World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1905
Before young nine girls, was chased down by the unsurpassed old demon, sent in Divine Prison to seek asylum by Heaven Punishment God, now Divine Prison had the important matter, Heaven Punishment God already had also put her. Is you! Forgives!” That blue skin Devil Ghost was screaming, seeing young nine girl suddenly to appear here, these two Devil Ghost were also very accidental. In young nine girl that charming facial features reveals one to sneer, the both feet releases wild strength, steps on vigorously fiercely, your two heads steps on broken the under foot! Comes with me!” The young nine girls pulls taut the Shen Xiang's front piece, whiz one flies into the forest the deep place, she is probably familiar to this, proceeding does not flush, but is the orderly curve, probably is avoiding any thing to be the same. After half double-hour, the young nine girls stopped, she arrived by a big tree, this big tree looked like with here other big trees is different, but the young nine girls brought Shen Xiang to fire into this big tree directly, suddenly entered in the big tree! Shen Xiang dodges at present, arrives at a narrow and small space, they now in the bough of that big tree. Thank you have saved me!” Shen Xiang feels grateful hastily, since young nine girls will save him, that explained that no longer is hostile toward him, because before him , and young nine girls a little misunderstand. Is impolite, we two were clear!” Young nine girl lightly snorted and said, previous unsurpassed old demon suddenly appears, Shen Xiang takes away her, has rescued her life, therefore she will say now. Can awfully run into the acquaintance in this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, Shen Xiang is very happy, moreover this young nine girls, the young nine girls are the same with Feng Yujie, is Nine Spirit Kings creates with the mysterious method, is very formidable.

When do you come in? I just summoned Nine Heavenly Devil Palace shortly, moreover my first comes in! Even if you leave Divine Prison, should not have to enter this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace quickly!” Shen Xiang said. The young nine girls said: I came to have one month, although I did not have Primal Chaos Fire Token, but where I knew this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, therefore I came in very much long time ago this!” „Do you have to look for Feng Yujie? She is worried about you now!” Shen Xiang asked that previous time he and Feng Yujie mentioned the matter of young nine girl, made her feel to love dearly, because she for many years had misunderstood the young nine girls. In young nine girl eyes is also full of one thick missing mood, could see that she also very much thinks Feng Yujie, she shook the head: No, [say / way] that I walk and she is different!” Shen Xiang sat, here shop many level of weeds, are sitting soft, is very comfortable. „Do you enter Nine Heavenly Devil Palace to do? Before Feng Yujie, always urges me, making me not come in! Came in really unable to exit?” Shen Xiang has now come, also almost becomes the Devil Ghost dessert, truly unusual bad risk. The young nine girls are holding the knee, closes right up against the wall to sit, whispered: I thought that I do not have place to go, unsurpassed old demon in Divine Prison, if not for Heaven Punishment God informs me ahead of time, making me come out, I already was caught now by him!”

Shen Xiang thinks somewhat guilty, because of this somewhat also with his a little relationship, because of Divine Mirror of Six Paths in his hands, but the unsurpassed old demon actually takes for in the young nine girl hands. The young nine girls are correct: I enter this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, just started also very danger(ous), until entering this woods is safer, I come, on the one hand to seek asylum, because will seek for the Divine Mirror of Six Paths fellow to be getting more and more from now on, the unsurpassed old demon enters Divine Prison, definitely will reveal this matter! Moreover is, I come to here am to seek for Nine Spirit Kings, I know them in this!” Shen Xiang sighed: Little nine elder sisters, frank, Nine Spirit Kings gave your supreme god bone, was not obtained by me carefully, is fused by me! This was your thing...... Sorry!” The young nine girls shook the head, said: Does not need to I apologize, you can obtain are your chance! Initially was I chooses to give up, moreover I also practice supreme god bone now! I only want to find Nine Spirit Kings now, I want to apologize to them, initially they gave that high hope to me, but I have actually disappointed them!” Shen Xiang puts out that seven Primal Chaos Fire Token, said: „When I fuse this all Primal Chaos Fire Token, in the mind presents a map, many spirit pattern, I think that walks to go according to the map to that mark place, which knew these group of natives of Taikeng!” Knew that Shen Xiang has the map, in the young nine girl hearts moves, said: You can approximate told me that position? Perhaps there has the clue, Nine Spirit Kings has not possibly died, but was stranded in this!” Shen Xiang on map the general position of that marking point drew, after the young nine girls saw, the complexion was dignified: Here was the past Nine Heavens Temple large formation revolution core, what meaning marked in this place is?” Only then had a look to know, was right, a moment ago outside these fellows what's the matter? That green skin place said one are the fire God king apprentice, is this real?” Shen Xiang is very curious to this place, because here has not marked on the map.

They are the fire God king apprentices, in the past Nine Spirit Kings had 3000 disciples, but afterward mostly betrayed Nine Spirit Kings, a few loyal and devoted followed Nine Spirit Kings to be missing.” The young nine girls said: They betrayed Nine Spirit Kings, hires oneself the Nine Spirit Kings personal enemy, but they attack Nine Spirit Kings finally when Nine Heavens Temple, together was actually stranded in this! They are this inside compare the danger(ous) fellow, is certainly careful, before what you met is only small, if meets that Highest God, you already died!” The Shen Xiang nod said: Little nine elder sisters, then you and I one finds this place, your present strength that has you to accompany, I will be safer!” The young nine girls nodded to comply, she brought Shen Xiang to leave her hiding place, bringing Shen Xiang to rush in a direction. Here is Nine Heavenly Devil Palace inside small world, therefore on the map does not have, so long as is the Nine Spirit Kings disciple, knows how to enter this place! After Nine Heavens Temple turns into Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, outside becomes very strange, many paths had been transformed, mechanism heavily, even if were that two fellows a moment ago, does not dare to run outside casually.” The young nine girls bring Shen Xiang, quick to arrive at rocky mountain, on this rocky mountain has sliding door. After the young nine girls open the door, nodded to Shen Xiang: We go, waits for you to with tightening me, my as far as possible leads you to that place!” After opening the door, young nine girls and Shen Xiang enter together, they come to a dim stone chamber, but has other people in this! Is Shen Xiang!” unexpectedly of frontline propaganda is War Temple hundred fights Dan God!