World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1923

Shen Xiang's suddenly arrives, has caused Zhang Zhao and Song Peng their attention, turns the head to see the Shen Xiang's flash, Xu Ling Fei to be transferred the technique in them by Shen Xiang room, seized from that male hand. Shen Xiang!” Zhang Zhao in great surprise, but in the heart also secretly likes, because Shen Xiang suddenly arrives, gave them one to eradicate the Shen Xiang's opportunity, he had to plan that directed to make secretly to an unmanned place before Shen Xiang, now Shen Xiang arrives, he can also kill two birds with one stone. The Shen Xiang calm face, in the heart is angry: „Don't you fear the penalty of Supreme Temple? unexpectedly dares to start to the mortal!” Zhang Zhao said while loudly laughing: That is also what kind, so long as Supreme Temple did not know that's alright! This matter also has to occur, many disciples secretly have done! But you will not certainly say, because you were dying quickly.” Xu Ling Fei sees itself to be saved, stopped sobbing, clever hiding in Shen Xiang behind, simultaneously is looking angrily at Zhang Zhao their several big rascal. Shen Xiang is bringing Xu Ling Fei teleport to that old woman side, this space teleport, lets Zhang Zhao and in Song Peng their hearts envies, because they cannot do look like Shen Xiang to be good. Shen Xiang coldly said: Said that you are plan must massacre me?” Zhang Zhao puts out Divine Sword: Certainly must kill you! Relax, after waiting to kill you, I will let let this little girl and that old lady am buried along with the dead immediately to you, on!” Although Zhang Zhao thinks one can cope with Shen Xiang, but in his heart has scruples to Shen Xiang that sword, lets his Song Peng and other three men on together, this has to guarantee some. Shen Xiang disdain coldly snorted, sees only front ground suddenly to present incorruptible, are similar to the rope general thin Little Bing dragon braves from the ground, came Zhang Zhao that their several to tie up the strategic place completely! Shen Xiang Six Paths Power is equal to Power of Law, although he has not grasped the ice principle, but depending on other his day Divine Level Six Paths Divine Power, must cope with Zhang Zhao their this Profound God to have more than enough to spare, Profound God that even if Zhang Zhao they how resulting, but Shen Xiang eventually is Heavenly God, the strength is stronger than them!

In the Shen Xiang eye, Zhang Zhao their several are similar to several grass is the same, so long as he wants, can easy will harvest. You...... You were Heavenly God!” Zhang Zhao startles greatly, the complexion is pallid, Song Peng is also so! Previous Shen Xiang and Song Peng fight, is the almost two years ago matters, at that time Shen Xiang was only Middle-Rank Profound God, but now was actually Heavenly God, this speed was their Supreme Temple inside top rank talent is also hard to achieve. For this reason, therefore Zhang Zhao thinks that Shen Xiang supports is also only High-Rank Profound God, they five outstanding Sword Hall disciples must take Shen Xiang radically are the easy as pie matters, but now...... The Shen Xiang sound is very cold, penetrates to the bone compared with these Ice Dragon: Truly speaking, I want to kill you yesterday, but I just entered Supreme Temple, but also has scruples the Supreme Temple rule, I have thought nobody dares to challenge the Supreme Temple authority, therefore I also endured, obeys the Supreme Temple rule!” But a moment ago, humph, humph, heard you saying that many people offend the rule secretly, I know that I was too naive! It seems like so long as does not make Supreme Temple know, will then not have any matter!” Shen Xiang this ice penetrates to the bone coldly, the words that killing intent reveals completely, making Zhang Zhao they from the beginning cool to the foot, Shen Xiang but now Heavenly God, killed them is really too easy! On the Shen Xiang face shows mean smiling face, is gazing at Zhang Zhao, his arrogant face, reappeared to fear and despair gradually, he was struggling the body, starts to tremble slightly! But other people fear than him! Since childhood was born in Supreme Temple them, has not received the threat of death! Even if outside goes hunting the Slaughter God beast, they have the assurance to become a fugitive absolutely! Disciple who in Supreme Temple, died every year are extremely few, even does not have! But now, the death has not arrived, but that fearful feeling is actually flooding their innermost feelings, making them endure is being similar to Hell suffering, that was suffering in mind!

Shen Xiang, the Supreme Temple disciple little mutually massacres, once we died, Supreme Temple can definitely look up! Today's matter, we can not go into one's past, treats as has not occurred, I will also compensate this grandma and young miss.” Originally very panic-stricken Zhang Zhao, calm, he after is Hall Master of wind hall, somewhat a little skill! Zhang Zhao at this time is very hopeful, he listened before from the Shen Xiang's words, Shen Xiang does not dare to offend the rule, was worried that Supreme Temple knows, therefore he uses this, comes and Shen Xiang negotiates! Song Peng and the others immediately is also having hope, waits for the Shen Xiang's reply! Shen Xiang has not made noise, but actually used the sword, his sword pricked a forehead of man, this man a moment ago held Xu Ling Fei that! His forehead was pricked by Shen Xiang's Deicide Sword, has not bled, because Shen Xiang has injected the Six Paths cold strength in Deicide Sword, all of this male body completely frozen! Shen Xiang drawing a sword slowly pulls out, this is he gives the response of Zhang Zhao! In the Shen Xiang eye, simply does not have what good negotiations! Before Zhang Zhao them, has set firm resolve to kill this grandma and Xu Ling Fei this little girl, their unexpectedly under went well, therefore this is the unforgivable matter! Crash-bang! After the man was punctured a sword, congeals the body of solid ice to break to pieces immediately, such died! Shen Xiang uses the sword to be quick, Xu Ling Fei has not seen, had been covered the eye by that grandma, regarding Xu Ling Fei, this is unattractive, will make her have a bad dream!

Looks that Zhang Zhao that fills the panic-stricken eye towering, Shen Xiang said with a sneer: You grow up in Supreme Temple since childhood, should not kill people!” During the speeches, another man turns into one pile of ice sludge, does he have the sword, Song Peng and Zhang Zhao has not seen, because is really too quick, must surmount the natural law to be ordinary quickly, making people unbelievable. Zhang Zhao they truly have not killed people, they have killed some divine beast, but this and murder has very big difference, they were too weak compared with Shen Xiang in this aspect. Suddenly, another man was punctured the ice to be broken by a Shen Xiang sword, sprinkles in the ground, turns into the ice crystal to scatter the melting, a living person, has suddenly gone away, if ordinary mortal that also! But that is High-Rank Profound God, within the body has powerful Divine Power, unexpectedly is similar to worthless general, optional one was lost the life. Zhang Zhao is similar to crashes the Hell abyss, the fear before that death, made by his whole body cold sweat of Ice Dragon winding, he regretted, he regretted that should not make such matter! He and Shen Xiang did not have the big enmity, but now...... Walks!” The Shen Xiang gently two swords, Zhang Zhao and Song Peng turn into the ice crystal, scatters along with cold wind, dies very cleanly. Shen Xiang turns around to look at following old man, said with a smile: Old Grandma, has now been all right, we go back!”