World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1915

Initially Six Paths Divine Country first was extinguished, then Nine Firmaments went against the Six Paths Divine Country position, was also destroyed completely, but they were remaining many strength, moreover joined up in secret. Shen Xiang somewhat was worried: Heard that in Supreme Temple has Divine Country seepage strength, I worried that will encounter the violent treachery in!” Deity King said: Has other Divine Country influences in Supreme Temple, but you do not need to be worried, Supreme Temple also divides to have several schools of influences! You possibly do not know, in Six Paths and Nine Firmaments these two Divine Country except later, there is new Divine Country to appear, has replaced the tenth Divine Country position! That nine Divine Country initially after our Nine Firmaments great war, Yuan Qi damages severely, must cope with that tenth Divine Country also to lack the ability to do what one would like, therefore our Nine Firmaments and Six Paths must resurfacing as soon as possible, reconstruct Divine Country here!” In actually Supreme Temple is that complex, heard the Deity King words, Shen Xiang has felt relieved, he can feel at ease in Supreme Temple stays a period of time. You enter Supreme Temple, has opportunity to go to that tenth Divine Country words, you had better be able make contact with the line with that Divine Country.” Deity King also urged one: You enter Supreme Temple, must be careful that on the face has the black Dragon Wen fellow, that is Black Dragon Divine Country, prohibits Nine Heavens Temple main strength.” Outside the Nine Heavens Temple front door, has these double headed Black Dragon, actually is Black Dragon Divine Country. Was good, later met says other again, you received formation plate, kept strength to transmit.” Deity King said that on vanish from sight, formation plate immediately has also closed. But Shen Xiang also had the induction with formation plate at this time, can open formation plate. Little nine elder sisters, we walk! After I exit, immediately goes to Supreme Temple, you look for Sister Feng!” Shen Xiang said. Long Xueyi suddenly shouted: I also go with her, Ziqian she must go, you go to Supreme Temple!” Long Xueyi must leave, Shen Xiang naturally somewhat does not give up, but he quite approved that Long Xueyi the strength is now good, their together can also have to take care of Lu Qilian mutually, but he goes to Supreme Temple not to have what bad risk. Ziqian she now how?”

Bai Ziqian obtains the inheritance of Ancient Poisonous God King, so long as can control her Ancient Poison, she will become very strong, even if will be Highest God must have scruples her three points. Was good to be many, moreover she has been able to control Ancient Poison!” Long Xueyi said: You go to Supreme Temple to look after itself good!” Shen Xiang can certainly look after itself good, he smiled, opens formation plate, bringing Jiu Hanrou to leave this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace! After he leaves Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, because has Primal Chaos Fire Token him not in inside, therefore Nine Heavenly Devil Palace also immediately vanishes, perhaps as for in inside God of Wealth and the others, as well as that golden robe man, needs more laborious can come out. Little nine elder sisters, protect them!” Shen Xiang urged Jiu Hanrou, because the Jiu Hanrou strength was very formidable, but Long Xueyi and Bai Ziqian are very weak, especially faced that God of Wealth this rank Heavenly God. Jiu Hanrou knows that Bai Ziqian has the Ancient Poison inheritance, feels the admiration to her, unexpectedly dares to touch this type of thing, as for Long Xueyi, she was familiar, because initially Long Xueyi was also one of the Nine Spirit Kings resurrect ancient divine beast. Jiu Hanrou and Long Xueyi and Bai Ziqian just departed, Huang Jintian that evolution Teleportation Formation appeared, Huang Jintian has also transmitted! Master, you come really quickly!” Shen Xiang is somewhat accidental. Can not be quick? I am using Heaven's Divination Technique to calculate all day you died, has not thought that just calculated, discovered you left that damned place, do you run? This is impossible, it is said enters that place, even if undying, tens of thousands of years has not been unable to come out.” Huang Jintian sees Shen Xiang standing well in the front , is very happy, Ha Ha smiles. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Master, you are not do not know that your apprentice I am not the ordinary person, therefore I can come out now, is not considered as that any strange event!” Huang Jintian happily said with a smile: Good good! What to go to harvest?”

Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: „A harvest does not have, but also almost died!” Huang Jintian curls the lip saying: You replied such simply, definitely was deceives my, you definitely had very big harvest, was worried that I wanted to you, to not?” Good, the harvest has, but is some Godhead! For example that hundred fight Dan God Godhead, in my hands, Hehe.” Shen Xiang said with a smile cloudy: These Godhead I give you, you do not dare to want!” Huang Jintian snort|hum said: I dare certainly to want, I like annoying troublesome, these Godhead leave you to enjoy!” Shen Xiang asked the proper business hastily: „After I summoned Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, this did Gods have the big sound?” Huang Jintian sighed: Naturally has, the sound is much bigger! First was Divine Prison broke, a troop evil person ran, Demon Execution Heavenly God and Heaven Punishment God collaborated to reconstruct Demon Soul Executing City, Heaven Punishment God no longer manage audiences Temple, but Goddess Palace had a strange event, their Goddess Palace Master unexpectedly also ran from Nine Heavenly Devil Palace!” Mentioned Goddess Palace, Shen Xiang thinks that he is stranded that group of females who Goddess Palace Master brought in Divine Mirror of Six Paths, now he has put these females. Shen Xiang said to these females: Your true Palace Master should come back!” These females have not said anything with Shen Xiang, leaves on hastily. Huang Jintian then said: I have investigated, after snow and ice retrogression of that Highest God forbidden land, can lead to world of Nine Heaven, now major Temple are ready to make trouble, plans to carve up a domain in world of Nine Heaven, but Feng Yujie their these females, unexpectedly in world of Nine Heaven!” Moreover Feng Yujie has special strength, can control the revolution of world of Nine Heaven, the air/Qi of Spiritual God centralized in a place, causes to have Temple of domain not to have the air/Qi of Spiritual God in world of Nine Heaven! What is most fearful, many resources can move, gathers completely in the Feng Yujie domain!”

Shen Xiang said with a smile: Feng Yujie is Nine Heavens Goddess, the world of Nine Heaven master, it seems like she arrived at certain Realm, can control world of Nine Heaven, this is the good matter!” Huang Jintian puts out his ancient book, starts to record something above, in the mouth is reading: Shen Xiang entered Nine Heavenly Devil Palace shortly after to come out......” He just recorded these, sky presents a white light, old man descends slowly, after this is Shen Xiang previous time enters Supreme Temple, that elder who runs into. Has sufficed noisily, almost should enter Supreme Temple! You can also lie low until something blows over in inside.” This white robe old man said. Bai Pao old man said that looks to ancient book in Huang Jintian hand, surprisedly said: Heaven's Divination God Record...... are you old undying?” Huang Jintian truly is old undying, he said: You also understand Heaven's Divination Technique, such quickly found this little rascal? Who you are, do you know me?” Previous Huang Jintian and Demon Execution Heavenly God when Highest God forbidden land outside, has met this white robe old man, at that time white robe old man did not have now such facial expression. I recognize certainly you, this book have you been bringing along?” White robe old man hastily pursues asks, obviously the Huang Jintian's status is serious, unexpectedly makes the Supreme Temple elder so surprised.