World Defying Dan God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1924

Shen Xiang kills Zhang Zhao their five, if known by Supreme Temple, is the big crime, the consequence ratio starts to be much more serious to the mortal! But now that grandma and Xu Ling Fei also know that this matter, Shen Xiang only hopes they can keep one's mouth shut! This was yesterday owes!” Shen Xiang gave the hundred thousand 5 thousand divine yuan stone that old women, lightly smiled said. He is following in this old woman behind, Xu Ling Fei is the small hands is taking a small fruit, is eating, while jumps side Shen Xiang, look at her now this happy appearance, the matter has probably not occurred. The old woman said: Young people, you are really a good person! If you do not have prompt arriving, I really am unable to imagine can what happened!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Now has been all right well!” As the gratitude, the old woman must divine yuan stone that refuses Shen Xiang to hand over, but Shen Xiang hard to her, in any case these divine yuan stone for him did not have the big use, moreover is not his. Returns to that hut, the old woman carries the divine medicine bouillon that she cooks, is tasty. Because the efficacy is too strong, Xu Ling Fei also a spoon in gruel Riga. Grandma, you had not said yesterday that today also has better divine medicine? I have prepared some divine yuan stone, is waiting for the purchase!” Shen Xiang eats up the soup, asked with a smile. old man he he some, has put out a jade box, inside puts a thing of thumb big small section of jade system, Shen Xiang is receiving looked that immediately knits the brows, because he does not recognize this is anything! This thing reduces many jade lotus roots very much likely, glittering and translucent carving, touches to be icy cold and stiff, is having a light fragrance, under the glare illumination, the interior will show a pale-green brilliance! This called divine lotus root, was the good thing, itself can be used for alchemy, if took away the planter, divine lotus and Lotus Flower that later was long were also High-Grade divine medicine!” old man was introducing this divine lotus root merit.

Shen Xiang nodded, although he did not know, but according to his experience, can judge this is good middle-grade divine medicine, moreover that type can make the planter evolve. How many divine yuan stone does this want?” Shen Xiang asked. Two hundred thousand!” old man sighed lightly: Attains these divine yuan stone, I and Fei Fei will immediately leave, I was worried, will put to trouble to you!” old man also understands that Shen Xiang killed Zhang Zhao they to take the big risk, in her heart was grateful! Shen Xiang looked at Xu Ling Fei that plays in the courtyard, sighed sighing, gives old man two hundred thousand divine yuan stone: You can, be I put to trouble to you!” old man shakes the head saying: Previous time had been harassed one time by that group of fellows, I planned to leave! You do not need to rebuke oneself, other you and in Supreme Temple disciples are different, I could feel!” Shen Xiang looks at adorable pure Xu Ling Fei, asked: Fei Fei has eaten the divine medicine bouillon that you make, aptitude should be good, you planned that makes her be a mortal for a lifetime?” Naturally is not, therefore I planned that leads her to acknowledge as teacher study the skill to a place, I was old, I hope that I before the point of death, can enable her to grasp to protect own strength.” Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised: In this Supreme God Realm doesn't have Supreme Temple? Where can also go to acknowledge as teacher study skill?” old man said with a smile: It seems like you from outside, you come in through Supreme Temple trial! So is no wonder fierce! You have not to know that this Supreme God Realm and several God Realm are connected together, but here belongs to Supreme Temple to govern! Six Paths god territory and Beast Wilderness here, in addition, several other quite fierce influences!”

Shen Xiang does not know that he comes in also nobody and he has mentioned, now in his also heart also secretly relaxed, if kills Zhang Zhao their matter to expose, he has the opportunity to run away, here, not only Supreme Temple control. I lead her to go to god profound Tianchi, my beforehand spouse studies the skill in, you later have the opportunity words, can go to there to look for Fei Fei!” old man can look at Shen Xiang to show loving concern Fei Fei this little girl. Shen Xiang nodded, god profound Tianchi in the heart, his suddenly thought that the world that this Supreme Temple is at with Gods same is also very great, perhaps that nine big Divine Country is also situated in this! Brother, you later must come frequently!” Xu Ling Fei has not known that tomorrow her paternal grandmother must take away her, is wielding the small hands and Shen Xiang says goodbye, the bosom also held Immortal Fruit of big bag, Shen Xiang is giving her more...... Shen Xiang walks on the road, thought that old woman is not simple, displays very calmly, his suddenly thought that even if he does not get rid, perhaps Xu Ling Fei will not have the matter! The Xu Ling Fei parents definitely are not the average people, perhaps because of certain matters, the old woman will bring Xu Ling Fei to hide here. Returns to Supreme Temple, Shen Xiang immediately Ben Hui own Dan Hall, on the road, he with previous time is the same, duplicated to leave itself that divine lotus root. Luo Tianjun has not exited, came back and other Shen Xiang, that Divine Soul blood splash that yesterday Shen Xiang had made him very happy. The Gu three brothers have not come back, they went to and other Dan Hall disciples exchange, was early morning exits, night came back, with the Luo Tianjun words, from early quarrelled late, must quarrel for several days to finish continuously. „Did little brat, what good thing bring?” Luo Tianjun smilingly asked.

This thing is called divine lotus root, I too did not understand that old man initial price two hundred thousand, do not know was deceived!” Shen Xiang knows that this is middle-grade divine medicine, although does not understand the value, but he knows that old woman will not deceive his. Luo Tianjun opens the jade box, the jade lotus root that sees that thumb size, almost stares old eyes, he thought happy yelled, but immediately covers the mouth, because this matter is low-key! Two hundred thousand! Did the old woman have a liking for you? This too his mother's value, this was the exceedingly good thing!” Luo Tianjun lowers the sound: This matter must keep secret, do not tell that three brothers, the temper of otherwise depending on their loves showing off, entire Supreme Temple will know a few days after!” Shen Xiang is very surprised, asked in a low voice: What thing is this?” Luo Tianjun receives a secret room Shen Xiang, dares loud voice to speak, carefully looks at this section of jade lotus root under a grain of bright night light Zhu, the exclamation again and again: top grade!” little rascal, this thing, but these millenniums appear, named divine lotus root, the main function is to play the neutralization, refines Divine Pill time, originally some good home remedies because various divine medicine are unable to compromise together, therefore has to give up, but there is this divine lotus root, so long as when the time comes joins powder to go, can neutralize together with ease, repels one another very strong divine medicine to fuse together these!” The Luo Tianjun treasure receives very this jade lotus root: I will plant carefully, after waiting to be long, I divide your some, this is your merit, I will remember!” Shen Xiang understands this divine lotus root advantage, when he pill who used the source to build up to refine the home remedy will be quite easy, but if added on point these divine lotus root again, will be simpler when the refinement convenient! But the biggest use, is used to refine these divine medicine to be hard to be accommodating, but after being accommodating, has the Divine Pill formula of very big use!