World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1916
Long Xueyi had said before the Huang Jintian's status is special mystically, because in his ancient book records many remote important matter, but is still continuing such procedure Huang Jintian to the present, some record big matters. But now the Supreme Temple elder says this ancient book name, named Heaven's Divination God Record, one listens to know that has the origin. But Huang Jintian seems like loses probably recalls to be the same, some matters he cannot record, must be able to recall something through that Heaven's Divination God Record. That white robe old man arrives at side Huang Jintian, but Huang Jintian actually hastily receives Heaven's Divination God Record. I do not know you, how do you know my?” Huang Jintian pursues asks: „Do you want to deceive my Heaven's Divination God Record?” White robe old man looks at Lan Tian, in the look is being full of the recollection: My first time sees your time, you are young people, at that time I was also very young, moreover you are I respect expert very much!” In the Shen Xiang heart dark startled, white robe old man is in the Supreme Temple important elder, the strength is very definitely strong, there is an age, but Huang Jintian is actually his year ago expert of time worship, this Huang Jintian's origin has been above the Shen Xiang's expectation. Initially he met the Huang Jintian's time, Huang Jintian is a strength very strong old lunatic, moreover was having close infinite life, at that time no one knew his origin! Huang Jintian knits the brows: „Don't I have the impression? Was I very really fierce before? My amnesia actually is so serious!” White robe old man said with a smile: Senior, you do not lose now recalled, but is the curse of your this race, once in a while, your this races will come across a time disaster, if unable through this disaster, you to lose remembers that will also be diverged including cultivation base! However Heaven's Divination God Record and Heaven's Divination Technique continuously in your mind!”

In the past was so long, according to your present strength, at least passes through more than ten disasters! Then Undead clan eternal undying, Divine Soul will not diverge, even if the fleshly body destruction, Divine Soul can also revolution Heaven's Divination Technique remould fleshly body then to carry on the rebirth!” Huang Jintian surprisedly said: You said well, this matter I also think, only then I know that I was very excited before, because I think that I must carry on the first disaster, has not thought that my unexpectedly has experienced more than ten times!” White robe old man is puzzled, said: This is not right, I remember you had not carried on the disaster in the past time, the strength approached God king, at that time I guessed you should start transcends tribulation in the boundary of God king, but you now are Heavenly God!” Shen Xiang shot a look at Huang Jintian to be the same, he did not have to think own this lunatic Master, unexpectedly once was God king, moreover let him the disaster that after more than ten that types remelted to rebuild, if he all crossed, the present strength is fearful? Huang Jintian sees look that Shen Xiang that despises to project, shakes the head saying: Is impossible, I consecutively more than ten will times cross? I do not have am so disappointing, you definitely were the admitting mistakes person, do not shout me for Senior again!” White robe old man hurriedly said: I will not admit mistakes, Undead clan only remaining your, but Undead clan cannot multiply, initially you had five, other four died!” Huang Jintian said with a smile: „Before , said that Undead clan eternal Indestructible, said now other four died, you talked nonsense!” Huang Jintian somewhat is hard to accept the consecutively more than ten failures, especially before Shen Xiang this apprentice, although he usually always makes the matter that many are not concerned about face, but on this matter, he is concerned about face! White robe old man shakes the head sighs: Senior, the Undead clan person meets eternal Indestructible, but this must have a premise, is Undead clan has a person of time! Because only then Undead clan uses Heaven's Divination Technique to kill Undead clan!”

Shen Xiang has thought immediately very brutal matter, in the Huang Jintian heart also jumps, hastily asked: You meant that I have killed other four clansmen?” White robe old man shakes the head saying: „It is not, you only kill one! Because in your five Undead clan, suddenly goes crazy, planned that has all killed your four, by own eternal Indestructible, therefore he kills other three first, finally looks for you, then you killed him!” Such result Huang Jintian can also accept, nodded: This feeling is not feeling well, my past unexpectedly made others tell me, oh!” White robe old man said with a smile: Senior, I listened to my Master saying that if after Undead clan transcends tribulation failure repeatedly, if the time can succeed, the beforehand memories and some strength will come back, moreover later will again not have this disaster!” Shen Xiang is patting the Huang Jintian's shoulder, said with a smile: Master, you are really disappointing, more than ten times cannot cross, gets what one deserves to remelt that the time, ha Ha Ha......” Huang Jintian sinks immediately the face, life Qi/angry has knocked the Shen Xiang's head, but actually discovered that Shen Xiang's extraordinary hard, somewhat hits his hand to be sore: little rascal, I wanted transcends tribulation quickly, when I crossed you to know that in the past I was fierce, the wing was hard, unexpectedly dares to ridicule me!” „Did junior, call you? Before were we familiar?” Huang Jintian accepted own status, although he does not have this white robe old man to be strong at present, but opposite party, since shouted that he for Senior, he only has also been able to acknowledge encouragingly. Younger generation doesn't Yi Baidong, know the Senior honored name?” This Yi Baidong unexpectedly has not known the Huang Jintian's name. Huang Jintian asked: „Didn't you know my name before? What was my beforehand name called?”

Yi Baidong shook the head: Does not know that you were mystical before, we called you for old undying Senior!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Old undying Senior, this name is good!” Huang Jintian stared him to be the same immediately, Shen Xiang grinningly said: My Master called Huang Jintian, the nickname old lunatic, it seems like he went crazy frequently is because the memory caused confusedly!” Yi Baidong said to Shen Xiang: You and I have agreement, must keep Supreme Temple, now the time almost arrived, now goes back with me!” Shen Xiang has the Divine Mirror of Six Paths matter to be known by Infernal Demon Emperor, quick on feedback to unsurpassed old demon there, if known by these Divine Country, quick will have more formidable Highest God to catch him, therefore he also wants to enter in Supreme Temple to evade now. Good, walks now!” Shen Xiang could not wait to go to Supreme Temple, Yi Baidong looks to Huang Jintian, asked: Senior, your does if wanted go to Supreme Temple to sit? I can take responsibility, making you stay a period of time in Supreme Temple!” Huang Jintian said with a smile: Since your great kindness invited, I was not good to refuse, to walk!”