from that black soil. Front door to the front, is this black bone claw, but also sends out calls out the sound intermittently. The bone claw appears shortly, direction suddenly to front door shrinks many bone fingernails, reveals a road main road. At this time, black skeletons crawl from the black muddy land, has the thousands ten thousand such skeletons, they are arranging neatly, only keeps a road to front door! Shen Xiang swallows the saliva, this scene is really too fearful, shocked! God of Wealth, War-God and Fire God they wish one could to shout'mother-fucker', but could not speak, Infernal Demon Emperor has deceived them, kept on proclaiming Shen Xiang cannot summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, but now Nine Heavenly Devil Palace before them! Infernal Demon Emperor also wants to shout'mother-fucker', because initially Supreme Devil God kept on proclaiming to him said that Primal Chaos Fire Token secret, but now Shen Xiang summons, although does not know that can die in inside, what he can determine, at this time they result. A Nine Heavenly Devil Palace appearance, all people cannot move, wait for that black skeleton army to appear, neat lining up , the foot of people cannot help but moves, walks in that road to front door. At this time the people thought one can move, why they do not explain will move toward the front door on own initiative. Shen Xiang walks in the forefront, looks at both sides that innumerable black skeleton, in his heart thinks to be scared, in Legend fearful Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, he finally saw, moreover immediately must enter inside. Infernal Demon Emperor, what's all this about, you did not say that Shen Xiang is unable to summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace to come?” The God of Wealth anger exclaimed, because this built his life.

Snort, you is a puppet, died died, you feared anything.” One that Infernal Demon Emperor disdains, in his heart is also unreadable. Bastard!” God of Wealth scolded, although he was the puppet, but also had oneself idea. Do not quarrel!” Hundred fight Dan God that is a anger, if beforehand Infernal Demon Emperor makes him kill Shen Xiang, will not have that many matters, he not only cannot kill Shen Xiang now, but also built oneself. Ice Dragon walks in behind, he wants to step out to catch up, but actually cannot achieve wishes, because this was controlled. I want to make Ice Dragon exit!” In the Shen Xiang heart has this intense thought that because he thought that he can have the relation with this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace. In his heart has this thought that Ice Dragon suddenly flew. What's the matter?” Ice Dragon was startled to shout, Infernal Demon Emperor they were also surprised, why Ice Dragon can fly. Shen Xiang said to Ice Dragon: Ice Dragon Senior, you leave Highest God forbidden land, told Demon Execution Heavenly God them do not approach here!” Ice Dragon suddenly understands that is Shen Xiang makes him leave, suddenly, Ice Dragon sent off by strength, vanish from sight. Shen Xiang unexpectedly can control this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, Infernal Demon Emperor they are angry! Shen Xiang said with a sneer: „My thought can make them leave, but why do I want such to do? The truth told you, I entered this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace ten to have ** will die, you were also same. Therefore, I must make you be buried along with the dead!” You......” Infernal Demon Emperor is roaring, wants fighting with the fists dead Shen Xiang, but strength in within the body is actually not able to revolve.

Then, their stepping into Nine Heavenly Devil Palace step by step, but the Nine Heavenly Devil Palace front door does not have to be related, that group of black skeleton armies turn into black smokes, emerges in Nine Heavenly Devil Palace. Nine Twin-Headed Devil Dragon before front door at this time also become very peaceful, crawls in the ground, is sleeping likely! Here becomes quiet, does not have including wind, the airborne dark clouds also diverged, the sunlight is also shining Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, but made one think that sinister was strange. ...... Ice Dragon has been far away from Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, he in float in the air, can see on distant place that stretch of open land to have a sunspot, that is Nine Heavenly Devil Palace! Do not pass!” Ice Dragon arrives to enter the Highest God forbidden land entrance, seeing one group of people to ride flying disc to catch up hurriedly, hastily shouted that the diving posture stopped them in the past. Demon Execution Heavenly God recognizes certainly Ice Dragon, thinks somewhat strangely, because beforehand Ice Dragon is God of Wealth together, but the aura that Ice Dragon releases at this time is also very strong, making Demon Execution Heavenly God be vigilant secretly. Why?” Demon Execution Heavenly God asked Nine Heavenly Devil Palace! Shen Xiang summoned Nine Heavenly Devil Palace!” Ice Dragon seriously said.