World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1921

Song Peng and that Profound God Sword Hall Hall Master remembers Shen Xiang . Moreover the impression is profound, especially Song Peng, was defeated by a Shen Xiang sword, makes him until now to Shen Xiang inexplicable senses of fear, in the heart also secret hatred Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang makes him be defeated very ugly! A person sees that Hall Master and Song Peng looks at Shen Xiang with a virulent look, then asked: Zhang Zhao, how? Do you recognize this person?” Song Peng fierce pinching tightly fist, whispered: He is that through the fellow who trial comes in!” Song Peng says, accompanied them to come other people who to understand immediately, because initially they heard that the Song Peng disastrous defeat the matter, as well as Shen Xiang provocation Zhang Zhao this Profound God 19 Hall Master, these matters initiated not the small stir in all Profound God Sword Hall at that time. The little girls are entraining the Shen Xiang's trouser legs coverings, a beautiful adorable big eye is having a loathing look, she honk mouth whispered: Brother, divine medicine of our family only sold to you, when my paternal grandmother comes back!” Zhang Zhao walked, was full of the ominous severe look to look at that little girl with that pair, making the little girl be afraid, shrank, hid behind Shen Xiang's hastily. You came finally!” Zhang Zhao is cold the face saying: Initially you must challenge my, you should still remember! Because elder suddenly arrives, therefore also can only relinquish at that time, but this matter I have cared! Naturally, if you have feared, does not dare to compete with me, I will not blame your!” Shen Xiang shook the head, said with a smile: My Hall Master told me, cannot the private war, therefore considered as finished, when you I feared!” The Zhang Zhao complexion changed, sound is having the anger: Looked that your appearance did not fear, you look down upon me?” Shen Xiang has restrained the smiling face, earnestly said: Big brother Zhang, the little brother I fears death really very much, asked you to let off me, I do not want to annoy troublesome!” After saying, on the Shen Xiang face shows the smile: Such should be OK a moment ago!” Zhang Zhao is mad trembles, Shen Xiang obvious feigns ignorance now, Shen Xiang mentioned a moment ago cannot the private war, this truly is in the Supreme Temple unusual stern custom, words that offends, the consequence is quite serious. Paternal grandmother came back!” Little girl suddenly shouted tenderly.

Shen Xiang already saw the distant place to have an old woman to lean on a wooden club, sway walks, this old woman is old, looks at the appearance that she walks, momentarily will tumble likely. Shen Xiang holds the hand of little girl, hastily is walking to support old man. Paternal grandmother, your some people purchased divine medicine, you sold this brother, other people may be good!” The little girls see the paternal grandmother to come back, was more courageous, is pointing at Zhang Zhao and Song Peng their group of people said: These fellows came!” old man looked at Shen Xiang, including saying with a smile: Young people, had not seen you before, your newly arrived!” Shen Xiang is smiling nod of: My first day purchases divine medicine!” This gives you!” old man highly believes that the words of little girl, the little girl said that the Shen Xiang person is very good, Shen Xiang in her severely is a good person. Shen Xiang somewhat surprised received old man to hand over a safflower that this flowered red splendor, blooms very very beautifully, palm of the hand size, what making Shen Xiang surprised was the unfaithful place of this safflower, has the crystal of grain of rice size, although this was small, but actually with the Godhead same thing! This is the Divine Soul blood splash, maturity later unfaithful can concentrate very small Godhead, the flower petal can be used for blood tonic life Qi/angry, the building up strength strong body, this is rare middle-grade divine medicine!” Song Peng male startled shouted of their side: Zhang Zhao, must take!” Shen Xiang sees this flower, Feng Yujie to teach to his pills knowledge immediately braves, Godhead that if this flower concentrates is bigger, was High-Grade divine medicine! This is one type can adolescence divine medicine, if looks after carefully, later wants adolescence to be High-Grade divine medicine is not difficult! Godhead that although this flower concentrates only then the grain of rice is generally big, but precious incomparable, if ordinary middle-grade divine medicine, five ten thousand divine yuan stone can take, but this Divine Soul blood splash is not good! Shen Xiang worried, because of him on hand only then 45,000 thousand divine yuan stone, let alone this Divine Soul blood splash, ordinary middle-grade divine medicine did not buy. Old Grandma, I have 40,000 five divine yuan stone on hand! I give you first, do not sell to other people this, I go back to take!” Shen Xiang looked at Song Peng they, somewhat embarrassed said.

Really, Song Peng and Zhang Zhao they laugh. We leave hundred thousand divine yuan stone!” Zhang Zhao walked, disdain looked at Shen Xiang one. old man to nod: I accept your divine yuan stone first, you go back with hundred thousand 5000, I 150,000 sold to you!” Zhang Zhao was anxious, said: I leave two hundred thousand, now gives you!” This Divine Soul blood splash 150,000 were really too inexpensive, Zhang Zhao they very clear this colored value, this old woman unexpectedly 150,000 sold to Shen Xiang! I had sold to others, please walk!” Others take Shen Xiang's storage pouch to walk into railing, but that flower also in the Shen Xiang hand. Shen Xiang pursued, said: Old Grandma, you are taking the flower first, I go back with sufficing divine yuan stone, you when the time comes again give me not to be late!” The little girls said with a smile to Shen Xiang tenderly: Brother, you take flower to go back, we believe you!” Zhang Zhao they were scared, in the heart is unwilling, shouted: Three hundred thousand do divine yuan stone, sell!” Does not sell!” Little girl tenderly snorted and said. Zhang Zhao is angry, rogue shouted: Dead girl, you shuts up to me, the Sir spoke your child to insert any mouth!” Sees the Zhang Zhao ominous little girl, in the Shen Xiang heart also to be angry, Deicide Sword intent puts, eyes braves the flame, sinks said coldly: Zhang Zhao, what shutting up is you!”

Sees Shen Xiang to get angry, Zhang Zhao also somewhat fears, Shen Xiang that Deicide Sword Art he has a vivid memory. Snort, we walk!” Zhang Zhao brought Song Peng their several to walk, to the common people got rid, but big crime, although they usually occasionally ominous several common people, but has not dared to start, if were discovered by Supreme Temple, that was the grave offense! Shen Xiang touches the face of little girl, said in a soft voice: Do not be afraid, has the brother, I will not make them bully your! Right, do you name?” Xu Ling Fei, the paternal grandmother she called me Fei Fei!” The little girls saw Shen Xiang to drink a moment ago Zhang Zhao this group of pests, to Shen Xiang is the worship: Brother you?” I called Shen Xiang!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, puts out a fruit to eat to her, at this time he discovered that the Xu Ling Fei paternal grandmother is somewhat strange, he released the Deicide Sword intent a moment ago time, this old woman very calm, does not return enters in the room! Young people, you, if must purchase better divine medicine, tomorrow brings to be many some divine yuan stone to come, here also has!” The old woman said. Shen Xiang has complied with one, then and this said goodbye to the grandparent and grandchild, then hastily returned to Supreme Temple!