World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1906

Just came, met these hundred to fight Dan God, Shen Xiang has not thought that will be such in luck! If before, he definitely thinks one were but actually big mildew, but currently his side has powerful young nine girls, therefore he did not fear that now this hundred fought Dan God. In this besides hundred fights Dan God, his two disciples, but also is only High-Rank Profound God, Shen Xiang can cope with them with ease. This fellow is my personal enemy, can you solve?” Shen Xiang to young nine girl sound transmission, the young nine girls kills that two Devil Ghost with ease, the strength is not definitely weak, therefore Shen Xiang is also very confident to her. Ha Ha......” that hundred fight Dan God suddenly to laugh wildly: Shen Xiang Shen Xiang, has not thought that you fall into my hand finally! Infernal Demon Emperor that fellow here, I cannot have no scruples kills you!” Before hundred fought Dan God to Shen Xiang get rid, because of the stop of Infernal Demon Emperor, will therefore summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace to come to the Shen Xiang opportunity, caused them to be bogged down in difficulties, currently many of them have very big resentment to read to Infernal Demon Emperor. The young nine girls put out two long swords, said to Shen Xiang: I help you solve this fellow, this is you owes me!” Hundred fight Dan God not to know the young nine girls, moreover young nine girls, although has one to bewitch to seize the soul the charming cheek, but hundred fight Dan God to think that she is not fierce. You die together, is buried along with the dead to my son.” Hundred fight Dan God to sneer, both hands present two groups of flame, turns into two roaring hiss flame Xiong Tou. Dim , a flame shadow dodges to Shen Xiang, the young nine girls turn into light breeze to blow, that two groups of flame are put out, hundred fight Dan God also to be flushed by strength hits to the wall. In young nine girl hands left two long swords, is used to cut to kill that two Devil Ghost! Sees the young nine girls to be so strong, hundred fight in the Dan God heart dark startled, he knows that side Shen Xiang has White Dragon, but at present this female at is not that White Dragon, moreover before Shen Xiang, comes, is comes, now suddenly emits a such fearful female to come, this made him not think clearly.

You go to opposite party Shen Xiang!” Hundred fight Dan God to side that two in disciple shouted of corner: You, so long as constrains him, did not make him act unreasonably that's alright, I solved this woman, can help you!” The young nine girls brandish the double sword, attacks fights Dan God to hundred, hundred fight the Dan God two disciples to fire into Shen Xiang immediately, they know that Shen Xiang is very strong, but they think that their Master is stronger, even if they cannot hit, their Master will also help their. Shen Xiang coldly snorted and said: „The overestimate one's capabilities fellow, you have not seen me how to kill Plentiful God?” Hears Shen Xiang this saying, these two disciples suddenly remember, when Shen Xiang initially cut Plentiful God kills, appears very relaxed, now copes with them to be easier, but they rushed to front of Shen Xiang's now. Shen Xiang both hands turn into the giant palm, to their racket, is making one group of flame vigorously, these two bodies of disciples turn into spark sprinkling to come, turned into the dregs instantaneously! The young nine girls and hundred fight the Dan God fierce struggle, hundred fight Dan God to be suppressed by the young nine girls, the young nine girls imagine compared with him fearful. In Gods, the formidable female are not many, strongest is also only that Goddess Palace Palace Master, but hundred fight Dan God and Goddess Palace Palace Master is also same, hits equally matched, but the present young nine girls, unexpectedly is suppressing him stubbornly. „Who are you? You may know that who I am? I come from War Temple Dan God, you offend Dan God are not the wise procedure.” Hundred fight Dan God to exhaust fully, is unable to counter-attack, is unable to break the young nine girl that swift and fierce offensive. I am this Temple half master, Dan God this thing I always cannot have a liking, you as early as possible die, so as to avoid by inexhaustibly suffering, after you died here, will feel grateful my.” Young nine girl double sword suddenly dodge, intersects fights the Dan God nape of the neck in hundred, double sword, hundred fights the head of Dan God to cut! Hundred fight Dan God not to have yes what's the matter, the head arrived in the Shen Xiang's hand, Shen Xiang not saying anything further, on quantity his Godhead taking out!

unexpectedly gets so far as four, good!” Shen Xiang is looking in the hand four sparkling Godhead, laughed, will then receive. Hundred fought Dan God dead, his body unexpectedly turned into the black smoke, submerged on all around wall, unexpectedly was absorbed. This fellow should be six Godhead, you can take four his Godhead, is truly good.” The young nine girls nodded. Gives you!” Shen Xiang hands over, must to her two, but she actually shook the head: You are remaining, my present strength does not need!” Destroys completely hundred to fight Dan God this High-Rank Heavenly God with ease, the strength of young nine girl is very surely strong, although she is not Highest God, but is not definitely far from Highest God. We continue!” The young nine girls arrive at the wall that several sliding door, said: And other, after these changes, the direction that leads to will also modify!” Shen Xiang said: Is these gates made that I am completely muddled, did the little nine elder sisters, you find out these gates rules?” The young nine girls nod saying: Knew a little rule!” She and Shen Xiang patient waited for the moment, these gates moved, the young nine girls promptly open middle that sliding door, drew Shen Xiang hastily to walk.

After going, Shen Xiang discovered that here is a garden, and has the beautiful sunlight, this makes him pleasantly surprised, has this garden on the map, in that route. How do you know?” Shen Xiang curious inquiry young nine girls. Feeling! I grow up in this Temple since childhood, I have a special feeling! These gates in change, is the space is transferring, after this garden approaches, I can feel.” Shuttle that the young nine girls are familiar with on the aisle of garden, Shen Xiang follows close on her behind. Do not be lax, although on map is the safe route, but here is the staying place of that group of bastard rebels, you were careful!” The young nine girls just said that cold wind blows, but also follows the dreadful sinister smile sound. Young nine girls, if not for initially you betrayed Nine Spirit Kings first, we will not betray with you, your unexpectedly also had a face to say us.” That sound sinister smile. Shen Xiang can see now, in this Temple, the young nine girls has the prestige very much, will otherwise not have a troop Nine Spirit Kings disciple to revolt. My that has the difficulties, is different from you!” Young nine girl voices ice-cold, she initially truly was disguised to betray Nine Spirit Kings, wants to infiltrate the camp of enemy side, was Nine Spirit Kings looks for the opportunity, which knows that these disciples were not loyal, all revolted.