World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1908
Shen Xiang sees the opposite party injured heavily, holds the sword to fly rush over. The black skin man in the heart is angry at this time, sees Shen Xiang not awfully clashes, wants him to kill, only thought that gets angry and funny. Shen Xiang is in his eyes small and weak, unexpectedly must kill him, but he truly by the Shen Xiang severe wound, is injured his Divine Soul now, but he thinks that he wants to be careful, then can kill Shen Xiang! Has not played with you, dies!” Black skin man forehead braves the blood, seeing Shen Xiang to clash, is going to Shen Xiang spear thrust, sends out a long spear shadow, can probably puncture many blood holes to be the same on Shen Xiang. But Shen Xiang has not actually avoided, but is direct rush over, his body was also stabbed over a hundred, but his matter does not have, after he uses Black Tortoise Cloth to counter-balance the move of attack of black skin man, wields Deicide Sword, has displayed Deicide Sword Art! That flash, in his Deicide domain, all becomes very slow, he can see black skin man that surprised expression to form clearly slowly! The black skin man sees this move to be melted, wants the second move, but Shen Xiang has displayed Deicide Sword Art, he also feels the Deicide Sword intent that suddenly explodes to well up, therefore he is panic-stricken. The flash, Shen Xiang chops dozens swords in own Deicide domain, dismembers a body this black skin man, moreover pulls out five Godhead from him! Godhead of this fellow hundred fight Dan God more than!” Shen Xiang is looking in the hand that five High-Rank Heavenly God Godhead, is very excited! Before killed hundred to fight Dan God, he has harvested four, in addition these five, were nine, if he refined into Heavenly God Divine Pill, that can let his advanced by leaps and bounds! A Xiao!” The A Feng suddenly anger shouts with the young nine girls are fighting that he has not thought formidable A Xiao unexpectedly was killed, moreover so was been common by one, then the small and weak fellow kills. The young nine girls are the accidents, before Shen Xiang met that hundred to fight Dan God to fear, but that A Xiao compared with hundred fought Dan God also to want the fierce fellows, unexpectedly three a few tricks were killed. Shen Xiang also think very accidental, if not for Black Tortoise Cloth suddenly becomes that fierce, he does not have such harvest!

A Feng wishes one could to run to kill Shen Xiang, but he is actually being entangled by the young nine girls now, he had diverted attention a moment ago, the arm was almost reduced. Shen Xiang ran, the young nine girls know that he wants to meddle, does not prevent, moreover gives back to him to look for the opportunity! After Shen Xiang observes more than half double-hour, the young nine girl suddenly faults, were found the empty gate by A Feng, a blade has divided, to avoid, the young nine girls has to hastily dodge the distant place, avoids that formidable blade vigor. Also at this time, Shen Xiang overran toward A Feng! A Feng pleasantly surprised, because in his opinion, Shen Xiang clashes to bring death, but the young nine girls are also surprised, Shen Xiang does rush over do now, this clarifies to lose one's life. Shen Xiang hastily gives young nine girl sound transmission: He chopped my time, your hastily sneak attacks him, do not manage me, my body has Black Tortoise Cloth, he cannot injure me!” A Feng fires into Shen Xiang, strength of condense whole body, to a Shen Xiang's top of the head blade detachment, what makes his unexpected is, his blade chops the time of chopping, Shen Xiang not only does not move aside, but also extends both hands! His blade chops on the Shen Xiang's top of the head, he has not imagined such cleaves in two a Shen Xiang blade, but Shen Xiang extends both hands to come unexpectedly wraps up his broadsword, at this time he responded, but late, his head had actually been cut off by the young nine girls! The young nine girls knew that Shen Xiang has Black Tortoise Cloth, understands how Shen Xiang killed that A Xiao a moment ago, but she is some are not clear, since Shen Xiang has Black Tortoise Cloth, before will not be tossed about by that two Devil Ghost that miserably. After A Feng the young nine girls reduce head, Shen Xiang hastily has made up several swords, then takes fast A Feng Godhead, he only took out four Godhead! Has not thought that I a little use!” Shen Xiang laughs, receives Godhead.

The young nine girls also think one want tired, but the Shen Xiang coordination, she 2-3 solved a moment ago A Feng! Your Black Tortoise Cloth what's the matter?” The young nine girls asked. I do not know that goes to this place to have the effect, I before was much more oppressive by that blue skin and green skin.” Shen Xiang let go. The young nine girls knit the brows to ponder half sound, said: On your Black Tortoise Cloth has Godhead?” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: No, I want to seek for Godhead and Divine Soul to Black Tortoise Cloth, but I do not know how must seek!” The young nine girls said: Have not thought that except for Nine Firmaments God Emperor, nobody can find appropriate Black Tortoise Cloth Godhead and Divine Soul!” Shen Xiang is startled to ask: Nine Firmaments is God Emperor the Nine Spirit Kings father? Sounds to be very fierce!” The young nine girls nod saying: Is very fierce, but Nine Spirit Kings said that he died! However I do not believe that this character is impossible dead...... Did not say that this, your Black Tortoise Cloth can display strength to come here, explained that here has Black Tortoise Cloth Godhead!” Shen Xiang asked: These divine tool Godhead are not meets to dissipate?” The young nine girls start to search high and low, said: Other divine tool truly like this, but Four Beast's Divine Weapons of Nine Firmaments God Emperor refinement is different, Godhead will dissipate never, should in this garden!” Shen Xiang is also searching high and low, said: Little nine elder sisters, if here has Black Tortoise Cloth Godhead, then Black Tortoise Cloth should have the induction with that Godhead, I should also be able to feel, but I actually had not felt now!”

The young nine girls stop seeking, said: Then you well and Black Tortoise Cloth communication, looked that can obtain anything to induce!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, closes the eye and Black Tortoise Cloth induces, a moment later, his suddenly opens the eye, said with a smile: Had found, in that side!” In the garden has many rockeries, Shen Xiang rushes now a rockery, after arriving here, Shen Xiang wants to hold the rockery destroys, but a that rockery sound does not have! Here thing is unable to destroy, you did not have a look at us to fight a moment ago that intensely, but a here flowered grass was still perfect! This palace was the Nine Firmaments Celestial Emperor refinement, Nine Spirit Kings afterward had also improved, they were rare and precious to this in all.” The young nine girls said. Shen Xiang remembers in the beforehand that hall furniture, is unable to damage! Shen Xiang and young nine girls sought for half double-hour on rockery, finally had found that Godhead, looks like unexpectedly is the same with the ordinary small stone, before Shen Xiang, has traced several times, but had not discovered. Is this thing, I almost threw him to the distant place a moment ago!” If not for Shen Xiang again and Black Tortoise Cloth carries on an induction, is unable to know that this ordinary stone is Godhead. Drops the blood! After dropping the blood, if this Godhead intelligential, automatically will fuse with you, finally integrates in Black Tortoise Cloth!” The young nine girls said: „Before this Black Tortoise Cloth, did not have the master, Nine Spirit Kings they not to hate to use, actually convenient you!”