World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1912

Jiu Hanrou arrives under the front door of tower over a city gate, opens that leaf of padauk teak front door, said: Six Paths Divine Country is first extinguished Divine Country, at that time Nine Firmaments God Emperor seized the opportunity, damaged severely while other nine country Yuan Qi, rapidly rose, therefore became new tenth Divine Country! But soon , the fate was the same with Six Paths Divine Country.” Long Xueyi said: Currently perhaps had new tenth Divine Country to rise, but other nine Divine Country were duplicating the past matter, therefore nine Divine Country do not pay attention to this Gods now, should be starts preparing to eliminate that new tenth country!” Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou walk into the tower over a city gate front door, that is standing in great numbers various buildings heave in sight immediately, but is actually the nobody left, is very chilly, is similar to the ghost town is ordinary. ...... Outside Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, suddenly presents one to wear the golden robe man, he grasps the golden folding fan, landing slowly enters passage of front door in that ta step by step to the Nine Heavenly Devil Palace front door. Worthily is Nine Firmaments God Emperor refinement thing, a little way! Although was jointly prohibited, but can still produce that strong making a false counter-accusation strength.” The men walk on that road skeleton armies, unexpectedly can also wield the folding fan in fight, initially Shen Xiang they came , the whole body does not listen to direct. After this golden robe man enters Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, quick sought God of Wealth they, unexpectedly was not much left! God of Wealth, Fire God and Goddess Palace Master, War-God Palace Master and Infernal Demon Emperor, only then they are also living, other died completely. I misjudged!” Infernal Demon Emperor said to this golden robe man: I do not think clearly, why Shen Xiang can summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace to come, should have Feng Yujie to summon is right!” The golden robe man nods saying: I also think strange, therefore I come to see! We go to Nine Firmaments Temple, above transfers, making me go to there investigation investigation.” This golden robe man can come in ease, moreover looks for separate them, is definitely formidable, War-God Palace Master and Fire God do not dare to say anything, can only with.

God of Wealth and Goddess Palace Master and Infernal Demon Emperor, know who obviously this golden robe man is, after all they are the puppets, takes orders in this golden robe man. Later your three, listen to my order, I will take over control of the unsurpassed old demon the thing, he went back to handle the matter.” The golden robe man said: After a period of time Divine Prison inside fellow will run, is influence that the time suppression this place digs, but Divine Prison that group of fellows are the best goons, does not need to tell them, they can strength that rises here suppress.” strength that Gods rises most is also only High-Rank Heavenly God, wanting birth Highest God to be difficult, this is because has these Divine Country to suppress, can practice Highest God cultivation technique to ruin completely, only then Supreme Temple, Beast God Temple and Six Paths Temple have, but these three Temple were also seeped by that nine Divine Country fiercely, these cultivation technique generally non- to divulge to an outsider. Infernal Demon Emperor said: That Demon Execution has opportunity to step into Highest God Realm very much, must prevent him, if he becomes Highest God, was not good to cope!” The golden robe man takes the lead, he in unexpectedly to this is familiar, he has not taken the road of that stretch of tombs, but is another. I examined in this, I will process!” The golden robe man looks to distant place that building group, said: We came late, some people to enter Nine Firmaments Temple, must catch up surely, in they discovered Donche before inside destroyed completely them.” God of Wealth said: Certainly is Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang this fellow summoned Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, moreover probably was familiar to this in!” ...... After Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou enter this Nine Firmaments Temple building group, directly soars the God king great hall, there is Nine Spirit Kings usually convenes the place that major minute of hall Hall Master meet. That mountain that Chu Yunhui said that back garden in this God king great hall.

This was that garden, how to have seen that mountain? Also wants solve that Illusion Formation?” Jiu Hanrou walks in the garden, is caressing these five colors riotous flowers gently, she can smell the fragrance that the flower releases, sees that, is very difficult to imagine this is Illusion Formation releases. Shen Xiang suddenly remembers, after he fuses all Primal Chaos Fire Token, except for having the map emerges his mind, massive spirit pattern chart, that perhaps unties the Illusion Formation key. These spirit pattern!” Shen Xiang told Jiu Hanrou this matter immediately. You compose formation these spirit pattern, should be able to let break here Illusion Formation.” Jiu Hanrou asked: „Can you achieve?” The Shen Xiang nod said: Does not have the issue, but requires time!” Jiu Hanrou said: Good, here is very safe, you can feel relieved!” However she just spoke these words, the complexion changed, her arrow step flees to Shen Xiang side, holds on Shen Xiang, then moves sideways to hide into behind a rockery, in her hand also presses firmly between the fingers very small formation plate, this formation plate releases strength covers her and Shen Xiang! Do not hide, I know you here!” The golden robe man arrives quickly, is bringing God of Wealth Infernal Demon Emperor their several. Some unexpectedly people appear here . Moreover the character who Jiu Hanrou fears, in the Shen Xiang heart is criticizing, wanted solve Illusion Formation to see that mountain shortly, actually suddenly emitted such a fellow. Shen Xiang gives Jiu Hanrou sound transmission: What fellow is this? Was stranded in Temple?”

Jiu Hanrou shakes the head, sound transmission replied: „It is not, he comes from outside, although the strength does not have the unsurpassed old demon to be fierce, but his status is very high, within the body has the ruler bloodlines of Divine Country, the unsurpassed old demon must listen his.” Shen Xiang said: actually is an aristocrat! He strong? Can't you hit him?” Jiu Hanrou had not replied, but is trying to find the solution of running away, but her clear this time is very difficult to escape: Cannot hit, he is Highest God, more than ten Godhead, young has this grade of strength, has Divine Country these Imperial Family to be good. I with the unsurpassed old demon mixes, has seen one side him.” Shen Xiang said: I start set up formation now, I the formation arrangement in Divine Mirror of Six Paths, after the prepare, I control Divine Mirror of Six Paths to shine!” The Jiu Hanrou nod said: As soon as possible, this fellow, although is fierce, but he has not seen here Illusion Formation!” Shen Xiang already started to combine these spirit pattern, he Divine Mirror of Six Paths release in Divine sea, he and Long Xueyi fuses, four Divine Soul assist to arrange that solve Illusion Formation formation in inside. That golden robe man brings Infernal Demon Emperor they to approach gradually, they arrive at behind the rockery, Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou saw them! However they have not seen Jiu Hanrou and Shen Xiang, this is because in Jiu Hanrou hand that magic treasure reason. My this magic treasure is Nine Spirit Kings gives, can only let our temporary stealth a period of time, how long could not support, you as soon as possible!” In the Jiu Hanrou heart worries very much, once because was discovered they were finished.