World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1920

Shen Xiang thought one cannot make this divine yuan stone, because he does not have the god profound strength, in his Divine sea is Six Paths Power, but he does not need this type of stone now. Good, I will go tomorrow!” Shen Xiang puts out together jade token, integrates in mind, there is a map, tomorrow he must leave Supreme Temple, outside goes to visit, inquired these villagers who on the map assigns, having a look at them to have to pick divine medicine in the near future, In Supreme God Realm inside divine medicine growth rate is quick, sometimes like the mushroom, these villagers is unable to practice, usually depended upon to pick divine medicine to sell to us, received in exchange for divine yuan stone lengthening life essence!” Gu Laoda said: You go to time wants politely, do not look like some fellows, is always ominous, otherwise you will go next time, others did not sell to you!” Luo Tianjun adds: Except for 20 Dan Hall, other Sword Hall, Fist Hall and some Soul Hall frequently people will also purchase, sometimes therefore you exit one not to have anything to harvest, if you hit relationship with the villagers, they will leave you, will not sell to others.” In the Shen Xiang heart is very happy, this Supreme God Realm inside divine medicine can grow so rapidly, this for him is the huge good deed! Villagers what strength, haven't they picked these divine medicine not to meet danger(ous)? Here, middle-grade divine medicine and High-Grade are divine medicine many?” Shen Xiang has memorized the map, he when the time comes must go to three villages, must visit more than ten families, these three villages near Supreme Temple, possibly are because he just came, therefore has not arranged him to go to a farther place. Luo Tianjun said: When picks middle-grade divine medicine and High-Grade divine medicine will have danger(ous), these divine beast cannot have a liking for low-grade divine medicine generally! But sometimes we also will purchase middle-grade or the High-Grade divine medicine clue from villagers there, you have not needed to handle this matter now.” Just built up a furnace pill, we have rested first, tomorrow must go to the fellows with other halls to abuse each other, tonight must recuperate the spirit, tomorrow scolds them.” Gu Laoda has hit a yawn, then returned to the room. In the yard has ten room, but now only then five people live, after the Gu three brothers walk, Luo Tianjun said with a smile: Tomorrow they are go to and other Dan Hall actually discuss Pill Dao, but will turn into the battle of words generally, these many years are this! Rests, you may probably rush about tomorrow laboriously.” Shen Xiang nodded, returns to the room to rest! He puts out divine yuan stone to come, he thought that these Divine Country should be also same as Supreme God Realm, constructs in Gods in the space of isolation, perhaps inside also carries out the transaction with divine yuan stone.

...... Next day, Shen Xiang leaves Supreme Temple long time ago, he exits, Supreme Temple has given back to his sign, he comes back needs to return to prove the status this sign. Supreme Temple constructs in mountain forest, as soon as he goes out of the Supreme Temple front door, sees a main road straightly to the front that mountain scene forest, but by the main road is the big tree of lush green, the bird on tree chirp is calling, has increased several points of cheerful to this quiet morning. Shen Xiang deeply has attracted a early morning aura, is in the joyful mood, spins, goes to the first village. This village is away from Supreme Temple, although is near, but the Shen Xiang quick steps ran have also used half double-hour, if were the average person walks, at least took 2-3 days! The village has several thousand people, is not small, moreover in the village also has a small rural fair, in the morning is also the liveliest time. Here, Shen Xiang saw very ordinary mortal, they even Immortal are not, but actually lives in this Supreme God Realm, made Shen Xiang surprised. These mortals are for various reasons, misses the practice or has not practiced, but their actually very longevity, because they pick the divine medicine sell to receive in exchange for divine yuan stone swallowing, can make them have over a thousand years even is over ten thousand years of life. Shen Xiang first arrives at the first families that on that map instructs, but actually nobody at home, he waited for the less than half double-hour again not to wait, went to the next household. Arrives at this household of time, was informed them to sell out just to step on yesterday. Before Luo Tianjun had told this situation, therefore he had the psychology to prepare, continued to go to the next household. Quick, in this small village several households were passed through by him, has not harvested, he can only go to next village.

The second village time, does not have any harvest! When arrives at the third village, he inquired the first household, had the good news, old man to tell him, making him wait a while, his son exited to step on yesterday sees, quick will come back. Soon, Shen Xiang sees a youth to come back jubilantly, he sees on Shen Xiang to pass all at once the breath, knows that is Supreme Temple comes. This is called the purple Primordial Spirit grass! You look under this stock has congealed the purple Primordial Spirit fruit, can be used for alchemy, I calculate that is this morning maturity, therefore picks very early in the morning!” A youth face simple and honest smiling face, gives Shen Xiang to look this purple Primordial Spirit grass. These villagers are also quite familiar with divine medicine, Shen Xiang is also quite accidental, he nodded: Five thousand divine yuan stone!” Quick, Shen Xiang built a transaction, he does not have came in vain today finally, but in his storage pouch also 45,000 thousand divine yuan stone, therefore he must look for the remaining several families, arrived at this village in any case. Shen Xiang arrives at outside a railing of log cabin, seeing in the railing to have a 7 or 8-year-old adorable little girl to cultivate the vegetable plot, she sees Shen Xiang, can see that Shen Xiang is Supreme Temple comes, because that feeling is not the mortal has. Brother, you are buy divine medicine?” The little girls were shouting with that Qing spirit sweet and crisp voice, very interesting to listen. Um, in your family has?” Shen Xiang asked with a smile. The little girls open the door of railing, the politeness please come in Shen Xiang, this clever sensible little girl is very likable, Shen Xiang put out a fruit to give her.

Eats, is only the ordinary fruit!” Shen Xiang smiles to see the little girl to reject, said hastily with a smile: Your family Sir?” The little girls smell the fruit above fragrance, somewhat cannot bear, receives saying: Thanks the brother, my paternal grandmother exited to go shopping to me has eaten, she will come quickly back!” At this time noon, has been busy at a morning farm work, the little girl is also very hungry, holds the fruit that Shen Xiang is giving, the small mouth is nipping eating, but also said at the same time is very sweet. Some skin dark colored of little girl, look like very healthy, puts on very simply, is helping a long braid, hangs in the front, the small face is round, is very adorable, at this time her is eating that fruit, while brings the beautiful eye that is smiling sweetly to look at Shen Xiang with that is thanking Shen Xiang to give her delicious fruit likely. When the little girl eats just sweetly, railing outside suddenly came several people, these people make the little girl be afraid very much, hastily hides Shen Xiang behind, reveals one, honk the small mouth is looking at that group of people, in the mouth also has the fruit pulp, tender dī dī was shouting: divine medicine of our family did not sell to you, you walk quickly!” Shen Xiang sees these people, is slightly one startled, because he knew that these people, one is Song Peng, in addition, initially he had provoked Sword Hall Hall Master, if not for at that time Yi Bai ** however the appearance, he hit with that Hall Master. The little girls are very obviously repugnant they, moreover some fears, therefore did not sell to herbs their! They definitely have handled not the good matter to little girl person, otherwise this pure sensible little girl will not have this response! In the Shen Xiang heart wells up one group of fires immediately, here villagers are very simple and honorable, but these fellows to obtain divine medicine, definitely in secret has threatened the villagers, this made him very angry!