World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1903

Outside this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace looks like the labyrinth, moreover each passage is firm, is hard to make a connection with strength, in this inside entrance, those who most let the Shen Xiang headache will be these gates will move carelessly, does not have a rule. Although he has the Nine Heavenly Devil Palace map, on the map also has the route and mark end point, but the gate of here carelessly migration, asking him to leave quickly chaotically, he also knows luckily at this time one any position on map. After Infernal Demon Emperor their this group of people come, wants with Shen Xiang, but here gate is complex, quick with losing, what is more fearful, their this group of people also dispersed. Shen Xiang arrives at a end of aisle, front has three gates, he is just about to open, which knows that these three gate suddenly moved, has exchanged a position! Is this! When can arrive at that place!” Shen Xiang can only open a door to walk casually, after walking, his back gate closes immediately, vanish from sight. Before he place is some passage, but he actually arrives at one to be illuminated the well-illuminated big main hall by the white light now. On the main hall is hanging many attractive fine fluorescent stones, the ground is spreading the red blanket, places inscribes to carve the mark the jade table jade chair. Here looks like very good!” Shen Xiang arrives on a chair to sit down, before he has been sending out the passage shuttle of green dim light, at this time arrives at a such comfortable main hall, making him be very surprised. He is recalling the map in mind, had not found the position about this main hall, this made him worry immediately. kā chā Shen Xiang suddenly heard some sounds, fierce jumps from the chair, looked that to direction that the sound sends, that side unexpectedly has sliding door, moreover this sliding door punctures to install probably the wall, brick that because the ground also some breaks to pieces. Sound round from this sliding door, but this sliding door is also this main hall only gate! What thing should inside not have?” Shen Xiang has used Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, but is actually not able to see through.

The sound conveys once more, moreover these time was bigger than before, is any thing makes an effort to hit this leaf of black iron gate likely, sends out the pēng pēng deafening sound. Must want to leave this main hall, must result in through this sliding door, even if inside has any fearful thing, Shen Xiang also can only open, otherwise he is unable to leave here. Shen Xiang walked the goalkeeper to pull open in the past, then hastily retreat, saw only a tall and thin white clothing man to walk from the gate. The eyes of this man have the purple eye shadow, eye inside unexpectedly has two grains of eyeballs, looks like very scary. In this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, Shen Xiang is unable to use Law of Space strength, therefore he needs especially carefully. „Is Nine Heavenly Devil Palace you summons?” This white clothing man asked that his eye looked like, although was somewhat scary, but the appearance was quite good-looking, moreover he looked like very weak, the body did not have the formidable aura, the body board was very thin, was gust can blow down likely. Shen Xiang nodded, can run into the person who can speak in Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, in the heart somewhat some warm feelings, at least have not met to be long grotesque demon. „Who are you?” Shen Xiang asked. I am the fire God king apprentice, was very happy that you can summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, we had the fresh dessert to eat finally.” This male suddenly sinister smile gets up, has licked the lip with that long sharp tongue, looks at Shen Xiang to be absolutely terrified. The fire God king apprentice, that should be very fierce, moreover he said such words, definitely was not the good thing, fire God king to be one of the Nine Spirit Kings, his unexpectedly will have such apprentice! How can I be able to leave Nine Heavenly Devil Palace?” Shen Xiang by oneself calm, asked. You did not need to leave, you were my dessert.” This white clothing man sinister smile two, that handsome face suddenly changed, becomes long, the chin is very sharp, that calculates that the eye turns into the bottle green, the head also has the meat group that two are raised, looked like fiercely is scarier.

Shen Xiang retreat several steps, he has not thought at present after this fellow suddenly changes the body, will become that fierce, this strength should be the High-Rank Heavenly God rank. Xueyi, prepared!” Shen Xiang was inquiring Long Xueyi, he needs with the Long Xueyi fusion, otherwise on danger(ous). Was good, now starts!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang within the body has welled up Long Xueyi's strength, he can feel that he has two Divine sea, four Divine Soul strength. „The air/Qi of Six Paths, what you use is Six Paths Power?” This Devil Ghost is somewhat surprised, that bottle green eye sent out a stronger ray, in the mouth was flowing the azure saliva, probably was a hungry ghost sees the delicacies of every kind to be the same. Shen Xiang has not paid attention to him, wielded a sword to kill, Deicide Sword intent exploded to well up, let present Devil Ghost surprised, he also recognized the Deicide Sword intent. Shen Xiang also thinks strange, if this Devil Ghost recognizes, then he should see, he said that he is the Nine Spirit Kings apprentice, should not be false. Then, in the past in this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace has practiced Six Paths divine art and Deicide Sword Art person, may is the Nine Spirit Kings practice. „Are you really the fire God king apprentice? Sees not like!” Shen Xiang has not felt any flame aura from the body of opposite party, the evil Devil Qi breath is actually rich. I naturally am, but I was expelled the master gate by him, Ha Ha......” this Devil Ghost suddenly laughs wildly: Because he drives away me, I become the present so am fierce, my small dessert, obediently enters in my mouth!” This Devil Ghost has laughed wildly several, both arms suddenly inflates, then explodes, flies to shoot dozens green skinny arms, fierce reaching Shen Xiang. so that's how it is, no wonder you will be expelled, you enter evilly great!” Shen Xiang wielded a sword to divide crazily several, cut off these arms instantaneously.

Hears into the evil these two characters, this Devil Ghost suddenly roars, probably pokes to his sore spot, it seems like he truly was for this reason is expelled by fire God king in the past. I enter evilly am my good fortune, because like this I become stronger.” The arm that Devil Ghost was divided grows once more, moreover becomes sturdier! Dozens can the bottle green arm of height be similar to old Toichi, leaps the dance to go toward Shen Xiang once more. The reproductive property of opposite party is powerful, Shen Xiang thought that suddenly is hard to cut to kill him, but first chops the arm that chops him to attack. However, his Deicide Sword unexpectedly is unable to divide, but leaves behind the scratch above. This fellow is very strong, Godhead perhaps 56 of his within the body, we are not his match!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang fends at the same time, had discovered a strange event, is this Devil Ghost that like the time that the whip arm brushes, hits here furniture, unexpectedly is unable to beat. Discovers this point, Shen Xiang hastily back and forth fends in these furniture, relaxed avoidance repeatedly fearful attack. Uses Deicide Sword Art quickly!” Long Xueyi said.