World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1904

Good, I give a try!” Shen Xiang already wants to use, but this Devil Ghost knows Deicide Sword Art probably, he worried that the opposite party has the solve means to look, therefore plans to seek for the most appropriate opportunity use. This Devil Ghost also is very angry, he attacks the Shen Xiang's time, Shen Xiang hides under the table bottom fast, he cannot attack! All of this main hall probably have the fearful charm to cover, hits will not rot, no wonder will preserve now. Ben Tiaocuan of Shen Xiang back and forth under the furniture taking down, then the front surface fired into Devil Ghost, displayed Deicide Sword Art! This Devil Ghost suddenly induces to Shen Xiang that fearful Deicide Sword intent, in the heart in great surprise, he induced to Shen Xiang on before has the Deicide Sword intent, but that is very for him weak, therefore he has not had scruples, the Deicide Sword intent that but Shen Xiang suddenly erupts now is fearful. Devil Ghost makes to deal immediately, the flash is similar to by oneself that dozens the old cane same arm wraps oneself! After Shen Xiang sees, immediately receives sword, fires into that [say / way] opening gate, because he fully realized that the arm of this Devil Ghost is fierce, is hard to puncture, therefore he seizes the opportunity to flee from this place. This fellow was quicker than little me, ahead of time completes the defense, like this I am unable to attack him in that instantaneously.” Shen Xiang sighed one darkly, if Devil Ghost did not have the prompt defense, perhaps he can strike to kill the opposite party. After Shen Xiang enters that gate, slightly one startled, because inside unexpectedly is forest garden, has the big trees, already various grotesque plants, inside, although is dark, but these leaves release the green ray, various Hua Hua can also release light glow carelessly, therefore is very bright. Inside also has the star light, what's all this about?” Shen Xiang breaks in the forest, by the leaf slit of cover, can see airborne to glisten the stars. „The strength of stars, should be the real stars!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang has attempted, still after is unable to use Law of Space, but the rear area also transmits the intermittent anger of that Devil Ghost to shout.

little rascal, you come here to court death, this inside has the fellow who I am more fearful.” That Devil Ghost is shouting, his incisive sound frightens the flower in woods to gather together the flower petal. Shen Xiang may, no matter that many, running, when he comes on map that obtains, does not have this place, this made him very puzzled, since gave him the map, but why not entire? He thinks that thinks when that map refined Primal Chaos Fire Token in the past integrates inside, but Nine Heavenly Devil Palace was so long in the past, the interior will definitely have the change, the map that will therefore obtain with him is not quite same. Is dashing about wildly Shen Xiang, suddenly felt that both feet suddenly tied down by any thing, was hung, downward hanging in midair. He looks up, discovered that own both feet had also tied down by that old cane same arm, but this is not beforehand that Devil Ghost, because the arm of that Devil Ghost is the green, but now this is the blue color. Small dessert that Junior Brother, many thanks you send.” The cynical sound said with a smile together. In the Shen Xiang heart complained of hardship secretly, his unexpectedly fell to another Devil Ghost hand, this Devil Ghost looked like be fiercer than former that. Shen Xiang at this time both hands and bodies by that blue vines expert stubbornly is forcing tightly, is unable to move, moreover strength seep to his body, making him think that body Ma Ma, does not have strength, this unexpectedly is a toxin! Senior Brother, this is my dessert, behind are many, gives me him quickly, otherwise do not blame me not being impolite.” That green Devil Ghost severe howl. Now Shen Xiang saw that Senior Brother, that was a skin a little blue middle age, in each eye also has two eyeballs, the tongue was also very long, seemed like the snake was the same. Where is your? I may see you almost to before by this little brat be thrown off.” Blue skin Devil Ghost laughs: This little thing is so weak, unexpectedly can also run away from your hand! You guard a gate, this could not cope.”

Shen Xiang guessed that this blue skin Devil Ghost is also that fire God king disciple, otherwise their Junior Brother will not be symmetric, moreover cultivation technique that they practice now is also same, can have dozens old cane same arms by oneself. Shen Xiang displays 72 Transformations secretly, turns into bug, works loose that to tie up his old cane arm, then flies to leap up in a direction. Good method!” Blue skin Devil Ghost shouted, fires into Shen Xiang immediately, the flash arrives at the Shen Xiang top of the head, releases a basket to cover Shen Xiang. Outside this basket also pale blue light glow, Shen Xiang turns into the small insect, is unable to run from inside, obviously this blue skin Devil Ghost be wiser than his Junior Brother. Six Paths devour!” Shen Xiang secret revolution Six Paths divine art inside Devour Technique gate, coordinating Divine Mirror of Six Paths to use, both hands hold that basket. Blue skin Devil Ghost just wanted haughty to show off to his Junior Brother, suddenly is actually startled to shout one, fierce receives the basket, because that basket is he uses many arm knitting, but actually felt strength to drain a moment ago very quickly in him. Shen Xiang gets out of trouble, immediately flies running away person, was unbearable facing Devil Ghost, now comes one fiercely, in his heart is also disturbed, almost falls into their hands. On this fellow has fierce treasure, holds him quickly!” Blue skin Devil Ghost urgently shouted, saw only all around big tree suddenly to move, vines wove together, turned into powder bluing glow the big net, covered Shen Xiang. Can escape in my hands twice, you are also can.” Blue skin Devil Ghost abhors rush over, double fist to hitting on the Shen Xiang's chest, the pain resulted in the Shen Xiang rave. These Devil Ghost unexpectedly can control here big tree, in the Shen Xiang heart complains of hardship, unexpectedly arrives at this damned place! Hands over quickly your treasure!” Blue skin Devil Ghost was yelling, stepped on a Shen Xiang foot maliciously, Intense Sun Heaven Imitiation that but on suddenly by Shen Xiang was actually braved shaking.

That green skin Devil Ghost that just rushed to was startled to call out: Is Heaven Body divine art, a moment ago that was Intense Sun Heaven Imitiation, this little rascal also understood that Deicide Sword Art and Six Paths divine art, currently also has Heaven Body divine art! Can worthily the fellow who Nine Heavenly Devil Palace summoned!” We collaborate to display to search for soul divine art to him, I worried that my strength is insufficient, made a false counter-accusation by him! Like this we can also obtain his divine art.” Blue skin Devil Ghost said. Good!” Green skin Devil Ghost agreed immediately that hastily walked. In the Shen Xiang heart startles greatly, he only sees both hands of these two Devil Ghost float on his forehead, afterward the head starts the severe pain to get up. When Shen Xiang thought own is very painful, actually suddenly sees the heads of front these two Devil Ghost to be many together the seam, pair of arm also suddenly falls! Wrapped the Shen Xiang's net also to vanish, he looked to ground that the head of two falling, these two head unexpectedly can also float, but just about to float, was actually pierced by two swords! A charming incomparable black clothed female appears suddenly, is treadonning these two heads! This unexpectedly is the young nine girls!