World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1907

Shen Xiang also thinks that was very safe with young nine girl together, which knows that the young nine girls here everywhere are the personal enemies, that now presents is very strong. The person that suddenly presents, puts on very tattered, has an elegant long hair, on the face has the beard, looks like is very handsome, he does not have two calves, that two calves turn into the black fog, can make him float, therefore this person seems like flutters carelessly, is similar to the ghosts and demons. A Feng, you let look quickly, when I found Nine Spirit Kings, when the time comes you can also be free! Nine Spirit Kings falls into the difficult position now, although you betray them, but they are broadminded, will not haggle over with you!” The young nine girls said that she said that can see this suddenly appears here, the named A Feng man is very strong. A Feng sneers: Nine Spirit Kings died, we so are here long, had not found them, let alone is you! You, such harm us to be miserable actually, we for many years wished one could to eat your blood, drinks your meat!” Young nine girl complexion sank, angrily said: Your this group of bastards, you were stranded are you bring upon oneself here, what relationship has with me?” A Feng also angry incomparable, shouting: How to have relationship with you? Initially Nine Heavens Temple came across the crisis, but you as Nine Spirit Kings one of the two inheritors, have actually revolted Nine Spirit Kings, we also revolted with you, cause us by Nine Spirit Kings sleepily here, was buried along with the dead to them!” In the Shen Xiang heart thinks funny, cannot help but said: If you initially had not betrayed Nine Spirit Kings, you now are what kind of consequences?” A Feng could not speak, immediately in consternation, the young nine girls sneered are helping him reply: They are one crowd of balls little rascal, they with me, when the time comes were not forced, will make such decision! In their hearts already wants to revolt, to appear oneself nobly, will advance on the responsibility me, this is they conceals the false excuse!” The young nine girls poked the A Feng sore spot, A Feng have roared, in the hand presented a very long sharp thorn, fierce thorn to young nine girls. The young nine girls early have the protection, the wielding a sword standard parry come, afterward to a Shen Xiang palm, delivers to the distant place him gently.

Shen Xiang was far away from the battlefield not to mean safely, after he young nine girls sent off, feels gust to raid, his body was also covered by this gust. For a long time has not tasted the fresh meat!” The Shen Xiang ear resounds the sinister smile sound . Moreover the back is also cool, his hastily ferocious body avoids the lever that suddenly punctures, unexpectedly is bar long spear. After avoiding, Shen Xiang has a lingering fear, puts out Deicide Sword , to continue the standard to keep off to hold a spear|gun that! In this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace inside fellow, majority are the Nine Spirit Kings disciple, the strength is powerful, two Devil Ghost that before Shen Xiang met both were not he can cope, that A Feng that met a moment ago was also very strong. The black skin man who now he faces is also very strong, in green skin Devil Ghost compared with forest be much more formidable. Xueyi, borrows me strength! This fellow is not good to cope!” Shen Xiang the standard kept off a moment ago that strength that shoots almost shakes his skeleton disruption. Long Xueyi immediately and Shen Xiang fuses together, after Shen Xiang induces to Long Xueyi's strength, that black skin man punctures a spear|gun! These compared with before quickly, Shen Xiang, although can see, but is actually not able to avoid, the left shoulder was stabbed, maliciously exits his ball! His body had not been pierced, because played the defense role in Black Tortoise Cloth a moment ago, resisted that had struck a moment ago! But Shen Xiang was also hit to fly by that strength!

After Shen Xiang falls, exclaimed in surprise secretly powerful of Black Tortoise Cloth, that he thinks a moment ago all of a sudden he must be finished, does not have to think an own matter does not have! That black skin man also feels surprised, will only avoid Shen Xiang that runs away is very in his eyes weak, but the spear|gun of that eight skill, unexpectedly has not pierced the Shen Xiang's body, this was really too strange. Although Black Tortoise Cloth has not appeared, but still plays very strong defensive power. Before Shen Xiang had not planned that put on Black Tortoise Cloth, was worried that Black Tortoise Cloth will be ruined, now looks like his worry is unnecessary, Black Tortoise Cloth after all was divine cloth that Nine Spirit Kings that God Emperor father refined, naturally will not be ruined easily! After Shen Xiang sees Black Tortoise Cloth has the good defensive power, immediately to oneself is confident, at least he does not need too to be worried one were killed all of a sudden! If this Black Tortoise Cloth had Divine Soul and Godhead is good!” Long Xueyi said: You must as soon as possible seek appropriate Divine Soul and Godhead to Black Tortoise Cloth and your Deicide Sword, otherwise the might will fall short greatly! If these two things have promoted, your strength will also promote many!” Shen Xiang uses Deicide Sword time, Six Paths Power in within the body is unable to pour into Deicide Sword, therefore the Deicide Sword might is unable truly to display, use time also has very big limit! Came!” Shen Xiang sees that black skin man trail arms to clash once more, this time speed and strength have promoted compared with before. Shen Xiang has not planned to defend, but is the plan maliciously comes to the opposite party that all of a sudden! This time, the long spear spear head punctures to the Shen Xiang's head, that black skin man thinks that Shen Xiang will move aside, therefore he simply has not guarded!

The instance that therefore long spear thrust comes, Shen Xiang also plans to spell, hits all strength in the arm, had stronger strength by own arm, Deicide Sword thorn maliciously. The sword that he punctures has not used any sword technique, but achieves suppresses these three characters quickly certainly, lightning speed, thunder strength, thorn to the forehead of black skin man! The black skin man has not thought that Shen Xiang can not attend to own head being punctured, but also gave him to come maliciously, suddenly his head was pierced, this sudden attack, he simply has not expected, simply did not have the time to move aside. The Shen Xiang's forehead truly was punctured, but had not been pierced, although Black Tortoise Cloth puts in him, the range of but protecting is actually his entire body, he was only the head is shaken painful, has not obstructed greatly! strength of Black Tortoise Cloth absorption are many, making Shen Xiang express admiration secretly! Is because in this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, Black Tortoise Cloth strength displays? Before so is not probably fierce!” Shen Xiang in Black Tortoise Cloth that Highest God forbidden land obtains, later has also fought with some Heavenly God, some time ago when by that two Devil Ghost attacks, Black Tortoise Cloth does not have now this performance. Now goes to this garden, Black Tortoise Cloth will become so, this will let Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi has doubts! The black skin man was pierced the head by Shen Xiang's Deicide Sword, was injured heavily, crazy yells, he has not thought that Shen Xiang so will be weird, the skull sub- was attacked does not move aside and defends, but also strikes to him in that instantaneously at risk of life!