World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1909

Shen Xiang drops the blood grinningly, making Godhead integrate in own body, soon, Godhead from his body contact of induction to with Black Tortoise Cloth, in aware integration Black Tortoise Cloth, but Shen Xiang also and Black Tortoise Cloth inside Godhead had the induction, can release Black Tortoise Cloth defense strength at any time! After Godhead enters Black Tortoise Cloth, absorbs Shen Xiang Six Paths Power, awakens in Godhead internal Divine Soul the seal, therefore Black Tortoise Cloth also had Divine Soul, becomes true formidable divine cloth! Other Four Beast's Divine Weapons do not know that has is so fierce!” Although Shen Xiang such asked that but in heart had the answer. Naturally fierce, although I have not seen the Nine Spirit Kings use, but I heard that this is divine tool that past Nine Firmaments Celestial Emperor used!” In young nine girl hearts somewhat envies Shen Xiang, she is Nine Spirit Kings creates, but supreme god bone and Four Beast's Divine Weapons on Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Young nine girls, if Nine Spirit Kings knew, they can probably come back to me?” Young nine girl lightly snorted and said: „Do I know? I am not they, but integrated your body now, even if they want, is not easy!” Shen Xiang obtained complete Black Tortoise Cloth finally, the mood is very good, must forget quickly one also in this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace awfully. Naturally, enters Nine Heavenly Devil Palace these days, he has also experienced many bad risks matters, but now is actually is well, moreover harvests richly, if makes God of Wealth they know that the pit bottom will be mad half dead. Shen Xiang follows in the young nine girls behind, has passed through the garden, arrives on a piece of prairie, looks from afar, can see on the prairie to have creek Jing Jing (quietly) to flow, the sunlight mapping on the creek, making the creek seem like flows the golden river water, the breeze has been blowing, the grass of riverside sways slightly, to person a very auspicious feeling. In this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace also very attractive!” Shen Xiang said after a sigh. Um, I frequently caught the fish with the elder sister in the riverside in the past...... Oh, at that time we were very young, suddenly passes these many years, but also had these many matters!” The young nine girls have endless emotion.

Little nine elder sisters, you give themselves the giving a name character, let alone now you in own family.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Or I help you get up!” The young nine girls shook the head. Shen Xiang asked: Initially hadn't Nine Spirit Kings given the name to you? Heard only then they name to you, you will approve!” The young nine girls nod saying: They must wait for me to fuse supreme god bone to name to me.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I fused your supreme god bone, or names to you on allows me to come!” Long Xueyi most liked giving others to give name, but gives some rotten names, therefore Shen Xiang gave her immediately sound transmission, making her cancel this thought. Young nine girls hesitant all of a sudden, nodded: Surname nine, Nine Spirit Kings is this surname, Feng Yujie her old name is also called nine Yujie, for afterward did not bring to the attention, therefore changed surname!” Shen Xiang feels the chin, whispering: This surname is very rare, is very ancient surname, I think...... Is called on Jiu Hanrou! Hehe!” The young nine girls think that asked: What meaning has?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Naturally has, you charmingly movingly, should display gently, but is not such icy, needs to be gentler! Also, although you are icy, but you is a little gentle to me, therefore I went to this name.”

Jiu Hanrou is only coldly snorted, has not said did not agree, it seems like default. We continue, crossed this piece of prairie, must go to not a good place!” Jiu Hanrou said. Shen Xiang had recalled map, there has not indicated to have any not good thing, but explained that there is a piece of short mountain. What is not good place? Isn't there a piece of short mountain?” Shen Xiang hastily follows her footsteps, pursues asks. These short mountains are graves! In the fellow who Nine Heavens Temple was executed burying, although I do not know that there present becomes what kind, but since, there has not been a good place.” Jiu Hanrou said: Way that your map shows, after here!” Shen Xiang hears is executed the grave of evil person, in the heart has not the good premonition, starts to be disturbed, he does not want to meet any fierce fearful thing. On map to the way that you show, is useful to you, you arrive at that forest to run into me from the beginning, afterward went to the garden obtains Black Tortoise Cloth Godhead! Therefore goes to that grave also not necessarily is a bad place, said again you currently have Black Tortoise Cloth, is not easy dead.” Jiu Hanrou saw the Shen Xiang's complexion a moment ago to change, chuckle. Shen Xiang curls the lip: I did not fear that I like meeting that type the thing that makes the person lose one's appetite, before that A Xiao A Feng fortunately, that green skin and blue skin are not good, thinks uncomfortingly.” This piece of prairie is very small, Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou also intentionally slow down the footsteps, appreciation here Mei and Jing, is enjoying here sunlight well, this is because they were worried then perhaps to have a period of time unable to see this good scenery. Little nine elder sisters, Infernal Demon Emperor know that I had Divine Mirror of Six Paths, after you exited, did not need to be unjustly discredited for me again, when the time comes can you look for Sister Feng?” Shen Xiang asked that although young nine girls had the name, but Shen Xiang liked such shouting her.

Will go! She is my only family member, although I and she are Nine Spirit Kings create, but I can feel clearly I and she are keeping the same blood, she for me compared with Nine Spirit Kings own!” Jiu Hanrou said: I initially betrayed Nine Spirit Kings also for Nine Spirit Kings and her safety! But I have not succeeded finally actually.” Front was short mountains, on these short mountain group was covering the black dense fog, with that deep green prairie, although only then separation, but has the day to leave badly. The short mountain, being hard number is clear, Shen Xiang asked curiously: Why was executed must be buried here? Buries the corpse?” The Jiu Hanrou nod said: Is buries the corpse, Nine Spirit Kings think the dead to a big way, therefore they will kindly treat the dead! Moreover was buried majority here is very strong fellows, is willing to suffer to death, I heard disciple who some Nine Spirit Kings settle on.” The Shen Xiang eye said: Said inside many Godhead?” Jiu Hanrou said: Good, but these Godhead are not good to take, initially I and elder sister needed Godhead, Nine Spirit Kings tell us, here buried massive Godhead, so long as we had the skill, can take at will, but afterward we had not succeeded! Because these short mountains are also very formidable restriction, only then Nine Spirit Kings can break! This is they to protect the corpse of dead does.” Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou step into black dense fog, comes in this, they hear an intermittent cold wind call letter immediately the pitiful sound, they turn head to look at the rearward, that deep green beautiful prairie has disappeared! This damned place was doomed damn!” In the Shen Xiang mouth was whispering, was gripping tightly Deicide Sword.