World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1913

Infernal Demon Emperor sees here nobody, asked: Young Master, were they walked?” The golden robe man shakes the head saying: Has not walked! Their aura also here, but among suddenly vanished, they should use any magic treasure, if they move, I can induce obtain!” God of Wealth asked: They? Doesn't have Shen Xiang one?” The golden robe man closes one's eyes, is actually inducing all around, said: No, young nine girls! Has not thought that she also entered Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, she should be has come very much in long time ago, where she has known Nine Heavenly Devil Palace.” Infernal Demon Emperor also knows the young nine girls, moreover is very familiar, now the young nine girls and Shen Xiang unite together, he thinks to think to be angry. This woman, initially was she lost Divine Mirror of Six Paths, if not for she, Divine Mirror of Six Paths will not fall into the Shen Xiang hand.” Infernal Demon Emperor said wickedly. The golden robe man closes one's eyes, indifferently said: Does not need life Qi/angry, Divine Mirror of Six Paths to return to our hands quickly, when the time comes they will die, so long as we now looked for that's alright them.” Shen Xiang can hear their words with Jiu Hanrou, in the heart worried, this golden robe man is truly fierce, can be so calm to the present, the probably unusual confidence grasps to be the same them, this type self-confident is not that blind ownself suffer! Shen Xiang is picking up the speed to construct formation, has completed, although in the Jiu Hanrou heart is very anxious, but had not urged that she worried this instead will slow the Shen Xiang's progress. Good!” Shen Xiang suddenly relaxed: Now can start to use, does not know that can succeed!” In the Jiu Hanrou heart is also a loosen, but can succeed or a matter, she is also anxious immediately. Shen Xiang calls Divine Mirror of Six Paths, stimulates to movement Divine Mirror of Six Paths, engraving to project in inside mark, is this instantaneous, that golden robe man opens the eye, the folding fan in hand opens, leaves [gold/metal] wind to Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou fan.

Jiu Hanrou responded that also very rapid Min, draws Shen Xiang to leap up immediately to the white light that Divine Mirror of Six Paths shines, has avoided the attack of golden robe man. The golden robe man also saw in that spoken parts light to have a stretch of world a moment ago, his startled shouted: Here is Illusion Formation, has the eastern Tibet in this place, their solve this Illusion Formation!” ...... After Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou solve Illusion Formation, arrived in a piece of thick patch of grass, their Yang Tang in the thick patch of grass, green mountain that can see distant place that reaching to the sky, they gasp for breath in gulps, almost must be killed a moment ago. that was close, is now safe!” Shen Xiang sits to set out, laughs: „The fellow should solve this Illusion Formation, this perhaps be the Nine Firmaments God Emperor arrangement.” Jiu Hanrou has also shown charming smile: Certainly is the Nine Firmaments God Emperor arrangement, the Nine Spirit Kings set up formation technique is not this!” Finally goes to this mysterious place, Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou has to worry at heart, because outside has fierce Highest God, they do not know that in this place road whether can find! First has a look at Nine Spirit Kings to hide anything here! Outside that fellow again fierce, he does not have to break the formation spirit pattern, suddenly is unable to come.” Jiu Hanrou was also a moment ago anxious, only almost they must be held, the consequence is dreadful. Jiu Hanrou walks toward distant place that big green mountain, where has a cave! Shen Xiang follows in her behind, while looks at all around scenery, he thought that this is Illusion Formation so is not only simple, should be a space, because this inside looks like be much bigger than entire Nine Firmaments God Emperor. Enters the cave deep place, Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou only sees very small formation plate, did not have other things, on this formation plate has the dense and numerous marks, very abstruse complex, was not the average person can refine.

Jiu Hanrou said: I try, look to open this formation plate, perhaps this is Teleportation Formation formation plate!” Can exit, can only look at this small formation plate, otherwise they must be stranded here. Jiu Hanrou places on pair of white hands formation plate, secret revolution god profound strength, but formation plate does not have any response, she strengthens the god profound strength gradually, causes Shen Xiang can feel the god profound strength of her within the body clearly crazy to well up, pours into formation plate! The moment passed by, Jiu Hanrou is wrinkling the willow eyebrows, exclaims: This formation plate unexpectedly like is bottomless pit, in my Divine sea, as well as strength in several Godhead transport, the unexpectedly response does not have!” Shen Xiang walked to try, poured into inside Six Paths Power, had not responded that his congealing eyebrow said: Opens this formation plate to need the specific method?” Shen Xiang has tried drop blood, but had still not responded! Primal Chaos Fire Token, takes your Primal Chaos Fire Token!” Jiu Hanrou said: „After seven Primal Chaos Fire Token a person fuses, can melt the same place!” Shen Xiang puts out seven Primal Chaos Fire Token, under his control, really turns into the same place, Primal Chaos Fire Token releases a white light immediately, light glow shines on formation plate, the formation plate center presented tiny hole, happen to can put Primal Chaos Fire Token. Shen Xiang looks to Jiu Hanrou, Jiu Hanrou nodded to him, then he inserts in Primal Chaos Fire Token that tiny hole. formation plate some very big response, has sprayed white light glow immediately, what making Jiu Hanrou excited is, in that spoken parts light presents phantom of middle-aged man, this middle-aged man manner is auspicious, a long white hair hangs the waist! Shen Xiang initially in the earth core palace, saw has dressed up like this, this is that Nine Spirit Kings one of them!

Deity King!” The Jiu Hanrou sound is excited startled to shout. Deity King to her lightly smiled: You should know that your plan was how stupid!” Jiu Hanrou somewhat chokes with sobs: Your unexpectedly knew!” Deity King he he smiles: We just started not to know that does not come to replace your fellow to be too stupid, we steal her remember that she does not know!” Initially Jiu Hanrou very much long time ago left Nine Heavens Temple, disguised to hire oneself Supreme Devil God, to win the trust of Supreme Devil God, she arranged that counterfeit demon emperor with Nine Spirit Kings, drew in advance the useful news, but Nine Spirit Kings saw through quickly. Nine Heavens Temple turns into this not to blame you, you do not need to rebuke oneself, all these are we expect! Moreover is also we intentionally makes Nine Heavens Temple turn so! After Nine Heavens Temple falls to the enemy, we also clearly see clearly these seem like the loyal and devoted disciple innermost feelings are hiding any idea! They betray us, we are not accidental!” This Deity King extends the hand that light atomizes, the affection is stroking Jiu Hanrou. Jiu Hanrou suddenly wants to understand many matters, hurriedly said: „Can Yunhui still outside, she have danger(ous)?”