World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1922
Shen Xiang left this village quickly, he just left, Zhang Zhao they walk from woods, looks direction that he vanishes. You heard a moment ago, the old lady also has better divine medicine! This year is we are responsible for purchasing divine medicine, but has not actually received anything to be good , to continue again, next time will distribute Divine Pill time, surely does not have our differences!” Zhang Zhao said wickedly: Tomorrow we come early, in any event, to from that old lady hand take good divine medicine!” Song Peng asked in a low voice: Hall Master, you did not fear that was known by the elder? The discovered words, will be punished severely!” Zhang Zhao said: Does cleanly certain, will not be known, when the time comes is called the Shen Xiang's fellow to do while convenient this!” ...... Shen Xiang returned to that yard quickly, here is also supreme Dan Hall tenth, Shen Xiang comes back to shout: Hall Master!” After Luo Tianjun hears, hastily walks, knits the brows to ask: „Does little rascal, what important matter have? Shouted that such loud voice does do!” Shen Xiang the spirit bead that used him and these female double cultivation comes out has duplicated a Divine Soul blood splash on the road, later he had free time to duplicate more again, but this was used to report on accomplishments. Shen Xiang puts out the purple Primordial Spirit grass, Luo Tianjun sees, then said with a smile: Luck is good, first day has such harvest!” Shen Xiang puts out that Divine Soul blood splash, after Luo Tianjun sees, some cannot believe that rubbed the eyes, call out in alarm said: Divine Soul blood splash!” In the Luo Tianjun heart is very excited, but actually happy, the calm face asked: I have only given you five ten thousand divine yuan stone, you buy the purple Primordial Spirit grass, should only remaining 40,000 five divine yuan stone, this middle-grade Divine Soul blood splash at least three four hundred thousand to purchase, do you get so far as? You cannot start to the mortal, the consequence is very serious!”

Shen Xiang hastily explained that told Luo Tianjun the process, but he has not mentioned Zhang Zhao and Song Peng matter, he thought that these matters are not important. actually is this, this is five hundred thousand divine yuan stone! This old woman looks like a little strange, previous Gu Laosan also uses very low price to buy good middle-grade divine medicine from her there, that price is she calls!” Luo Tianjun gives Shen Xiang storage pouch, inside has five hundred thousand divine yuan stone. The old woman makes Shen Xiang bring to be many tomorrow some divine yuan stone, no longer gives credit for Shen Xiang, Luo Tianjun gave fully divine yuan stone. Weather also early, now goes also good!” Shen Xiang looked at the sky, now is in the afternoon. Tomorrow morning goes, when she makes you go, when you go! The temperament of old man is very strange, so as to avoid annoys her not to be happy!” Luo Tianjun said: You can rest!” Such already rested, Shen Xiang shook the head, enters own room! His suddenly thinks of Long Xueyi very much they, before had Long Xueyi chirp to ramble on with him, he will not be bored, now he also can only exercise martial arts! How did not know Master!” Shen Xiang wants to look for Huang Jintian very much, where Huang Jintian did not know with Yi Baidong this elder. Shen Xiang closed eyes exercises martial arts, he has four big taboo divine art, Demon Execution Heavenly God teaches to his Seven Demon Killings type, cultivates to require the time, but his comprehension ability is good, otherwise he has not known when must practice to have the anxiety. It seems like puts down the Seven Demon Killings type to be good, when I achieve mastery through a comprehensive study four big taboo divine art, cultivates the Seven Demon Killings type to be easier again, the Seven Demon Killings types and four big taboo divine art have many something in common!” Shen Xiang has practiced for night, woke up has later made the decision, temporarily stopped cultivating the Seven Demon Killings type, because the Seven Demon Killings type be more difficult than four big taboo divine art. Dawn also not bright, Shen Xiang instantly leaves, goes to the Xu Ling Fei home, he likes this sensible little girl, he goes carefully has chosen some delicious fruits and some colored dew fruit juice.

Quick, he passes through two villages, arrives at the Xu Ling Fei main house gate mouth, at this time the sky had also shone. Arrives, Shen Xiang thought that some are not right, in room and nobody, moreover he also induces to a Zhang Zhao aura, this wisp of aura flutters in the upper air, if not for he induces the ability to be greatly strengthened, is unable to discover. Yesterday Zhang Zhao was so ominous to Xu Ling Fei, made in the Shen Xiang heart worry faintly that but he can determine now that Zhang Zhao came very much long time ago! He arrives at outside the railing, carefully observes the tread, discovered that Xu Ling Fei and that old woman's footprint, looks like very neat, and carried off. The morning ground is quite moist, wet soil is easy to leave the footprint, Shen Xiang looks following the footprint, induces to Zhang Zhao and Song Peng their aura. These fellows track Fei Fei they, wants to pick the medicine with them the place?” Shen Xiang blamed itself secretly, if yesterday he, they killed Zhang Zhao ruthlessly will not have such matter! He has not thought that Zhang Zhao their unexpectedly has the plan to the thought that the mortal starts, he also thinks that the Supreme Temple binding force is very big, now looks like also mediocre! Now Zhang Zhao had to the thought that Xu Ling Fei their grandparent and grandchild start, in the Shen Xiang's heart is also mean! With these footprints, Shen Xiang arrived in the remote mountain, his speed is quick, is also very sad, walks, although many Mei and Jing, but he as if has not seen general, because in his heart is extremely worried about Xu Ling Fei this adorable little girl the violent treachery! In the remote mountain, Zhang Zhao their aura were getting more and more obvious, although here in remote mountain, but does not have no divine beast, therefore that grandma also dares to bring Xu Ling Fei to come to pick the medicine!

More than double-hour passed by, finally come, Shen Xiang was similar one year of distance, looks at tread that small footprint, Shen Xiang presents the appearance that Xu Ling Fei has come to jump at present, this made in his heart also worry! Because of Zhang Zhao they with, the intention were obvious! They must certainly rob divine medicine that the old woman they pick, but starts to the mortal is very serious matter, to avoid revealing, they will silence a witness of crime surely! Soon, Shen Xiang hears the distant place to transmit drinking of Zhang Zhao to scold the sound: Dead old lady, then gives you an opportunity, if not hand over divine medicine, I first cut the hand of this little girl!” Your Sword Hall or same as usual, disciple so is always overbearing! You have quickly put Fei Fei, I can guarantee that does not say today's matter, you should be very clear the fate that you such make.” Although old woman's voice is very calm, but still has one to worry. Shen Xiang concluded immediately, Xu Ling Fei already in the Zhang Zhao hand! Really, crying of Xu Ling Fei scolded sound to transmit: Unprincipled person, lets loose me quickly!” Angry Shen Xiang, displays space power immediately, dodged instantaneously, appears in a man behind, Xu Ling Fei was grabbed by a man, Zhang Zhao and Song Peng threaten that old woman in front!