World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1918

Shen Xiang is waiting for in this crude alchemy room patiently, although these three brothers look like always like noisily, but the sentiment is extremely good, will otherwise not be together for a long time returns together. Through the inquiry, Shen Xiang knew that their three brothers are surnamed Gu, do not have the name, is calls their Gu Laoda, Gu Laoer, Gu Laosan! little rascal, cannot visit you really is also alchemy, young, should go to Sword Hall this type to be right to your mother, comes Dan Hall leaves uncultivated the life radically, all day can only alchemy, moreover here does not have what younger sister, only then our these old men.” Gu Laoda said with a smile: We are young time, repeatedly requests Hall Master to gather several younger sisters to come, but that fellow does not have the charm, therefore here is this!” Shen Xiang smiled speechless, asks: How many alchemy masters our does Dan Hall have?” Gu Laoer laughs: How many do you think? Our three, Hall Master adds on you in addition again, has five!” This stems from Shen Xiang's to anticipate, initially he when Sword Hall and Song Peng compared with the sword, that Profound God Sword Hall inside disciple that called more than one, they unified the clothing, the neat arrangement, that weaponry Shen Xiang the impression is still profound! But this Dan Hall unexpectedly only then their several! Sees the Shen Xiang's expression, Gu Laosan saying: You have had reached adulthood, do not tease little brat to play! You called Shen Xiang was right, truth told you, Dan Hall altogether 20, but we were supreme Dan Hall tenth, but our strengths were second! Reason that is listed tenth , because Hall Master and others compared with fighting to lose!” Shen Xiang somewhat is surprised, Dan Hall has 20, but their this tenth altogether has five people! That Profound God Sword Hall that initially he went, said that also several thousand, this quantity differed is too big! Other are Dan Hall also the similar situations?” Shen Xiang asked that understood alchemy after all were too few, but in this Supreme Temple to entering Dan Hall the request was also very high.

Our is medium, least 20 only then two old ghosts, what the population are most is one, there are more than ten.” Gu Laoda said: Generally joins Dan Hall, originally from Sword Hall, Fist Hall and Soul Hall, they are interested in alchemy to late stage, moreover walks this also to compare to have the smoothness, therefore joined through trial.” Shen Xiang to Supreme Temple in divides to your mother too had not understood that asked: In Supreme Temple, only then these four to your mother?” Gu Laoer said: Elder Hall and Protector hall, but that is no one can go, generally said often, is Sword Hall, Fist Hall, Soul Hall and Dan Hall these four to your mother, but must join Elder Hall and Protector hall, generally must in these four big have an achievement to your mother, obtains the elders and Protector reporting, obtains the trial qualifications, can join through trial!” Shen Xiang did not know about this Supreme Temple that these three brothers can also look, they very patient explanation, for them, compared with quarrelling to kill the time to be much better. Sword Hall and Fist Hall can be said as strongest, the population are most! If sword Hall Master cultivates Sword Dao, but Fist Hall is fist technique! As for Soul Hall, that mainly cultivates Divine Soul, develops various Divine Soul marvelous methods, they will transform also Divine Soul! For example the catch formidable beasts, seek the beast soul improvement, integrates in Divine sea again, acts this assigns Divine Soul!” Hears Soul Hall that behind Gu Laoda mentioned, Shen Xiang has very big interest, unexpectedly can formidable beast soul changed own assign Divine Soul, this can omit congealing soul the step! Shen Xiang is completely curious, closely examines: Said that Soul Hall is very easy to concentrate multi- Divine Soul to come?” The Gu Laoda nod said: Is such good, Sword Hall and Fist Hall, including our Dan Hall Heavenly God, similar time, will ask them to discuss that Divine Soul matter, to certain reward Soul Hall, then seeks beast soul, making Soul Hall help to transform , helping to integrate Divine sea, this only need concentrate Godhead to break through.” Enters the boundary of Heavenly God, needs to congeal many Divine Soul and Godhead can break through, now Shen Xiang has pair of soul double Godhead, is only Low-Rank Heavenly God, but strongest High-Rank Heavenly God, can have nine Godhead!

Has ten Godhead, can become Highest God! Our Dan Hall, although usually does not have anything to have the feeling, when the disciples in other halls need to go out, must ask us to purchase therapy Divine Pill of disintoxicating, otherwise they do not dare to wander about aimlessly, when key, maintains life must look for us!” Gu Laosan said. Shen Xiang will not regret to join this supreme Dan Hall, because he can sink the heart to come alchemy here, refines high level Divine Pill, can make him have certain status. Three Senior Brother, what Divine Pill are you refining?” Shen Xiang also paid attention to their pill furnace, inside has a strange aura, that type of aura only then the beasts have, he suspected that these three brothers are using divine beast alchemy. Gu Laoda said with a smile: The Divine Pill that we refine although not high level, but is very interesting! Named soul Divine Pill! When refinement joins divine beast Divine Soul and Godhead refines, after you eat up, can let in a period of time, turns into that divine beast by own Divine Soul and Godhead, and has that divine beast the assigns the strength of Divine Ability!” Now we refine is this pill, this is the Soul Hall fellow gives our material, in their hands are most the soul and Godhead this quality quite low divine beast.” Shen Xiang said: No wonder has the aura of beasts, I also think that you are using divine beast alchemy!” Gu Laosan said with a smile: „After we refined, completely tastes to you, making you try this pill's marvelous place, this is a Divine Pill home remedy that our Hall Master will just found in the near future!” Shen Xiang asked: Eats up three grains all of a sudden? I only then double Godhead!”

The Gu Laoda nod said: Right, eats! pill who if who refines is good, whose pill can make Divine Soul turn into beast soul temporarily, moreover whose pill when the time comes you also induce obtain to be best!” Shen Xiang before coming they started to refine, their three were Dan God, but they self-ridiculed one were not popular Dan God, in their eyes, had Hall Master that type to be Dan God! What I refine is the wolf, what the second child refines is the hawk, what the third child refines is the bear!” Gu Laoda said: We almost must refine, you write down first!” Shen Xiang nodded, in the heart anticipated secretly that this pill is truly interesting. Quite a while passed, Gu Laoda really first refines, he had said before several times, oneself first complete certainly, he opens pill furnace, the look that uses to despise saw own two younger brothers. This, although is low-grade Divine Pill, but sometimes affects can endure compared with middle-grade Divine Pill, the refinement difficulty also be smaller than middle-grade Divine Pill! Small Junior Brother, you have a look at my granulation soul Divine Pill, the quality excellent, is much better compared with that furnace of Hall Master previous refinement!” That grey pill pellet of Gu Laoda in own hand hands in front of Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang received carefully to look, the quality is truly good, moreover he refined this furnace Divine Pill also to have -and-a-half days of time, was very quick.