World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1902
Demon Execution Heavenly God their this group of people silent after period of time, stands cries out strangely in nearby Huang Jintian: This young bastard, I thousand bite Wan Zhu to cross him, do not do this foolish matter, he did.” He also asked back: Ice Dragon, did you run? Has seen the Nine Heavenly Devil Palace fellow, must go in mostly! Well, did you break away from the control of God of Wealth?” Ice Dragon nodded: I awakened the past memory, the strength restored 30%, got rid of enslaving of God of Wealth! You can see Nine Heavenly Devil Palace in the upper air now, so long as does not approach, will not be made! I can come out, is Shen Xiang delivers me.” Wang Jinshi sighed lightly: We, if can, Shen Xiang not take such dead end quickly.” Side Wang Jinshi stands to have the handsome middle age of beard dregs, he puts on tattered, but the whole body is actually passing intermittent proud sword intent. Good, I have already wanted to go to this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace to have a look, we walk!” This middle age laughs, goes on the strategic place, actually held on by Wang Jinshi. Father, you just came out from Divine Prison, wants to be stranded?” Wang Jinshi said ill-humoredly. This middle-aged Wang Jinshi Sword God father! Zu Chao said: We should look for Heaven Punishment God to discuss that if wanted goes to have a look!” Before, Zu Chao Zu Ming this brothers husband and wife four were missing, but came back now, them increased very strong strength to Demon Execution Temple, in addition Sword God that ran from Divine Prison, their overall strength was fearful, did not fear Infernal Demon Emperor they. In what's the matter?” Feng Yujie appears suddenly, she and Lu Qilian come together. Shen Xiang summoned Nine Heavenly Devil Palace.” Demon Execution Heavenly God knows Feng Yujie, knows that Feng Yujie and Shen Xiang relationship is good, initially Feng Yujie was chased down by Dan God, once evaded in Demon Execution Temple.

Feng Yujie is sighing deeply: Really so, no wonder I will have this feeling!” The Lu Qilian complexion changed, she and Shen Xiang's relationship is not ordinary, she deeply loves Shen Xiang's, the Nine Heavenly Devil Palace matter she has certainly been hearing, now Shen Xiang definitely entered Nine Heavenly Devil Palace. I must go in!” Always calm Lu Qilian, this moment unexpectedly also makes the decision of this non- brain. „It is not good!” Feng Yujie holds her immediately stubbornly: Does not need to be worried, since Shen Xiang can summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, he definitely also will obtain some direction!” Ice Dragon said: Before Shen Xiang planned to summon, at that time feared that God of Wealth they ran away in fear. Afterward Infernal Demon Emperor arrived, tells them saying that Shen Xiang did not have supreme god bone that Nine Spirit Kings refined, is unable to summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace! At that time I and Shen Xiang faced them, was overwhelmed by sheer numbers, Shen Xiang can only put out Primal Chaos Fire Token to come once more, then he succeeded!” Feng Yujie said: Because on him has supreme god bone! Initially Nine Spirit Kings refined two supreme god bone, has given me, other plan to young nine girls, because finally the young nine girls had the problem, sealed in them refines the supreme god bone place, was world of Nine Heaven earth core! Shen Xiang found supreme god bone there.” so that's how it is!” Ice Dragon nodded: It seems like this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace is predestined friends with him, like is needs him to handle any matter in inside! We know little regarding Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, does not know that after summoning the Nine Heavenly Devil Palace person goes, will be what kind, hoping us not to imagine terrible that.” Demon Execution Heavenly God said: Hopes so, we go back to prepare to deal with Divine Prison that group of evil people well! If we go in Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, who deals with this group of fellows?” Sword God is shouting: I must go to Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, be not blocking me!” Cannot go! Father you, if went, what to do I am bullied in the personal enemy who in Divine Prison has by you?” Wang Jinshi hastily is entraining him. After Sword God hears, nodded: Right, I cannot go! Demon Execution this fellow is too weak, he could not protect you!”

Demon Execution Heavenly God low snort|hum said: You go to Nine Heavenly Devil Palace!” Lu Qilian worried very looked enters the Highest God forbidden land entrance toward that but sighed sighing, then leaves with Feng Yujie. I learned from Shen Xiang there, Azure Dragon also in Divine Prison, now Divine Prison situation how?” Ice Dragon asked that initially Azure Dragon was infiltrated Divine Prison for him, in his heart had the shame. Azure Dragon, he is very good, is very fierce! He should be the same with me, is the first batch runs. The Divine Prison gap was getting bigger and bigger, the fellow who later runs will be more, has to link me not to hit.” Sword God said. Ice Dragon nodded, he plans audiences Temple, because there uses the entrance to Divine Prison. „Did Demon Execution, what inside have? My assigning Pan told me, I cannot approach inside, once approached, I will have difficult.” White robe old man suddenly appears, this white robe old man Shen Xiang enters that in Supreme Temple meets. Demon Execution Heavenly God sees this white robe old man, in the look to reveal the color of awe, laughing Sword God, frowned at this time, because this white robe old man gives him a very uncomfortable feeling, because he thought that he cannot hit white robe old man, therefore this feeling makes him very uncomfortable. Although white robe old man does not have any aura, but Demon Execution Heavenly God all of them the atmosphere do not dare to leave at this time. Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, Shen Xiang summoned!” Demon Execution Heavenly God said. After white robe old man hears, long sighed, then vanish from sight! Master, who is he?” Wang Jinshi asked in a low voice.

„A Supreme Temple elder, very strong Highest God.” Demon Execution Heavenly God said: We walk, hurries to tell Heaven Punishment God this matter, making him inform audiences Temple, entering the Highest God forbidden land entrance seals off, will have when the time comes definitely the fellow who a troop does not fear death to go to Nine Heavenly Devil Palace.” ...... After Shen Xiang enters Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, can move freely, he walks in the forefront, the body one can move freely, he with quickest rushes to several sliding door in which one leaf. Infernal Demon Emperor they walk in behind, saw Shen Xiang to enter that sliding door, they have not pursued immediately, but turned around to run toward out of the door immediately, which knows that just flushed to be shot. Pursues quickly, he may know how to walk!” Infernal Demon Emperor hastily shouted, crosses the main hall, enters that leaf that Shen Xiang fled a moment ago. Entered Nine Heavenly Devil Palace?” Long Xueyi asked that Shen Xiang had given her a moment ago sound transmission, said briefly passed through. Um, my mind has map, directing me to seek for any thing!” Shen Xiang said that this inside passage glittering the azure dim light, is finding at everywhere some disorderly spirit pattern ancient character. Walks should according to the map to be safe, this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace is hiding anything, we must make known this secret.” Long Xueyi said that knew Shen Xiang has map, she has felt relieved, the curiosity is big, wants to inquire into one this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace.