World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1914
Deity King said: Does not need to be worried that Yunhui she is returns the child, does not need to be worried her!” Jiu Hanrou was worried very much: But...... Outside comes Highest God, Yunhui is not their matches, moreover later will come more!” Deity King he he smiles: Silly child, you thinks deceased person who in really these short mountains buries? Thinks really these fellows were punished? They are just are closing up, for these years, they close up wakes up, would having a look at Yunhui this child, if Yunhui has danger(ous), that group of fellows definitely will jump!” Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou have shocked, actually that is not the tombs, but is the massive martial arts rooms, but Nine Spirit Kings they made these fellows seem like died! After knowing the truth, in the Shen Xiang heart is the fear, these living fellow, dying is scarier than! Jiu Hanrou now is clear, actually initially Nine Heavens Temple fell to the enemy, is Nine Spirit Kings intentionally, is the bureau of their cloth! I am quite accidental, some people open this formation plate time, my unexpectedly can see the young nine girls!” Deity King looks at Shen Xiang, on the face full is the gentle smile, but in the Shen Xiang heart is very uncomfortable, although this Deity King is only the Divine sense condition, but is fierce, had completely understood the penetrating him. Jiu Hanrou spits the tongue: Primal Chaos Fire Token that Deity King you initially kept, was obtained by this little rascal, but I and elder sisters know this little rascal.” Deity King said: My Primal Chaos Fire Token leaves being predestined friends person, his trying hard collection is uneven, and arrived here, this had proven his skill, but you and big nine girls with him are the friends, that should better! Has not thought that unexpectedly initially left your supreme god bone continually, was obtained by him...... Black Tortoise Cloth also on him, is not good brat.”

Shen Xiang has laughed foolishly several, asked: Deity King, you now where?” Deity King sighed: We also want to come out now, but was actually blocked, you can arrive luckily, perhaps otherwise our plans must postpone many years, even from new plan.” At that time our Nine Firmaments Divine Country were destroyed, but the part was preserved by our father, builds up into this Nine Heavens Temple, to protect the Divine Country foundation, the father he refines very firmly this Nine Heavens Temple! But he did not feel relieved that carries on the multiple refinements the Divine Country foundation again, therefore in this Temple has the 9th level space, you now in 1st level, but we...... Including father in 9th level!” Jiu Hanrou and Shen Xiang shock, Nine Firmaments God Emperor unexpectedly has not died, moreover in this! „The refinement of 9th level space, each 1st level is firm. But is hard to destroy outside Nine Heavens Temple! Initially two God Emperor collaborated, changed Temple outside structure and layout, increased some mechanism traps, planned our in dire straits in this!” Deity King also said: Now can only with the way of outside relation be this formation plate!” Nine Spirit Kings cannot come out now, obviously this 9th level space is fearful! „After father he routs, is seriously injured, to preserve the foundation, does not attend to severe wound, refines the 9th level space to make us avoid other Divine Country to be ruthless! At this time the father returns the deep sleep, but we initially were compelled to have no way out by other Divine Country, can only enter this final safe place, waits for the father to wake up! But the father the time of his deep sleep is too long, is above our expectations, but we initially also in a planned way!” Heard Nine Spirit Kings saying that Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou understood! Nine Spirit Kings must come out from that 9th level space, only then Nine Firmaments God Emperor can accomplish, but Nine Firmaments God Emperor also in deep sleep! Deity King, you were said that we did help you come out?” Jiu Hanrou is somewhat puzzled, does not have the means to come out including Nine Spirit Kings, what to do do they obtain?

Deity King shakes the head saying: „It is not, is he comes, leads us!” The Shen Xiang eyebrow corner/horn jumps, nine God king are formidable, they cannot come out, he also does have what skills and abilities lead them? Deity King said with a smile: Naturally is not now, now makes you come, also has harmed you! I meant that you found other three Divine Weapon first, then arrived here, when the time comes you enter here again, then coordinates me to give your fifth Divine Weapon, can open to the 1st level space front door, we can exit!” unexpectedly also has fifth Divine Weapon, just in the Deity King hand, these is Nine Firmaments God Emperor refines, the critical moment can also treat as the key use! When the time comes as the reward, I will give you fifth Divine Weapon.” Deity King also said. Shen Xiang has readily agreed that otherwise Jiu Hanrou can not have with him, he obtains Jiu Hanrou supreme god bone, he should shoulder this minute of responsibility , helping Nine Spirit Kings, he matters had already done and other, otherwise in his heart will be guilty. Jiu Hanrou asked: Deity King, do we want to leave Temple? Temple is prohibited now by strength, can only come, is unable to exit! Only then these Divine Country fellows know how can leave.” Nine Spirit Kings look at under him that small formation plate: Can transmit with this formation plate, can transmit at any time, is good near Temple! You can summon Temple with Primal Chaos Fire Token first, after entering Temple, then opens formation plate to come in this 1st level space!” Shen Xiang nodded, said: „After I exit, possibly a little will be troublesome, because I passed Supreme Temple trial, Supreme Temple must make me join!”

Deity King is very surprised: Very fierce, your present strength unexpectedly passed Supreme Temple that trial not awfully! This is not the issue, when the time comes you join Supreme Temple first, after the strength is increased to the certain extent, then through their another trial is separated from Supreme Temple that's alright! You should be able to achieve.” Jiu Hanrou has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, said: Deity King, initially I disguised to hire oneself that side them, was arranged to work as the subordinate in unsurpassed old demon there, they make me seek for Divine Mirror of Six Paths, do they want Divine Mirror of Six Paths to be useful?” After Deity King hear, the complexion changes, the running together of two syllables in rapid speech asked: „Did they find? This Divine Mirror of Six Paths cannot fall into their hands.” Jiu Hanrou shot a look at Shen Xiang to be the same: They had found originally, but Divine Mirror of Six Paths repairs when Hell, was robbed by this little rascal.” Shen Xiang laughed, the Divine Mirror of Six Paths main application he has not clarified now, but has actually brought very big advantage to him. Deity King also smiled: Was then good, falls into on your shoulder the matter that Six Paths God Emperor rescues, when the time comes perhaps our Nine Firmaments and Six Paths can jointly resurface, resist other nine Divine Country!” Shen Xiang smiled: Good, I do everything possible, who made me obtain these treasure!” Deity King Ha Ha said with a smile: You must make first us, then equals Six Paths that side matter! In brief after you exit, as far as possible other exposed whereabouts, even if nine Divine Country knows that you have Divine Mirror of Six Paths, but Supreme Temple as far as possible will also protect your, Supreme Temple has our Nine Firmaments and strength of Six Paths layout.”