World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1910

Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou enter short mountain group large-scale tomb, when across short mountains, they can see to stand erect in short mountain front stele, whose above writes some these graves is being. Why was this place year to year dark being covered? Before was also such?” Shen Xiang is looking at the airborne that thick cloud, now should be the abundance of sunshine time, because this thick cloud covers, the sunlight is unable to shine, but also sends out intermittent cold wind, making this full is the place of grave becomes sinister is more fearful. The Jiu Hanrou nod said: Before was this, I listened God king has said that although was sentenced to kill to bury here, but they can also resurrect, but after resurrect, they can be another form are living, was different from the average person!” To let them has the resurrect opportunity, therefore this place results in the construction to result in Yin Qi to be extremely heavy, for all that but can the resurrect side be few, I initially stayed in Temple many years, whom has not heard to be able resurrect.” Shen Xiang asked in a low voice: Now can among suddenly community resurrect? If these fellow resurrect, you have been able to cope?” Jiu Hanrou stops in front of together stele, said: You have a look at this, this is the Highest God grave, at that time executed time, has 12 Godhead, you said that I can cope?” Ten Godhead were Highest God, 12 Godhead that were be fiercer than Highest God, Shen Xiang felt very surprised, he had also looked at many stele before, but majority were several Godhead, now sees 12 Godhead, making him surprised! Buries here may not only be the subordinate who Nine Spirit Kings makes mistakes, in the past Nine Firmaments God Emperor subordinate, therefore these graves are not simple, in the past that time, the names of these people was to like thunder reverberating in one's ears!” Jiu Hanrou sighed lightly: Was only a pity that Nine Firmaments Divine Country has destroyed, can never the turning round country, Nine Spirit Kings they are so formidable, wanting the duplicate national capital to receive the so big hindrance.” The sigh echo of Jiu Hanrou that Youyou in this silent tombs, Shen Xiang had known in the past that was collaborated to destroy completely Divine Country that by other nine countries, named Nine Firmaments Divine Country, Nine Spirit Kings is this Nine Firmaments Divine Country ruler nine!

Rebel, you also had a face to say! Your unexpectedly also acts recklessly comes here, wants to steal Temple treasure?” The angry tenderness drinks to transmit together, Shen Xiang suddenly one startled, some suddenly people in this grave spoke, somewhat will be frightened. Jiu Hanrou is actually very calm, she said to Shen Xiang in a low voice: Does not need to be worried that this is responsible for defending the grave, does not brave from the grave.” Shen Xiang sees Jiu Hanrou to be so calm, feels relieved that at this time he saw a red shade to flutter, this defends grave person unexpectedly is pretty the female. Chu Yunhui, wants to listen to me to explain!” Jiu Hanrou just shouted that a sword punctured, Jiu Hanrou said without enough time that hastily calls the double sword counter-attack. I am disinclined to listen to you to explain that your words my does not believe!” That Chu Yunhui coldly said, look at her juicy gently, but is actually in a towering rage at this time, when speech is also bringing intermittent murderous aura. Jiu Hanrou wrinkles the delicate eyebrows, wields the double sword to resist unceasingly, she has not attacked, obviously worried, because she and Chu Yunhui has the misunderstanding, so long as has relieved the misunderstanding, their good friend, if she also injures now Chu Yunhui, that misunderstanding will be getting bigger and bigger. Shen Xiang is looking at the same time, in the heart also secretly worries, the Jiu Hanrou strength is not weak, but she for now does not injure to arrive at Chu Yunhui, suppresses own strength, avoidance constantly resists, simply has not counterattacked, the words this way, Jiu Hanrou first will certainly be injured.

But that Chu Yunhui is angry, but she has not exhausted at this time fully, because here is the tomb, as defending grave person, she cannot make the too big move to come, although here grave is firm, is hard to destroy, but she is professional. To be what to do good, this way this young nine girls must be injured!” Shen Xiang wants to meddle, but his strength is limited, he is Low-Rank Heavenly God, but Jiu Hanrou and this Chu Yunhui have many Godhead High-Rank Heavenly God. Long Xueyi said: On you doesn't have Black Tortoise Cloth? Helps the young nine girls share a pressure, making her have the opportunity to explain!” Shen Xiang ran immediately, but Chu Yunhui also strengthens strength at this time, in the hand that glittering the red splendor ray long sword is looking at fixedly very strong Divine Power, crazy thorn to Jiu Hanrou, but Jiu Hanrou also can only clench teeth to avoid, does not dare to resist, strength that because Chu Yunhui uses at this time was getting stronger and stronger. Yunhui, you listened to me saying that I hopefully found Nine Spirit Kings now, when the time comes can convince all, otherwise I will not take risk to enter this prohibited Temple!” Jiu Hanrou clenches teeth saying: You calm down to listen to me to explain first, if I really am a rebel, I everywhere will not be letting you now!” Chu Yunhui is shouting: I do not listen, initially you chose to collude with the bystander to destroy Temple, I personally see, you do not need to explain!” Angry Chu Yunhui seems to be angry, exhausts strength to puncture a strongest sword, the red splendor sword light covers the trim tombs, in that instantaneous, Jiu Hanrou has not avoided again, but closes one's eyes, she is willing to withstand this sword, because initially truly was she made a mistake! Chu Yunhui sees Jiu Hanrou to give up resisting, has not avoided, heart inexplicable was soft, that pair the eye that fills to hate became is beautiful and gentle, but is actually full of the lamentation, because this sword could not receive, initially she does not believe that Jiu Hanrou will betray Nine Spirit Kings! But now Jiu Hanrou came back......

At this important moment, Shen Xiang suddenly fled, grasps Jiu Hanrou, making that sword puncture to own back! Oh!” The Shen Xiang pain shouted, felt own back must be poked, he is holding Jiu Hanrou, was flushed by that strength flies, hits on a short mountain. Black Tortoise Cloth!” Chu Yunhui is startled to shout that in the heart also secretly relaxed, she is a non- similarly think supple good female, the hate that because just for many years has accumulated makes her a moment ago very angry cut-throat, after all in the past Jiu Hanrou suddenly betrayed Nine Spirit Kings, to her attack is really too big. Also because just she trusts Jiu Hanrou, is very deep with the Jiu Hanrou sentiment, therefore suddenly is hard to accept, after afterward she accepted, hated Jiu Hanrou, but in her heart has actually hoped that Jiu Hanrou has not betrayed Nine Spirit Kings, she has been waiting for the explanation of Jiu Hanrou! Little nine younger sisters!” Chu Yunhui hastily flew, seeing Shen Xiang to press Jiu Hanrou under the body, in the heart a anger, wants to lift to start to trample Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang this sword has not suffered in vain, somewhat has eaten bean curd, if not for in a grave, he affirmed that meets after the wedding. He contacts the Jiu Hanrou vision, immediately has stood up from failure, making Jiu Hanrou stand up.