World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1919
Gu Laoda makes Shen Xiang not eat first, when his two younger brothers refine, eats up three grains together, this can distinguish the effect. In Shen Xiang heart dark crisp, oneself just joined this supreme tenth Dan Hall, obtains such good treatment, prepares to eat up three grains of Divine Pill. After more than double-hour, Gu Laoer and Gu Laosan also succeed to refine granulation soul Divine Pill to come, quality with Gu Laoda is the same, is the excellent qualities, their speeds were slower than Gu Laoda. Gu Laoda very haughty: „It looks like the quality is the same, so long as my compared with your a wee bit, will manifest on this little rascal, you wait to admit defeat!” Gu Laoer and Gu Laosan think otherwise, they think that Gu Laoda hurriedly, will be certainly worse than them in quality! Shen Xiang, you eat up to have a look, making Gu Laoda quickly lose are sincerely convinced.” Gu Laoer said to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang unexpectedly is using source Spirit Eyes to look at these three grains of pill now, he sees a cut-throat giant gray wolf surprisedly, as well as blue great hawk and such as mountain-like giant black bear, in addition, several spirit bloodlines of divine medicine! If before, Shen Xiang thinks certainly that these three grains of pill's qualities are not good, will otherwise not be seen these many things by him with source Spirit Eyes clearly! But he can determine and three grains of pill's qualities excellent, he used source Spirit Eyes unable to see these things before absolutely, but now he can see, was because his source Spirit Eyes has promoted! After he becomes Heavenly God, will use Heaven Refining Technique inside method also to have very big promotion, Shen Xiang was also very happy at this time that he thought he almost can refine this to melt soul Divine Pill to come, so long as there is sufficient herbs. I have eaten up, do not deceive me!” Eats up three grains of this Divine Pill all of a sudden, some Shen Xiang worries. Relax, does not deceive your! Previous time has a fellow of seven soul, eats eight grains all of a sudden, the trifling thing does not have!” Gu Laoda said with a smile: A bit faster eats up, I want to take a look at the expression that these two fellows lose, although had looked at many times, but is worth seeing a hundred times!”

The Shen Xiang one breath swallows these three granulation soul Divine Pill, the Divine Pill effect has appeared quickly, sees only his within the body suddenly to resound a wolf to eat delicacies with the hawk eats delicacies, in other words his double soul integrated the wolf and hawk separately, but bear has not manifested. „The third child lost!” Gu Laoda laughs, Gu Laosan curled the lip, said: But you have not won, should not be happy!” Shen Xiang felt that both arms are hot, moreover inflates, he lowers the head looked that almost wants to shout'mother-fucker', because his both arms emit one to destroy Mao to come, both hands also turned into the claw of wolf, the chest also starts to grow the grey wool! Shen Xiang thought one must turn into Werewolf, but burning of back suddenly burns, making in his heart jump, he felt that has any thing that two to carry on the back the bone to brave from the back, unexpectedly is the blue wing! How can like this!” Shen Xiang does not have to think one will change body, he also thinks that is only will have these divine beast the assigns the Divine Ability ability, the unexpectedly body can turn into this continually. Did not fear, cannot change, when the drug efficacy one has changed, you thought that now can go to be fiercer than hi?” Gu Laoda said with a smile: On you part of wolf are quite many, but hawk, only then a wing, therefore this time was I wins!” The Shen Xiang upper part change is quite big, the lower part only then the calf has the change, is strength of wolf are quite truly many, but wanting of hawk are less! strength truly, the strength of these divine beast life Divine Ability, why I could not have felt!” In Shen Xiang regarded own Divine Soul, discovered that own Divine Soul also turns into own fleshly body to be the same, some wolf body and a blue hawk wing. Hall Master!” The Gu three brothers see Luo Tianjun to come back, together shouted, Shen Xiang has turned around, seeing Luo Tianjun this humpbacked little old man to smile, he smiles bitterly saying: Hall Master, I turned into this!”

Luo Tianjun laughs: All right, you do not have that anything cultivation technique, built up efficacy that's alright with that cultivation technique fast! If, I do not help you again!” Shen Xiang understands that the meaning of Luo Tianjun, uses Heaven Refining Technique to build up the efficacy immediately, his really quickly recovered the appearance, this makes the Gu three brothers very surprised, is curious was inquiring that Shen Xiang that is any cultivation technique, but Luo Tianjun said that this is the secret. Luo Tianjun does not want to make in Supreme Temple too many people know the Shen Xiang's status, he who can keep secret as far as possible will keep secret. You are together evidently well! Your three old brat, do not bully the young people, he in the alchemy aspect is good, you later must help mutually!” Luo Tianjun said with a smile, Gu Laoda builds the Shen Xiang's shoulder to say immediately: „Will we bully him? We refined a moment ago soul Divine Pill, although is low-grade Divine Pill, but is also very expensive!” „Our tenth these many years, little rascal has joined, we will certainly not bully him!” Gu Laoer said with a smile. The Luo Tianjun nod said: Like this I felt relieved! Later purchases the herbs matter to give Shen Xiang, making him be familiar with well this Supreme God Realm!” Gu Laosan asked with amazement: „Isn't Shen Xiang our Supreme God Realm?” Luo Tianjun nodded: Inspects from outside, although he is younger than you, however outside experience as well as the experience, enrich a lot compared with you, later you can also ask his outside matter.” Shen Xiang already guessed correctly that this Supreme Temple is in small world , many average people in this small world. Before Demon Execution Heavenly God and Heaven Punishment God have lived in this Supreme God Realm a period of time.

The Gu three brothers knew that Shen Xiang inspects from outside, immediately looks at Shen Xiang with the admiring look, they are very clear that trial to be fearful, no person can pass, but Shen Xiang unexpectedly passed! Small Junior Brother, this is the matter that tomorrow must handle! Inside has the map and divine yuan stone, you must go to these places to walk, having a look at Supreme God Realm inside mortal to pick divine medicine.” Gu Laosan gives Shen Xiang storage pouch. Shen Xiang asked: Purchases with divine yuan stone? Is the price generally what kind of? I do not understand these!” Luo Tianjun said: These mortals generally only then low-grade divine medicine, generally in five thousand divine yuan stone this, if there is middle-grade, then increases ten times!” Shen Xiang nodded: How these do divine yuan stone come?” He puts out one grain from storage pouch, is similar to the corn kernel same size, moreover is golden yellow, each grain equally is big, the interior is also containing a very thick god profound strength! Luo Tianjun spreads out the palm, in his hand also has with the stone of corn kernel size, but is transparent, he said: „After having this type is the stone, pays attention to the god profound strength according to secret method, but god profound strength enough many times, will turn golden yellow, could be used to go shopping!” This divine yuan stone we can also use, because is the pure god profound strength, when closes up the practice to coordinate the pills use effect to be best! But the mortal eats this divine yuan stone, can the building up strength strong body, have a longer life.”