World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1911
After Jiu Hanrou gets up, looks that Chu Yunhui said with a smile lightly: Yunhui, you are same as usual, now your certainly is very at heart contradictory!” Saying, Chu Yunhui has cried to enclasp Jiu Hanrou, a moment ago looked like her very savage, but now is delicate likely a young miss. You explained quickly that you explained not well, I will massacre your.” Chu Yunhui is crying shouted. Shen Xiang feels the back, curls the lip saying: My pain died, nobody cared that I, I have not cried.” Jiu Hanrou made a long story short, chose to be the undercover her, infiltrated the enemy internal idea to tell Chu Yunhui. But I have miscalculated finally, has not obtained anything from unsurpassed old demon there, but also helped him seek for Divine Mirror of Six Paths to waste the massive time!” Jiu Hanrou is holding Chu Yunhui, sighed lightly. Chu Yunhui stopped sobbing, the nod said: This does not blame you, initially Nine Spirit Kings game is as good as lost, you found the way to recall make such matter to be also excusable, so long as your innermost feelings have not betrayed Nine Spirit Kings that's alright.” At this time Chu Yunhui remembered to help Jiu Hanrou keep off Shen Xiang of sword, asked: Who is this man? Can you with his together? Moreover he also has Black Tortoise Cloth!” Critical moment Shen Xiang comes out to keep off the sword, can see that his manner is good, cares about Jiu Hanrou very much, knows that their relationship is not ordinary. Nine Heavenly Devil Palace is...... Shen Xiang that I summoned speaks of here, Chu Yunhui broke him: Is Temple, Nine Heavens Temple!” Jiu Hanrou told Chu Yunhui the Shen Xiang's matter hastily, she named is the Jiu Hanrou matter.

This fellow, unexpectedly robs to be your thing!” Chu Yunhui knits the brows to look at Shen Xiang: He is good, saves you not awfully.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Actually I and Yujie elder sister relationship is also very good, she has looked after very much my.” Defends the grave person is a such female, Shen Xiang also thinks very interesting, moreover is very good with Jiu Hanrou relationship, looks like two sisters is the same. Yunhui, I also think you already...... Has not thought that can also see you!” Jiu Hanrou gently is holding Chu Yunhui. I continuously here, although Temple was prohibited, but has not affected here, initially Nine Spirit Kings had told me, making me continue to stay here, did not run around that's alright, these many years passed by, your suddenly came back, in my heart was very happy, I many years had not seen the earning a living person.” Chu Yunhui giggle smiles tenderly. Many years have not seen the earning a living person! These words make Shen Xiang hear strangely, like is the nonsense. Two females had many words to say that Shen Xiang sat in one side, put out Deicide Sword to play with, this Chu Yunhui stayed here was so long, was well, explained that this damned place was very safe, therefore Shen Xiang did not need to be vigilant anything. Chu Yunhui from Jiu Hanrou there learned that Shen Xiang has the matter of map, she looks at the map that Shen Xiang draws, knits the brows: „When this is the Temple at first map, had the modification in afterward many places! Place of this mark I have not gone, I only know that there has a cave, knows the person who this cave are not many, you do not know! I also accidentally know that Nine Spirit Kings made me not say at that time, moreover I cannot enter inside.” Shen Xiang said: Can be able to go? Here road change is very big!” The Jiu Hanrou doubts are puzzled: I also lived in Temple many years, unexpectedly do not know that the back garden in God king great hall had a mountain! That garden I also frequently go!”

Chu Yunhui said: I at that time also strange, afterward I know that there has profound Illusion Formation, therefore has not seen, I looked through at that time exactly.” How this road I know walk, we go now!” Jiu Hanrou said. Shen Xiang was impatient, he thinks that to that place, the method that can perhaps find, he does not want to be stranded in this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, if he does not have the map, not having Jiu Hanrou to guide, he was already treated as the dessert to eat. Yunhui, you and we go together!” Jiu Hanrou is holding the hand of Chu Yunhui. „, I also continued to defend here, I believe that Nine Spirit Kings will certainly come back!” Chu Yunhui shook the head, she said to Shen Xiang: Your sword does not have Godhead, I deliver you one, this is most appropriate Divine Sword.” Chu Yunhui puts out pale-green Godhead to give Shen Xiang, she also knows Shen Xiang to be unusual, summons Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, but also obtains Black Tortoise Cloth and supreme god bone, perhaps now appears here, can seek the Nine Spirit Kings clue. Shen Xiang receives, drops the blood to fuse this Godhead, lets Godhead since own body , then integrates in Deicide Sword through his body! The process of fusion is smooth, Godhead enters in Deicide Sword, awakens Godhead internal Divine Soul, such one, Deicide Sword is complete! Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang pours into Six Paths Power Deicide Sword, that Deicide Sword intent lets Jiu Hanrou and Chu Yunhui immediately the complexion big change. Six Paths God Emperor......” two female startled shouted.

Startled equally was also shouting in Hidden Jade Ring inside Long Xueyi, the aura that because Shen Xiang released at this time was really and that Six Paths God Emperor looks like. Six Paths God Emperor? Who is this? Is that Six Paths God king?” Shen Xiang receives strength, is confused. Six Paths God Emperor is the same with Nine Firmaments God Emperor, was extinguished country's of! But Six Paths God Emperor also preserves his a handful influences, is Six Paths Temple! In Six Paths Temple has six Six Paths God king, Supreme Devil God is Six Paths God king, but Deity King of head of Six Paths God king is the child of Six Paths God Emperor, now has been missing!” Jiu Hanrou answered. Chu Yunhui nodded: Six Paths God Emperor and Six Paths God king and Six Paths God Monarch they are three generations, but completely is missing now! But they most obvious characteristics are the Deicide Sword intent and Six Paths Power, these two through having Godhead Divine Sword fuse together, will produce you a moment ago that strength.” Jiu Hanrou sighed: Was a pity that Six Paths Temple basically had been controlled now, the Six Paths Divine Country duplicate country was also hopeless.” Shen Xiang said: Duplicate country is hopeless, destroys completely other nine Divine Country, when the time comes established that's alright again.” Where is so easy, did not say Nine Spirit Kings, initially Nine Firmaments God Emperor could not achieve.” Jiu Hanrou shook the head: We continue, first goes to that place to have a look, Nine Spirit Kings leaves leeway any clue there.” Said goodbye with Chu Yunhui, Shen Xiang continued to go forward with Jiu Hanrou, they went out of the tombs quickly, arrived at a brand-new building group, here building was the padauk teak construction, has tens of thousands, very grand, after all this was the place of Nine Spirit Kings duplicate country's, was equal existence in small world. Xueyi told me, initially only then ten do Divine Country, how emit Six Paths Divine Country to come now?” Shen Xiang looks at the building group forefront that tower over a city gate front door, above writes Nine Firmaments Temple four large characters.